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X-Men Origins: Wolverine ~ Dog Tags/Mutagens/Action Figures Collectibles Guide


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This guide is property of diskdocx. Published on Playstationtrophies.org.

Do not copy or repost any portion of this guide without permission.


Many thanks to morg106 for the awesome banner and guide images.


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This Supplemental Guide is intended to help with the Collectibles in this game.


There are a number of guides out there, some video, some text, some walkthrough - but to my knowledge, there is no guide with just the collectibles in an organized manner.


I have included all the Health Upgrades, although not necessary for trophy purposes, as well as all the Mutagen and Action Figure locations, even though you do NOT need a full set of these for the Platinum.


This guide is not intended to be a full walkthrough, and will not contain video or images.


I have referenced the excellent full walkthrough on Mahalo - full credit to the original author from which most of this info has been collated.




Following this guide will assist with the following trophies:


021.jpg  Astonishing (B)

Found 1/2 of all Dog Tags in the game


022.jpg  Devil's Brigade (S)

Found all Dog Tags in the game


020.jpg  Mutant Lover (B)

Raised one Mutagen to level 3


034.jpg  James Howlett (B)(H)

Performed a Wolverine to Wolverine Lunge

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Dog Tag #1: Early in the levels, after the first fight, you will pass a waterfall and small pond. Walk into the waterfall, to find a hidden cave with the corpse.


Dog Tag #2: In the room with the first Machete Champion search the area he came from on the right, for the body.


Dog Tag #3: When you get to the part where you have to push the Jeep down the hill, check the area beyond the Jeep near the fuel drums in the back corner, for the body.


Dog Tag #4: Just after you find the first wall climb (vine), when you land look behind you for a Gunner. Behind him is a wooden wall that can be destroyed. Enter this area and look to the left for the corpse. The hatch that gives you the (B) Found! Trophy is also in this area.


Dog Tag #5: Just after #4, you will have to go up a couple of ledges to get past a large closed gate. When you drop down the other side, turn around and look back at the gate for the corpse, right beside where you dropped down.


Wolverine Action Figure #1 (Classic Wolverine 1): Shortly after the tag, you will climb up some steps to a temple. At the top of the steps, right in front of you will be a wooden wall that can be destroyed. Enter the room behind the wall and you will find the figure.


Dog Tag #6: From the room with all the Machete goons, you will need to climb a rope, then jump to a second rope. From the first rope, turn in the other direction, and jump to the ledge near the top to find the body.


Dog Tag #7: Just after #6 you will have to drop into a new area. Look to the right from where you drop down, in a small alcove.


Dog Tag #8: Moving on, you will soon face another Machete Champion. Just after, you will have to drop down into an area with 2 Gunners guarding a door. Before dropping, the body will be ahead of you on the left side of where you need to drop down.


Dog Tag #9: Where you fight the first Leviathan, there are 2 statues you can push. One needs to be pulled out so you can progress on after the fight. In the same spot on the other side of the arena is a stone you can put in, to reach a corpse in a small room.


Dog Tag #10: Just after #9, pull out the other statue and climb up. After reaching the ledge, there is a breakable wall right in front of you behind which is a body with this tag.


Dog Tag #11: In the opening area of the Weapon X Facility, the first room where you start after the Victor Creed Fight.


Dog Tag #12: Right after the first Elite Commando fight. You take a lift up and go through a door. Look in the room on your immediate left, and you will find this corpse at the back.


Dog Tag #13: Progressing on, you will reach an operating theatre room. In the smaller room immediately before it there is a door you can pry open, with a corpse inside.


Health Boost #1: After your first battle with Ghost enemies, you will need to collect a battery to progress. The Bonus is in plain view near the battery.


Mutagen #1 (Healing Factor 1): After losing your Regeneration/Feral Senses, you will need to move a box to collect a battery. Use the ledge above this platform to reach the Mutagen.


Dog Tag #14: Just after the Mutagen, you use the battery to power up a lift. As soon as you reach the top, look to a set of crates in front of you. Jump on them, then jump to grab the ledge above you. Shimmy across to reach a platform with the corpse.


Mutagen #2 (Rampage 1): After your meeting with the Doc you will be in a hall with sentry turrets. Moving forward, there are 2 doors you can go in - one on the left, one in front. The Mutagen is in the door directly in front of you.


Health Boost #2: After the Mutagen progress forward into the hall with the turret (you are behind it, and can now destroy it). Pressing onwards, you will be in a corridor with doors on the left and right. The right door leads to a locker room with this bonus.


Dog Tag #15: Same room as the Health Bonus above.


Wolverine Action Figure #2 (Legendary Wolverine 1): In the room where you use the 2 moving shields to protect yourself from a turret. After destroying the turret, go back and get the battery from the shield control panel. Bring it with you through the door behind the turret, and use it to unlock the next door with the Figure.


Mutagen #3 (Vitality 1): Just after the above figure, continue down the hall to a T junction. Turn right to go up the stairs, and the Mutagen will be in a room on the left.


Dog Tag #16: In the room where you get your Healing Factor back. On one of the raised sections on the side.


Dog Tag #17: You will be doing some backtracking now, and eventually go through a smoke filled fight and end up in a hall with 2 doors - one in front, one directly to the right. The door on the right leads to a large Ghost enemy encounter. Instead enter the door straight ahead for the tag. (you can access this room after the Ghost battle if you missed it before)


Health Boost #3: In the room with the above Ghost battle, there is a tiny room in the corner. Pry open the door to collect the Boost.


Dog Tag #18: As you progress after the Ghost battle, some enemies will come out of a room on the right of the hall. After killing them, enter that room for the corpse with the tag.


Dog Tag #19: After getting your Feral Sense power back, you need to lunge attack across a gap to a ledge with a series of small cells. One of the cell's door is open, and has a corpse inside.


Mutagen #4 (Experience 1): This one is hard to miss - in plain sight on the right of the room with the first Grenadier enemies.


Dog Tag #20: A little further along you will be introduced to Goliath enemies (they carry shields). Look into the tunnel where the first Goliaths come from to find the corpse.


Mutagen #5 (Inner Rage 1): At the section where you have to pull the Hummer forward to reach a ledge above - there is a second ledge, directly above the Hummer's starting position. You can use the Hummer to jump to it, then go behind some crates for the Mutagen.


Dog Tag #21: After using the Hummer then crossing some beams, progress forward until you need to jump down to enemies below. Before dropping down, there is a door you can pry open with a corpse.


Health Boost #4:In between 2 large turbines in the next area with multiple Ghosts.


Dog Tag #22: In the dead end section of the hallway immediately after the turbine room, search for the corpse tucked away behind some boxes.


Mutagen #6 (Samurai 1): In one of the side rooms as you use your Feral Sense to track the doc with the girl. It is just after you pry open a door.

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Dog Tag #23: When you reach the first batch of enemies, including a Leviathan, turn around and backtrack, you should see a path off to the left with this corpse.


Dog Tag #24: After the Leviathan battle, enter the temple and you'll see a big statue. Go around it to this corpse lying behind.


Mutagen #7 (Unstoppable 1): After Tag #24, go through the door on your left and SLOWLY go down the steps. You should see the Mutagen clearly in front of you, but note that the floor crumbles as soon as you reach the bottom of the steps, so you must jump from the bottom step across to the Mutagen. If you don't make the jump, there is a statue right below the platform with the Mutagen - pull it out and use it to jump back up.


Dog Tag #25: In plain site in the trap room where the doors seal and the spiked roof comes down. Roll forward, grab it, then go back and use the wheel to open the exit door.


Health Boost #5: As you progress through the booby trapped halls, this is in plain sight.


Dog Tag #26: You will come to a large room with a bunch of statues taht have platforms that need to be activated. You will need to grab a small statue from the far end, and move it into the middle so you can jump up and break some wood holding a platform down. The corpse is on a ledge next to the starting position of this small statue.


Health Boost #6: Same room as above, look into an alcove at the elevated wooden platform as you jump across.


Wolverine Action Figure #3 (Legendary Wolverine 2): When you reach the large area with the Leviathan, this is in a short corridor up some stairs to the right of where you enter.


Dog Tag #27: Just before the top of the tower. You will need to walk across some beams and then climb a vine wall to reach the dish. There is a small platform to the left of the beams that you can jump to for the corpse.


Mutagen #8 (Shredder 1): When you wake from the Africa flashback, look directly behind you for the Mutagen.


Mutagen #9 (Art of War 1): Clearly in your path as you scale the rock cliff using ledges to shuffle across.


Dog Tag #28: You will jump off a cliff to avoid a helicopter assault and a WENDIGO battle will ensue. After scaring him off, search the area near the waterfall for a tag.


Dog Tag #29: Immediately after #28, this is on the left side of the path right where the WENDIGO broke the tree.


Dog Tag #30: When you reach the cave and safety from the helicopter bombing, the corpse will be directly in front of you.


Health Boost #7: After a huge battle you will climb a metal tower and cross over using a cable. The Boost is in plain sight where you drop.


Wolverine Action Figure #4 (Classic Wolverine 2): Shortly after defeating the WENDIGO for good, you will cross a small fallen tree over top of a waterfall. The Figure is immediately after, tucked between 2 rocks on the right side.


Dog Tag #31: Moving on a ways you will need to knock down a metal tower to create a bridge you can cross over. Immediately after crossing, look to your right and back a bit to see this corpse.


Mutagen #10 (Savage 1): Right beside Tag #31, in a cave.


Health Boost #8: As you come to the base where you kill a guard through the fence, look for this Boost besides some cargo boxes (credit oOMementoMoriOo for finding this one)


Dog Tag #32: When you enter the base take the path straight ahead to the dead end, and look in the trench on the left side for the corpse.


Mutagen #11 (Blood Rage 1): Still in the base, you will have a huge battle against a ton of Gunners and Goliaths. To the left of this area (where the WENDIGOs come out from the garage doors), there are some steps that lead down to a closed door and this Mutagen.


Dog Tag #33: In the room where you collect the C4 charge.


Mutagen #12 (Rampage 2): After blowing the truck and using cover to avoid the helicopter, clear the enemies and go around the building to the right to find the Mutagen on some steps.


Dog Tag #34: On the right side of the building where Mutagen #11 is, next to the ladder leading up.


Mutagen #13 (Healing Factor 2): Climb the ladder near Tag #34, and enter the building, this Mutagen is in plain sight.


Dog Tag #35: After leaving the building a dropping down, this Tag is in plain view against the bridge pillar.


Dog Tag #36: Immediately after #35, you will jump onto a small concrete platform attached to a bridge support. The Tag is on the lower part of this platform.


Health Boost #9: After the bridge explodes, you will climb 2 ladders. Before climbing the second ladder, look to the right for this Boost.


Dog Tag #37: When you reach the building where you need to move the Hummer onto the rotating platform, you will need to kick in a door on the left to access a control panel. There is a second door on the right, and inside this room is the Tag.


Health Boost #10: Progressing up from Tag #37, you will climb across a few pipes then drop into a room through an open skylight - the Boost is in this room.


Dog Tag #38: Leaving the above room, go straight ahead to the end (do NOT attack the guard outside the window, it will trigger a cutscene). There is a corpse at the dead end.


Dog Tag #39: After killing 2 WENDIGOs, you will face a couple of Grenadiers on trucks. After defeating them, look for a platform right above the tunnel with this corpse.


Mutagen #14 (Vitality 2): Take the path from Tag #39, and cross a log then climb a rock. Immediately after, watch for a log on the right that you can take into a cave. The Mutagen is here, and this is also the location of the (B) WoW Trophy.


Dog Tag #40: After the Nord sniping section, you will come to a huge battle in an open field. Keep going, and climb an icy cliff. At the top, go around the trees then turn and look to the right for this corpse.


Dog Tag #41: After making your way across the face of the dam, from where you land look left to find this corpse in a small alcove.


Dog Tag #42: Shortly after you will reach a part where a Grenadier will start shooting at you from a window. Instead of killing him by reflecting his projectiles, lunge to him to reach this room where the corpse is (if you kill him, you cannot reach the room, and will need to restart the checkpoint).


Mutagen #15 (Experienced 2): When you reach the section with the large turbines and Nord sniping at you, make your way to the very end, this Mutagen is tucked behind the last turbine.


Wolverine Action Figure #5 (X-Force Wolverine 1): Stay on the level where the top of the turbines are, and go back towards the beginning of this section for the Figure.

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Health Boost #11: Near the start of the level, immediately after the big Hunter battle. Look for a breakable wood wall as you climb up the steps. The Boost is behind this wall.


Dog Tag #43: After the first Shifter fight, progress down the booby trapped hall. This will be in the corner where it turns to the left.


Mutagen #16 (Inner Rage 2): The scene shifts to the Cybernetics Lab. When you will drop out of the air vent, immediately look behind you for this Mutagen.


Dog Tag #44: From the Mutagen, go into the room on the right for this tag.


Dog Tag #45: Just after the last tag, enter either one of the 2 green doors on the left for this corpse.


Health Boost #12: Same area, continue down the hall and up a few steps. Go around the corner and into the door on the right - this will take you back down to the room with the Boost.


Dog Tag #46: In the room where you need to use the console to deactivate the laser grid - this is in the small sunken area, right behind you when you are facing the control panel.


Dog Tag #47: When you use the control panel to move the teleporter across the gap. After porting, look to the left of the door for a corpse.

(If you have all the Tags to this point, you should unlock (B) Astonishing here)


Wolverine Action Figure #6: Same area as tag #47, this is above the door. You can reach it by jumping up the rock outcroppings to the right of the door.


Dog Tag #48: You will be back in Africa now. The tag is to the immediate left of where the section starts.


Mutagen #17 (Samurai 2): Just to the right of Tag #48, above the cable you need to cut to drop down. This is a pain to reach, you need a perfectly placed double jump to grab the platform.


Wolverine Action Figure #7: After using the 2 movable stone pillars to reach the raised ledges ahead, look into the alcove behind the Machete Master for this Figure.


Dog Tag #49: After opening the fire skull door, in the room with the 2 Shifters.


Mutagen #18 (Unstoppable 2): In the room where you need to grab the wheel, on the lower level where the wheel is, there is a small alcove in the corner under the steps you take down. There will be a Machete Master attacking you in this area.


Dog Tag #50: In the room where you use the wheel to raise the 2 platforms, after lunging across the gap, the corpse will be right in front of you.

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Mutagen #19 (Shredder 2): After the opening cutscene with Mystique ends, turn to your right and go to the Mutagen directly in front of you.


Dog Tag #51: After collecting the Mutagen you will need to take a moving lift down to some enemies on a platform. There is another platform on the other side of the lift with this Tag.


Health Boost #13: After using the movable teleporter and making your way across a series of moving crates, there will be enemies firing at you from your left. On the right is a small platform, with the Boost tucked around the corner.


Dog Tag #52: After dispatching the enemies noted in the Boost above, you will come to two moving lifts - one set going up, one going down. You will need to make your way across to where some enemies are shooting at you, but before you go to the elevated platform, there is one below it with this tag and also #53.


Dog Tag #53: On the same platform as #52, just around the corner in an alcove where the lifts originate.


Dog Tag #54: After a moving teleporter and a Droid battle, you will go through a door into a hall. 2 Gunners will attack. Look for the Tag down some steps near where the Gunners were.


Mutagen #20 (Blood Rage 2): You will soon find yourself in the large Cryogenics room. Start at the control panel with the moving teleporter. Move it all the way to the right through a small hole in the wall, then teleport to this location. The Mutagen is in this hidden room (which will also award the (B) Cake trophy).


Mutagen #21 (Art of War 2): Still in the Cryogenics room, on the lower level. Near the battery terminal is a small platform you can double jump to. The Mutagen is on this platform.


Wolverine Action Figure #8 (X-Force Wolverine 2): From the above Mutagen, jump up and grab a ledge you can shimmy across to another platform with the Figure.


Dog Tag #55: Just beside the location where you teleport through the energy barrier, next to the battery you must collect to progress forward.


Health Boost #14: On the balcony behind where the Mark I Prototype appears.


Dog Tag #56: After the Mark I Prototype fight you will backtrack to the Cryogenics lab, then take the hall back to the large hangar. Along the way a new door will open and release some Gunners and Droids - there is a Tag in the room behind this newly opened door.


Dog Tag #57: Back at the large hangar, after a battle you will ride an elevator up - the Tag is right in front of you as soon as you exit the elevator.


Dog Tag #58: After clearing some Ghosts and traversing a long, high beam, look immediately to your left for the corpse next to another elevator.


Mutagen #22 (Savage 2): After collecting the Tag, ride the elevator down. Clear a few Gunners, then look for the dead end walkway (to the right of the control panel you use to extend the bridge) with this Mutagen.


Dog Tag #59: After lunging across the partially extended bridge, this Tag will be on another dead end walkway to the right.


Wolverine Action Figure #9: On the far right of the large platform where you battle the Predator units, shortly after Tag #59.


Dog Tag #60: Go through the big door (Trask will give you a hand opening it...) into the Sentinel room. Follow the walkway to the teleporter control panel, the corpse is right beside it.


Mutagen #23 (Healing Factor 3):Move the teleporter all the way to the left, into a secret room with the Mutagen.


Dog Tag #61: After collecting the Mutagen, move the teleporter out of the hidden room, but stop on the platform on the other side of the wall. You need to go here to access the control panel that will move the Sentinel. From this control panel, turn 180 degrees and jump over a desk to find this corpse.


Health Boost #15: Move the teleporter back to the platform with the battery - collect the Boost right beside it.


Mutagen #24 (Vitality 3): After another Mark I Prototype battle you will eventually end up in a room with a partially assembled Sentinel. Ride the moving platforms to where you climb a ladder - the mutagen is in front of you (this is the first opportunity to earn (B) Mutant Lover).


Dog Tag #62: Just to the left of the above Mutagen.


Dog Tag #63: Take the upper rotating platforms back to another ladder, again the Tag is on the left at the top of the ladder.


Health Boost #16: A short distance to the right of Tag #63.


Health Boost #17: Back in Africa, this is immediately to the left of where you started (note that this could also be collected at the very end of the last Africa section, if you hug the wall and avoid triggering the cutscene).


Dog Tag #64: In your path, on the right just after defeating the 2 Hunters.


Dog Tag #65: You will reach the base of the next tower, and need to jump and grab a ledge, shimmying to the left. From where you pull yourself up, go all the way to the left past a clime-able vine wall for this Tag.


Mutagen #25 (Experienced 3): To the right of the vine wall and Tag #65, you can jump up to the step to go inside the tower base for the Mutagen (and a Shifter fight).


Dog Tag #66: Climb the vines then a rope an enter the tower interior to trigger a Machete Master fight. The corpse and Tag are in this room.


Wolverine Action Figure #10: Up another vine wall to the next level of the tower, you will face some Gunners in the interior. The Figure is immediately to your right as you enter the Gunner room.


Wolverine Action Figure #11: After taking out the last tower in Africa, you will be back in the Cybernetics lab - and the Sentinel head will be shooting at you. Go immediately all the way to the right to find the Figure near some computer terminals.


Dog Tag #67: Same area as the Figure, this is near a door to the left of your starting location (towards the Gunners shooting at you).


Mutagen #26 (Inner Rage 3): You will now be in a big room with a Sentinel hand. Turn right and go straight ahead to the Mutagen.


Dog Tag #68: From the Mutagen, go back and follow the walkway on the left. Part way along you will see a dead end walkway (just before the lift you activate) leading to a closed door and this Tag.


Dog Tag #69: Take the lift down to a large room with moving tracks. As you get off the lift, turn right, for a Tag in plain view.


Wolverine Action Figure #12: Take the ladder up beside Tag #69, to reach the first track control panel - you can jump the gap beside this panel to reach a platform with this Figure.


Health Boost #18: After aligning the first track section, head to the middle area and climb another ladder - the Boost is right at the top.


Mutagen #27 (Rampage 3): From the base of the ladder you climb to reach the panel that aligns track section #2, go left to find this Mutagen among some terminals.


Dog Tag #70: Climb the ladder right next to Mutagen #27, the corpse is at the top.


Dog Tag #71: After using the Sentinel hand you will ride a lift up - when you get off, the corpse will be right in front of you next to the terminal you need to use.


Mutagen #28 (Samurai 3): To the left of the terminal above, beside some steps.


Dog Tag #72: You will eventually use the Sentinel hand to destroy the head, and end up back in the room where you started. You can now pry open the door to advance - this Tag is immediately on your right after opening the door.


Dog Tag #73: And this on is on the left, opposite #72.


Dog Tag #74: After freeing Wraith, this is on the right side of his cell.


Mutagen #29 (Art of War 3): And this is on the left side of his cell.

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Health Boost #18: After the initial Gambit fight, it will be right beside you at the bottom of the stairs.


Dog Tag #75: Immediately to the left of the large water fountain after the cutscene of you climbing the steps.


Dog Tag #76: After using the zipline to climb across to the balcony, turn right from where you drop down. At the dead end you will find the corpse.


Dog Tag #77: In plain sight on the right of the hall after you break down the door.


Dog Tag #78: Shortly after #77, also in plain view at the water fountain at the base of the stairs, just before the Assassin fight.


Mutagen #30 (Blood Rage 3): After defeating the first Assassin, look for an open door on the right of the large exit doors - the Mutagen is inside this small room.


Dog Tag #79: You will end up in a huge room with Gunners and Goliaths battling Assassins. When you go up the first small set of stairs, jump over the railing on your right for this Tag.


Health Boost #19: Just after the corpse, you will see a break in the centre rail where you can drop down behind the pool of water. The Boost is by one of the statue's feet.


Wolverine Action Figure #13: Keep moving up until you reach a large cable you need to climb across. Before jumping on it, progress past and jump over a crate to reach the Figure at the far end of this section.


Dog Tag #80: Now take the cable all the way across, past the central pool, and drop down on the opposite site for this Tag.


Dog Tag #81: After exiting the elevator, look left for another cable you can use to climb across to a corpse.


Health Boost #20: Same area as above tag #81 - look to the right from the elevator exit. You should see a couple of crates. Climb on top of them, then jump to the scaffolding platform with the Boost.


Dog Tag #82: On the ground level of the section where the helicopter attacks. Look to the left for the corpse before jumping up to the platforms.


Dog Tag #83: After the Assassin/Goliath fight you will climb a ladder. At the top, go all the way to the left around the large glass dome to reach this Tag.


Mutagen #31 (Savage 3): As you progress up the building exterior, 2 Assassins will breakthrough a window. After defeating them, enter into the window they came out of to reach a room with the Mutagen.


Wolverine Action Figure #14: Progressing on after the next Gambit encounter, you will eventually use a rope to climb up some scaffolding. Before taking the zipline across, you can climb the wall to an elevated platform with this Figure.


Dog Tag #84: After the above Figure take the zipline across, then another one back. From where you land, the corpse will be right in front of you.


Dog Tag #85: Moving into the building interior, 2 Grenadiers will attack. Drop into the gap in front of where they are standing for this Tag.


Dog Tag #86: In the gap immediately behind the Grenadiers is another Tag.


Health Boost #21: After jumping the gap into the next from from Tag 86, look to your left for this Boost under a ladder before going back outside the building and lunging to the helicopter.


Dog Tag #87: After destroying the helicopter, look immediately to your left when you regain control of Wolverine.


Dog Tag #88: After the battle with the Grenadiers on the bridge, push the crate forward, then jump over it and go to the right to collect this Tag.


Health Boost #22: Close to Tag 88, but on the left side from the crate.


Wolverine Action Figure #15: In the room with the massive Assassin fight, among the crates on the right side.


Dog Tag #89: After climbing up to the construction area near the top of the building, you will need to use a rope to drop down. Before doing so, look behind you for a small ramp that leads to this corpse behind a crate.


Dog Tag #90: After a number of fights you will eventually reach a girder that you must cross. After crossing, you will go down a small ramp and face some more enemies. This corpse is tucked away in the left corner behind some scaffolding.


Health Boost #23: After using the multiple hanging ropes to jump around the outside of the building, you will jump to an interior rope that you have to climb to progress. Before going up it, slide to the bottom to collect the Boost on the hanging crate.


Wolverine Action Figure #16: From the last Boost, continue up and across a balance beam. You now jump up to a crane from which you can jump to a zipline. Before taking the zipline, look to the tip of the crane for this Figure.

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Dog Tag #91: Back in Africa, after the first fight you will move a stone statue to open the path on the left. At the pit just inside this hall, drop down for the Tag.


Mutagen #32 (Shredder 3): Just after Tag #91, you will need to cross some moving floor spikes. Half way across the spikes, look for a breakable wooden door on the left that leads to a room with the Mutagen.


Health Boost #25: You will end up in a large arena with a massive battle, ending with a Leviathan. After defeating it, look into the room where he came from for this Boost.


Dog Tag #92: After opening the door with the wheel, go up the ramp, then up some steps. Jump across to the small platform, then look above it and jump to the ledge. Shimmy across and pull yourself up at the opening to find this hidden area with the Tag.


Wolverine Action Figure #17: Right after Tag #92, you will enter a room with some ropes and a suspended crate. Take the ropes across to the other side, then look for a platform on your right with the Figure.


Mutagen #33 (Unstoppable 3): Quite a while later, you will have backtracked through the main area and move the original stone statue to open the gate allowing you down the right hall. After the Machete battles and moving stone pillar puzzle, you will end up on a balcony overlooking the starting arena, with a second stone statue you have to push down. There is breakable stone door in this area with the Mutagen.


Dog Tag #93: Once on the Island, clear the initial wave of enemies and enter the now open door. The Tag is in plain view on your right as you go up the stairs.


Dog Tag #94: Immediately after #93, in a caged area on your left.


Wolverine Action Figure #18: To the left of Tag #94, still in the caged area.


Dog Tag #95: Just after the previous Tags, take the catwalk to the next room then look to your immediate right for the final Tag and (S) Devil's Brigade trophy.

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Supplemental should be done now. I am positive on all the Tags and Mutagens.


I don't believe any Figures have been missed (bearing in mind, you only need 2 of the same Figure to unlock a trophy, there are more than enough duplicates). Note that I cannot determine which costumes are on the later Figures, as you only get XP once you have unlocked the costume.


I cannot say for sure that the Health Boosts are 100% complete, I will update this if any more are found. There are no trophies attached to this, but obviously the upgrades help.


If anyone does come across any extras, leave a message here and I will add them.

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I really hate these damn dog tags, was very careful not to miss anything or get it again if I died but still finished with 94/95 somehow. Replayed 3/5 chapters and still have t found it, probably be the very last one I try knowing my luck. The guide is done well though and easy to follow, thanks.

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@discdocx Just wanted to say thanks very much for writing up this excellent guide. 🙂 There are still a few stragglers like myself playing this game in 2021 and your supplemental guide was very clear and easy to follow and got me the collectible trophies without any issues. I really appreciate it!

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@diskdocxGreat guide. Not sure you're even around anymore...but just in case, found a minor mistake that almost made me restart the level. Dog tag 34...you said:



Dog Tag #34: On the right side of the building where Mutagen #11 is, next to the ladder leading up.

 This nearly made me restart, as you can't backtrack to Mutagen 11 at this point. But I'm glad I double checked before so, it's on the LEFT side of the building from Mutagen TWELVE. 


Again, just something minor...so anyone reading this in the future, just keep that in mind. 

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