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Unlocking WWE Live Star Trophy with a Rank 40 Guy


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I just read on the comments for the trophy that if you play with another guy with the Rank 40 it's possibile to unlock the WWE Live Star Trophy, i have got the Blue Chipper trophy on my first ever online match when i pinned the opponent (he is at Rank 18). So do you have tried if this method works to unlock the trophy or not?

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It all seems very strangely contextual. In my case I was on the losing end with someone who's level seventeen, and our opponents were 40 and 42.




I posted the trophy screen shot on my FB when it happened. It was an Elimination Tornado match. And the match was SUPER LAGGY (which I don't know if that's normal for online or not). Just... good luck whatever you try! It'll either be a long journey or a warp point!

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