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Victory Edition?


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pinched this from an article:

Dusenberry: we are extremely excited about launching NASCAR ’15 Victory Edition. The game is available for $19.99 at all major retail outlets and we are really excited about that price point. Included in the Victory Edition update, everyone that originally purchased NASCAR 15 gets a free upgrade to the Victory Edition. Victory Edition comes with new paint schemes and we add Bubba Wallace to the game. We also have the Miller Lite cars in the game for the first time. That’s the first time in NASCAR history that alcohol sponsors were able to be in video games.


In 2016 we are going to launch a season update for next season. All of the team changes and driver changes will be updated for everyone who has NASCAR ’15 Victory Edition.

Link: NASCAR '15 Victory Edition, The Future & More With DM Racing


I'm not sure what it is really, he refers to it as an "Update". So I'm figuring it's the same thing, could be released with a separate list though.

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