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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


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Looking to be called out in a relatively easy challenge for the trophy! PSN is Wedge19.


Will return the favor if needed.


Still looking to do this, pal? I need this trophy and a couple of others that require call-outs and stuff.

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Add XxAnomalyxX for the call out trophies. I'll be playing frequently for the next few days until I platinum. Send me a message and I'll call you out on all the challenges I can and you can choose which you'd like to complete. Please do the same as I still need to complete a challenge I've been called out on.

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PSN ID: CroTim


Looking for a callout and will gladly return the favour :)

I hear that Wingsuit Wonder works best, but can try with any other feat.


Also, write it's for JC3 in friend request, otherwise I'll ignore it :)


Edit: Got it. Thanks for helping.

Edited by CroTim
Boosting done
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