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Easy Xp Grinding/Farming Methods?


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The last trophy i have to acquire for this game is for learning all the skills in the game and i still have around 25 to earn. A method that seems obviously effective is to complete the 'Help Wenja' etc. missions around the map as they give you 1 skill point as well as a fair helping of XP as a reward, however i was just wondering if anyone has found any other methods that are quick and easy for acquiring XP and/or skill points.


Thanks. :)

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I did the money-run :)


Just went from collectible to collectible as they give a decent amount of XP + You get a bonus for every X collected

Wenja Bracelets and Masks gave most XP, Cave clearances that came with getting these collectibles gives also a good 1-1.5k XP


Basically it is and will be a grind for everyone :)

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Simple one I found is Hunting Mammoths, go to the North to a very populate Mammoth area and just Headshot them to death with the Spear. Depending on the size of the Mammoth a Headshot can give you around 170 to 270 (not exact numbers) of XP points.


You can also do this with other animals, but they don't give as much points.

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