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Well you should be more specific. All you said is to not include two words and etc. Really? I guess people shouldn't use had as well? What's wrong with my crowbar post. All should be an ok one to follow up. I could of also post Hands All Over by Soundgarden I thought I was ok. I did mess up on the pre thing one. It's a habit of mine to always put the artist first. I apologize for that one.


I'm curious to know if way, fly, fry, cry, or will is ok here since All isn't and had is ok to follow up?

You can use words like 'it', 'the' and 'of' in the song title. However they cant be the 'link' word.


Your Crowbar song links the other song with the word 'all'. And yes, 'had' would be considered a word that you can't use.


Its not down to the length of the word. Descriptive words like fly, fry, cry or war (you used that and its fine) would be ok.


Hope that clears it up.

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