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Song Title Game


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Pinched this from XBA as its proved incredibly popular there.


Basically you take a word from the song above and post a new song with that word in it.


Example, someone posts...


Pretty Vacant - The Sex Pistols


The next person could post All the Pretty Faces - The Killers


The only rules are:

Words like in, the, and etc can't be taken from the song above.

Post the song THEN the artist.

You can shorten/lengthen words if you want. If someone posts Sun you can use Sunny, Sunshine etc.


The first song is


Behold, the Armies of War Descend Screaming from the Heavens - Bal-Sagoth


No shortage of words to choose from;)


If you want to post some of the songs lyrics as well thats fine.

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Hmm, I feel like Hole shouldn't come after Holy. I know it says you can shorten words, but hole and holy aren't related words. Maybe it's just me. OP?

We'll let it slide this time.


But, yeah, if you are gonna change words they should be related.


Down Where I Am - Demons & Wizards

Demons and Wizards! Nice choice. If points were being handed out you would receive maximum:D


(I'm assuming words like "the" and such are not enough to link another song?)


Edited by Hirilorn
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foo fighters - best of you.



(I'm assuming I can break up words yes?)


Calvin Harris - Feel so Close


Whoa whoa guys, it's song title first! And Cold Fusion, while you can break up the word like that, you can't use an artist's name for this.



This should be pretty easy... so far I've thought of all 3 of mine in not even 5 seconds :cool:.


You're probably some time going to end with a song that you can't think of a song straight away. But you probably know of more songs that I do. And I'm not the greatest at remembering song titles. I'm not finding any right now... :(

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