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30 Titles Guide


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-Estimated Difficulty for this trophy: 3/10 with boosting partner. 10/10 without one.

-Approximate time to get the trophy: 3-5 hours depending on boosting partner and what order you do them in.


I got the game on its release date. I have 28 / 30 titles. I know what all 30 are thanks to a friend of mine. These titles really arent that hard. As long as you know what they are, and how to do them, they are easy as pie. This is mine and Neo-Phyxius' first guide, and my first thread, so not sure about most of the things, but We will try to do our best.


I would advise you to find a good and dedicated boosting partner, pick a date, and do all of the titles on that same day. The max it will take you is 4-5hours depending on what order you did them in and how you did them. Now, if you dont have a boosting partner, and are planning to get all the titles, it will take you months. You have to be extrememly good and luck to get all the titles without boosting. My boosting Parnter was Neo-Phyxius. Hes also the one whos helping me make this guide right now. If it wasnt for him, I would've never gotten even 5 titles, since he discovered most of the titles.

There are more then 30 tites. I am not sure what the other titles are, but here are the 30 titles me and him discovered and got.



-Low-Class Warrior-

You get this at the start of the game.


-Elite Warrior

Earn 10 Victories.

read below for an easier way to get this.


-Invincible Warrior

Earn 20 Victories without a loss.

read below for an easier way to get this.


-Enraged Warrior

read below for an easier way to get this.

Earn 10 Victories in High Tension Mode.


-Ultimate Fighter

Earn 10 Victories with Ultimate Attacks

read below for an easier way to get this.


-Mr. Perfect

Earn 10 Perfect Victories.

read below for an easier way to get this.



Earn 10 Perfect Losses

read below for an easier way to get this.


-Turtle Practitioner

Earn 10 Victories with the Kamehameha.

read below for an easier way to get this.


-King of Destruction

Execute 5 Crashes in a battle.


-Martial Arts Warrior

Execute 30 HITS in a battle

this is an extremely easy title. just do an attack on ur opponent, and then when hes laying down on the ground, just tell ur boosting partner to make sure he doesnt press anything, and make sure he just lays down on the ground, then just keep hitting the square button, and just keep hitting till u easily reach 30 hits.


-Counter Monster

Execute 5 counters in a battle.


-Stubborn Bastard

Deflect 5 Super Attacks in a Battle

deflecting is quite tricky, just pick gohan as u, and let the other person be goku. tell him to fire a kamehameha, and then as soon as its about to hit you, press hold R1 and then just push either the left or right way. honestly this is all about your timing so I cant really help you with this one.


-Like the Wind

Execute 5 throw evasions in a battle.


-Prince of Cruelty

Execute 5 Knockdown attacks in a battle.


-World-Class Speed

Execute 10 Vanishing in a battle.

Look at the Speediest in the Universe titles below.


-Death Chaser

Execute 20 Vanishing in a battle.

Look at the Speediest in the Universe titles below.


-Speediest in the Universe

Execute 30 Vanishing in a battle.

This is when you keep teleporting. so to do this, just simple raise ur kii to max, hold R1, then press X and go either left or right, and u should be able to teleport. just do this 30 times.

so hold R1 + X + --> or hold R1 + X + <--


-Dirty Fireworks

Take 5 Upwards Attacks in a battle.

this title, you will get if ur boosting partner does the below title. so while hes doing that, not only will he/she get a title, but u will too.


-Fireworks Master

Execute 5 Upwards Attacks in a battle.

go close to ur opponent, press Square 4-5 times and then hold X and hold UP.

so Square, Square, Square, Square + hold X + Up


-Super Power

Win three shot exchanges in a battle

Show exchanges

this is one of the easy titles, read below on how to do it.


-Wimpier Than he thinks

Lose three shot exchanges in a battle.

to do this title, just pick Gogeta and Vegetto, and then do their super attacks. Go as far as u can, and at the same time, do ur super attack, you'll get into the mode where you can have to keep rotating the anolag stick to win, just let ur boosting partner win 3 times, you'll get this title, and he'll get the winning title, then switch over, and you win and let him loose. you can both switch in the same match. thats how quick this is.


-Lightning Speed

Pull off 5 Blow Exchanges in a battle.



-Flying Dragon

Execute 2 Air Combo in a battle.

just do this

Square, Square, Square, Square + hold X + Up and then as soon as ur opponent is flying up in the air and about to fall, just quickly hold the analog stick in his position and press Square. you'll know when u did it right because

1. you will be in a sequence.

2. your opponent should be up in the air.


-Nature Love

Win a battle on the Wasteland Stage without destroying anything.

This is super easy. One person pick any character, the other pick Chiatzo. go to the Wasteland Stage and let Chaitzo do your finisher on you. make sure there are no rocks or anything around, once he does that, Chiatzo's health should go down, and just punch him once and hes done.


-Preliminary Qualifier

Record 10 victories in the World Tournament Stage.

read below for an easier way for this title.


-Earth-Raised Saiyan

Use Goku 10 times in a row.

jus use Goku 10 times in a row, I explain a little more about it below.


-Embarassment to the Clan

Lose 10 Saiyan-against Saiyan battles.

just pick Vegeta and goku, and let ur partner in 10 times, then u do the same. thers an easier way how to get this at the bottom.


-Proud Prince of the Saiyans

Use Vegeta 10 times in a row.

just use vegeta 10X in a row. u dont have to even win the match, loose or win you get the title. below is a good and easy way to get it.



Earn 50 losses

ranked or unranked doesnt matter

"thanks to THES79 for telling me about this title."



-Super Elite Warrior

Earn 50 victories

ranked or unranked doesnt matter straight forward.

"thanks to THES79 for telling me about this title."


I still dont have the last 2. I know how to get them, but just dont know what they are called yet. I will post them when I get them.

but if u want to know this is how you get the other 2 titles:


-Use Picollo 10 times

easy stuff, just use him 10 times you dont even have to win.


Reach Rank G

just keep playing ranked matches, I would advice you to boost this. I think u need around 10 wins to reach Rank G. I dont even have this title yet.


I will post the best order to do them in. Me and Neo got upto 20 something in one night, we were on till 3 doing them, but then just got tired and gave up. This is the order we did them in.


1. The order you should do them is, first you should try to get all the titles that ask you to do things like 20 win in a row without loosing, 10 perfect wins, 10 perfect losses, win 10 times as goku in a row, and 1 world tournament wins. To do this, when you start boosting, go to a player match, make one, make it private so only your boosting partner can join, and then start it. The good news is you dont have to play ranked in order to get the titles. So the person that is going to win, should pick Goku, and the looser should pick Vegeta. once you've picked your characters, start the match. once it gets to the stage selections screen, pick world tournament. then just let the guy with goku win the match, make sure he doesnt get hurt even once, since we want perfect wins. as soon as the other persons life is left a little, charge up ur kii to the max, so when its blue and do ur kamehameha and end the match. Now, you should get a perfect win. Keep doing the same exact thing until u get ur first title, and trust me, you will get like 2-3 titles at once. But you have to make sure the person who picked goku first and won, wins the whole time and gets perfect wins. now when you reach ur 10th win. you will get the titles:


10 kamehameha wins

10 wins in a row as Goku

10 perfect wins

10 victories.

and last titles, 10 world tournament wins.

now the person who lost all those 10 games will get these titles


10 saiyan vs saiyan losses

played 10 matches in a row as vegeta

10 perfect losses


so after this, just start the match again, but the person who was goku last time, should pick picollo, and just win again, 10 matches in a row. the other person who is gonna loose should pick picollo as well. and when the match is about to end, make sure u end it with you doing ur ultimate finish and winning the match. once u get 10 wins again, you will end up with these titles.

played 10 matches in a row as picollo

win 20 matches without a loss

10 ultimate finish wins

10 hight tension wins

the looser should get this title

10 matches as picollo in a row


now switch over, and let the person who lost all those 20 matches, do this, and the person who lost do the opposite. do the same exact things as you did before. so stuff like pick goku, 10 perfect wins, world tournament as stage, 10 kamehameha wins, and 10 high tension wins and the looser gets titles like 10 saiyan vs saiyan losses, 10 perfect losses, and 10 vegeta matches in a row. once u reach 10 matches like this, do the same things as you did before. Once you get ur 20 victories, you've gotten all these titles out of the way and move onto the harder stuff... well easy if you follow this guide.






-Not Finished

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For the person who asks about the "30 hit combo". You have to choose "Burter" to do this, he's is the perfect character to do it.


If you do Burter's Ultimate attack you'll get 34 hits combo, if you do it with the other metod I'm going to write below you can have even 50 hits combo, but his Ultimate it's more than enough.


First start a "Rush combo", then an upwards-air combo (here you'll have 20 or 21 hits), after that start pursuit with the dash button, then press the punch button to teleport and hit your opponent again and then push the dash button to keep pursuit him, but this time instead of pressing the the punch button finish with an ultimate attack.


That way you'll have more than 30 hits.

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I have two questions:


1) whats a crash and how do? i thinks its R1+O at the same time but i only do a grab...


2) a shot exchange is a kamehameha vs kamehameha?


1. You can only do a crash at certain places in a map, near walls or buildings. A Crash! R1+0 indicator will appear above your characters health bar. So you'll just have to find a spot were this is possible.


2. Not necessarily, just a super/ultimate vs another super/ultimate.

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Thanks alot for the help, I thought it would be insane but all I need is a boosting partner. I am willing to help and be helped with this game. Send me a message and I will respond


boosting partner is faster but you can do it also alone :p , i lost many of mine games but i dont care. Most of the people online are spammer so counter , deflect, everything is easy to do on them . i have 24 title now :p


It funny when people think they are good at a game playing this way :p


Okey i got this solo :) , thanks for the guide :)

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