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Glitched Trophy - Boss Batch 3


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i know right? i had a shitty day at work and kept thinking to myself, "its cool, ill just whip the piss out of some guys with the blades of athena later" but no it shipped today and arrives in store tomorrow. so i paid it off and put money down on the ultimate edition of god of war 3. guess i can wait one more day.. sigh, i guess MW2 will tide me over. ;)

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Boss Batch 3 didn't unlock for me. I beat the last sister and no trophy. I even beat that whole section again and still nothing. This is so annoying.


This is terrible. I need to do another run through to get the gorgon eyes/feathers/uber chests trophies to platinum god of war 2, but with that glitch in place, i cannot platinum it even if i wanted to. Hope sony gets this patched asap.

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I have 97% of the trophies and started from scratch. Just about at the first fight with the sisters, and i have a save from before the kraken as well, i will keep making new saves at every point in case i dont get it, and just keep trying till this sucker unlocks. Once i get that trophy i platinum both god of wars.

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Talking about glitches..


When I go to the Playstation.com site to update my trophies I dont see any of the God of War trophy game progress bar thing.


Has this happened to any of you? I know I'm getting the trophies but they are not showing up on the site.


Yeah, the website doesn't have God of War I or II updated yet, that's why we don't have any images yet lol.


Not sure what's going on =/

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I'm in the same boat. I find it strange that my Assassin's Creed progress is listed, and it came out the day before GOW. But no progress for either GOW even tho it's Sony's game and they're promoting it hard! In fact, the screen I logged in on was an advertisement for it!


Huh. Went back to check something, and there it was!

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