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I played it on VITA


I would say the majority of the game is about a 3, but the Blobonia challenges with the rocket were a PITA. The controls on VITA are very fiddly. If I could have used the D pad instead of the analog stick, I think it would have been much easier. There was actually only one challenge that really gave me any problem, but those controls just suck, so I gave it a 6. It may be much easier with a game pad

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I vote 6. The puzzles are great and enjoyable but the platforming, boss fights, bouncy ball, spinning ball and flight mechanics are really not great. The jumping mechanics never feel good like a polished 2D platformer. Sometimes the boy just walks off ledges and doesn't even try to jump when you press X. The blob is a cute slightly hopeless AI companion. During a puzzle section it's charming when he falls off a platform, disappears totally or aims the canon at you instead of the enemy. In a boss fight where a fraction of a second means death your slightly hopeless AI companion can get very annoying. I think it is a 6 as some parts you are going to repeating again and again and again and again. I must be at 20 hours and I have not finished all the challenges yet. The ones with a rocket and bouncy ball are too frustrating. Challenges can involve avoiding enemies you can't see as off screen. Or shooting yourself from a canon at a wall that is off screen. That's not puzzle based or skill based. Just lots of trial and error or luck. One challenge I am stuck on I need to record a video of my death and then watch it frame by frame so I can see why I am dying. I was stuck on one of the chests so watched a guide. I tried to follow the guide which had the boy jump off the top of a ladder. 40 attempts later not once could I get the boy to jump left from the top of the ladder like the guide. In other levels the boy jumps left off a ladder no problem. Overall I would not recommend playing this game. if you like puzzles this game is mostly a platformer so not for you. And if you like platformers then this doesn't have the polished controls and mechanics you would expect so this game is not for you.  

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