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...and highly addicting as well. Is it worth 15 dollars in the PSN store? Yup, every penny of it. You get both system versions (PS3 and PS4) and they each have a separate trophy list. This game is very fun, addicting to play and it has a ton of Marvel characters to chose from. Awesome, right?


I had no clue what this game was. My girlfriend put me on to it because she's played it on her phone. She wanted me to buy it because we both love Marvel and she wanted to play it. Naturally I do what every great boyfriend should do and please the lady, am I right fella's, LOL? ;)


So anyway, bought the game, started the PS4 version and immediately regretted it. Why? Because as a newcomer to this game I was soooooo confused on how to play it! The game kind of just "throws you to the wolves" and doesn't teach you shit. Because of this I found it overwhelming and difficult and being totally clueless SUCKS!


DON'T GIVE UP! It doesn't take long to grasp the basic functions and the rest just comes naturally over time. Before you know it you'll be kicking ass and having fun! I mean jesus, anyone who knows me well enough on here knows that I bitch and complain with just about every game I play. Rarely do you ever see me boasting about a game so the fact that I'm doing it now I think speaks volumes.


Once you grasp the concept of Marvel Puzzle Quest and get used to the variety of characters and find the three that suites your play style best you wont find the game difficult whatsoever. That's why I rate this game a 2 out of 10 in difficulty. The only reason I gave it that is because of how random 2 of the trophies are ("The Ocho" and "Waterfall"). The trophy "The Ocho" drove me NUTS trying to figure out. Do yourself a favor: don't try to "figure out" anything; just play the game - sooner or later you'll get them both and have no clue how you even got them, lol!


Take note of a couple things:


1) This game takes quite a bit of time to 100%. Rough estimate? Easily between 75-100+ hours. But the game is a blast so fuck it, who cares!


2) If you're prone to seizures DO NOT play this game as it's a non-stop flash of bright colors and patterns happening on the screen when you're on the battle board and could quite possibly trigger one.


3) There are only slight differences between the PS3 and PS4 versions. These differences being (a) the PS4 graphics are crisper and more defined and (B) the PS4 version is faster inbetween loading screens and saving - not really by much though so it's not a deal breaker or anything.


4) If you're interested in buying the Deadpool/Dr. Octopus DLC just be aware that while you get Doc Oc right from the get-go the same can't be true for Deapool. There's a separate storyline that comes with the DLC that involves Deadpool and you have to beat it on Hard mode first before Deadpool can become a playable character in the basegame storyline.


But don't fret, it's not as daunting as it may seem. Hard difficult is a joke, there's no difference other than the characters you fight are much higher in level - that's it! That's the ONLY difference. Nothing a little bit of grinding can't solve to get your level high enough to take on Hard mode. Is it worth it? Well, I don't know... are you a fan of Deadpool? Than, yes, it's worth it. His storyline is amusing (it's Deadpool, so yeah, that's to be expected) and him as a playable character is pretty decent. If you want to know his stats at his max level send me a message and I'll give you the 411.


5) Buy the $2.00 Thor, Goddess of Thunder DLC character! Sooooo worth it dude! Her abilities make quick work of the enemies. In my opinion she's the best character and overpowered.


If you're a fan of games like this and a fan of Marvel like me and my girlfriend are than I highly recommend this game.


PS) As for the Hulk/Punisher DLC I really couldn't tell ya as I never bought it. However you do fight them a couple times in the main story and after checking out there stats there's nothing there that impressed me enough to spend another 4 bucks. But it does unlock more content missions, which could give more replayability to the game. Is it worth it? My opinion: meh.


Also worth noting for those who enjoy online multiplayer: It's as dead as dead could ever be. For shits and giggles I spent a few hours each day for a week trying to find matches - nothing! There is couch co-op if you feel like inviting a friend over to pound on for a bit but just be aware that for convenience's sake make sure you have a second controller because if not you'll be spending a tedious amount of time reassigning the controller back and forth.




Both versions completed. :applause: :dance:

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Voted 2. Not having played one of these games before it took me a bit to figure things out, but after that no problems. I used the suggested characters and they worked great. I may have lucked out on 'The Ocho' and 'Waterfall though as I didn't have to do anything to get them. They just happened... There are a lot battles though and it's going to a while to get through them. I didn't see a play time statistic in the game, but I'm pretty sure I had many more hours than the guide writer. I'm guessing that I was in the 50-75 hour range.



As a bonus the game is cross-buy so I will be playing the PS3 version one of these days. :)

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