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Dead Space Road Map and Trophy Guide


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Another guide has been chosen as the preferred guide for this game.

This thread has been closed and is not maintained and as a result may contain outdated or incorrect information. Please follow the link below for the preferred guide.




Header Image By Savenger


The following Road Map was written by SwatTJ.

The rest of the guide was written by chucknorris078.




-Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10

-Offline: 49

-Online: 0

-Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 18-24 hours

-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2-3

-Number of missable trophies: Ragdoll Check; Playing Catch; Don’t Get Cocky, Kid; Slugger; Crackshot; Zero-G Baller; There’s Always Peng!

-Glitched trophies: None

-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No


Road Map:



All of Dead Space’s trophies except for 1, and the platinum of course, can be gotten on any difficulty. Once you complete the game for the first time, you will unlock the Impossible difficulty which is needed for the last trophy. There are cheat codes that can be used that will not disable trophies. They are listed below:


One Time Uses:






1,000 Credits



2,000 Credits



5,000 Credits



10,000 Credits



Add 2 power nodes



Add 5 power nodes


Multiple Uses:




Refill Stasis and Kinesis energy


Refill Oxygen


First Playthrough



I personally chose to play through the game on Easy. One reason was not knowing just how difficult this game was going to be, but also because you will find more items overall in the game by playing on easy. This makes it easier to save money for the trophy “Maxed Out.” There is a glitch in Chapter 3, see here, that you could use to try and cut down the 3rd playthrough needed. Again, I only needed 2.5 playthroughs because I had enough money to get “Maxed Out” halfway through my 2nd playthrough.


During this playthrough you will get all the Chapter related trophies. You should also be searching out and picking up all the audio and video logs that you can find. The most you need for the trophies is 150 so you are able to miss a few. As long as you’re searching everywhere you should be fine. The other collectibles are schematics and they are easily found as well. You’ll want to buy every weapon throughout the game, upgrade everything as you go along and also store stuff in your safe. Doing all this will unlock additional trophies. As you’re playing, you should be shooting the enemies in their limbs to be more effective. There are 3 trophies in total requiring different amounts of limbs to be dismembered.


There is a trophy for every gun requiring you to kill 30 enemies with it. This is where there is an option. For this first playthrough, you can decide to go for the “One Gun” trophy which requires beating the game by only using the Plasma Cutter, or you can go for the weapon trophies. If you pass up doing the one gun run on this playthrough, you will either have to beat the game on Impossible by only using the Plasma Cutter or you will have to play another entire playthrough instead of half of one for the “Maxed Out” trophy. I fell into that latter category because I didn’t plan correctly.


There are a handful of special trophies you should be aware of and try your hardest to get on this first playthrough. These 7 are listed under “Number of missable trophies:” in the Overview section above. Check the trophy guide for how to get these. I also ordered them in the approximate order you’ll encounter them in the playthrough.


Second Playthrough.


This one is a breeze. You’ll continue from your first game and play essentially a new game+. It will be on the same difficulty that you beat the game on and you can not change that. You’re only goal for this is to get enough money to buy all the Power Nodes that you need to max out all your weapons, your rig, stasis and kinesis. You should note that every single empty node does not have to be filled. If you can skip an empty one and still fill in all the upgrade spots, then do so. This will save you time and money. You will need to have all your upgraded weapons in your possession which means either in your inventory or in your stash. Do not sell them. I recommend selling any ammunition, health packs, air packs and anything else that you get and don’t need for the extra cash. If playing normally, you should have enough for “Maxed Out” by Chapter 5 or 6.


Note: If you chose to use the Chapter 3 glitch for money, you may not even need any of this second playthrough.


Third Playthrough


This will be your last playthrough of the game. Once you beat the game for the first time, Impossible difficulty will unlock and need to be beaten for the “Epic Tier 3 Engineer” trophy. Depending on how you handled the “One Gun” trophy, you may be able to buy and use anything you want to beat this mode or you may be stuck using the Plasma Cutter for the whole game. In all honesty, the Plasma Cutter is probably the best gun in the game so it is not hard to beat the game on Impossible and get the “One Gun” trophy at the same time.


If you beat the game for the first time and then go straight into Impossible then you should have no problem. The mode is not that much harder and you will know where the enemies come from and how to handle certain areas. Take your time and remember to use kinesis as it is a life saver on Impossible.

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Concodrance Officer (P)

Collect all Trophies.






Dead on Arrival (B)

Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting.


This is pretty straightforward. You unlock this as you enter the tram at the end.




Lab Rat (B)

Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty setting.


This is pretty straightforward. You unlock this as you enter the tram at the end.




All Systems Go (B)

Complete Chapter 3 on any difficulty setting.


This is pretty straightforward. You unlock this as you enter the tram at the end.




Cannon Fodder (B)

Complete Chapter 4 on any difficulty setting.


This is pretty straightforward. You unlock this as you enter the tram at the end.




True Believer (B)

Complete Chapter 5 on any difficulty setting.


This is pretty straightforward. You unlock this as you enter the tram at the end.




Greenhouse Effect (B)

Complete Chapter 6 on any difficulty setting.


This is pretty straightforward. You unlock this as you enter the tram at the end.




S.O.S. (B)

Complete Chapter 7 on any difficulty setting.


This is pretty straightforward. You unlock this as you enter the tram at the end.




Strange Transmissions (B)

Complete Chapter 8 on any difficulty setting.


This is pretty straightforward. You unlock this as you enter the tram at the end.




Wreckage (B)

Complete Chapter 9 on any difficulty setting.


This is pretty straightforward. You unlock this as you enter the tram at the end.




Keeper of the Faith (B)

Complete Chapter 10 on any difficulty setting.


This is pretty straightforward. You unlock this as you enter the tram at the end.




Betrayed (B)

Complete Chapter 11 on any difficulty setting.


This is pretty straightforward. You unlock this as you enter the ship at the end.




Exodus (B)

Complete Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting.


This is pretty straightforward. You unlock this as you enter the ship at the end.




Survivor (S)

Complete the game on any difficulty setting.


This is pretty straightforward. You unlock this along with Exodus on Chapter 12.




Epic Tier 3 Engineer (G)

Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting.


Complete the game on the impossible difficulty. Impossible difficulty unlocks when you beat the game on any difficulty. This is by far the hardest trophy to attain. Conserve ammo and aim for limbs.




One Gun (G)

Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter.


I recommend you to do this on your first playthrough. The Plasma Cutter is the first weapon you get and is not underpowered in anyway after it is upgraded. The other weapons can be purchased; just don't fire any of them.


One Gun can be gotten on a 2nd play through. Same rules apply of course for that play through. Credit: Con818 for this tip.




Pack Rat (B)

Store 25 items in the Safe.


This is very easy and can be completed at pretty much any stage of the game. To complete it, simply enter the Store, click on an item, and then choose move. You can move every item to your Safe then move it back to your Inventory if you are impatient.




Story Teller (B)

Collect 75 Logs.


Although it may not seem like it, this is very easy if you just make sure to pick up everything and you search everything. A step-by-step guide is not necessary. Remember blue lights on cabinets will open, and green chests can be broken. I got this near the beginning of Chapter 5.




Legend Teller (S)

Collect 150 Logs.


Once again, not that hard. 150 is not all of them, and a guide isn't necessary for observant or thorough players. I got this about midway through Chapter 11. If you skip a lot of areas or are extremely unobservant, I won't guarantee you'll get this without a guide.




Full Arsenal (S)

Own every Weapon in the game.


Another easy one. Simply purchase all the weapons from the store after finding the Schematics for them. Also, make sure to return the Schematics to the store, otherwise they're useless. Schematics appear as dark blue, shiny objects and are relatively rare, so make sure you at least get all the weapons. There are a total of 7 weapons. I got this at the end of Chapter 4.




Z-Baller (B)

Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball.


This is also a mini-game and is easily spotted on Chapter 10. In order to win, you have to jump to each of the lit up platforms to generate a score multiplier, use Kinesis to grab the ball, and shoot it in the goal at the end of the room. For more detailed instructions, there is a Log in the game to help you.


An easy way is to stand on the front platform, shoot the ball, catch it as soon as it leaves the holes, shoot back in, finish game, exit the room, repeat. Credit to Con818 for this tip.




Merchant (B)

Collect 8 Schematics.


This is very easy because 8 is only about half the number of Schematics there are. Once again, Schematics appear as dark blue, shiny objects. This is unlocked at the very, very beginning of Chapter 4 if you've gotten all of them so far.




Armstrong (B)

Shoot 50 objects using Kinesis.


Very easy. You can get this as soon as you are given Kinesis by just randomly grabbing and firing objects. After you grab something, make sure to press the right trigger to fire. It doesn't even have to be fired at an enemy, just fired in any general direction.




Marksman (B)

Dismember 20 Limbs.


This really needs no explanation, as this will probably be the first achievement you unlock. Remember that dismembered limbs are the name of the game in Dead Space. Always aim for the arms or legs.




Surgeon (B)

Dismember 500 Limbs.


You'll get this just by playing the game as long as you're playing the game correctly.




Butcher (S)

Dismember 1000 Limbs.


I got this on the very last part of Chapter 12 with only two or three enemies to spare. If you don't get it in time, don't worry. Just keep playing, and it'll unlock before you know it and yes, it is cumulative through multiple playthroughs.




Freeze (B)

Use Stasis on 50 enemies.


This is fairly easy, just use it every now and then, especially around the recharging stations. It'll unlock pretty soon. I got mine on Chapter 5.




Crackshot (B)

Achieve a Perfect Score in the Shooting Gallery.


This is a mini-game and is easily spotted on Chapter 9. You have to shoot every red target and miss every blue target in the Shooting Gallery. You just have to hit the targets; head shots are not necessary. There are 6 levels you have to complete with perfect scores to get trophy.




Air Alert (B)

Zero-G Jump over 100 times.


If you're planning on getting the Z-Baller achievement, don't even bother spamming the jumps to get it early. There is at least one Zero-G area on every level. I got this on Chapter 10 in the Zero-G Basketball Court.




Brawler (B)

Kill at least 30 enemies with a melee attack.


I found this one to be a lot harder than it sounds. Its pretty difficult to just beat-down any of the enemies, but there is a way around it. Just shoot them with Stasis first, then punch or stomp until they split to pieces.

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Maxed Out (G)

Upgrade all weapons and equipment.


This is impossible on a single playthrough. Try to save as much money as possible on your first game to spend on Power Nodes later. Also, make sure to grab all of them off the walls. After you complete the game, save and reload to continue with your items.




Ragdoll Check (B)

Force an enemy into a Gravity Panel 5 times.


This can first be done on Chapter 4. The panels on the floor that kill you and everything else are gravity panels. To force enemies through, first use Stasis on them, then walk into them to push them into a gravity well. This doesn't have to be completed on Chapter 4; there are a couple other segments with gravity wells.




Big Spender (B)

Spend 200,000 credits at the store.


You'll get this whilst playing through the game. DON'T SPEND MONEY FOR NO REASON! Trust me, you need it for Power Nodes.




There's Always Peng (B)

Find the Peng Treasure


Peng's Treasure is located directly to your right as you exit the ship on Chapter 1. Unfortunately, its also out of reach. When you come back here in Chapter 11, you will have Kinesis to grab it with. As soon as you step into the landing bay in Chapter 11, it will be to your right, in between the catwalks and over the railing. It is a small golden trophy.




Weapon Kill Trophies






Full Contact


Kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam


Self-explanatory. Simply buy the weapon, and kill the enemies.






A Cut Above


Kill 30 enemies with the Ripper


Self-explanatory. Simply buy the weapon, and kill the enemies.






Tool Time


Kill 30 enemies with the Plasma Cutter


No your game is not glitched; there just aren't 30 enemies on Chapter 1.








Kill 30 enemies with the Force Gun


Self-explanatory. Simply buy the weapon, and kill the enemies.






Live With The Hot Ones


Kill 30 enemies with the Flamethrower


Self-explanatory. Simply buy the weapon, and kill the enemies.








Kill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle


Self-explanatory. Simply buy the weapon, and kill the enemies.








Kill 30 enemies with the Line Gun


Self-explanatory. Simply buy the weapon, and kill the enemies.




Secret Trophies






Brute Force


Kill a Brute


You can't miss it. The Brutes are the huge, tank-like necromorphs. You have to fight about four or five in order to complete the game. The first is on Chapter 4. Easiest way to kill one is shoot it with Stasis and shoot it between the shoulders when it's facing you to bring it to it's knees, stasis again go behind and shoot same spot on the back. These things can take some punishment, as long as it's bleeding your hurting it.






Don't get cocky, kid


Survive the ADS Cannon with over 50% shield strength remaining.


This is the segment on Chapter 4 where you have to shoot down the asteroids before they hit the ship and is pretty difficult. Remember you have two guns, and you can hold down triggers, but the guns will overheat. Try to only concentrate on the ones headed straight for you and the huge ones that split. I noticed that some of the asteroids will fly off screen and won't damage you. This takes some practice and might take a few tries.






Playing Catch


Catch a Brute or Leviathan Pod using Kinesis


I've never had a brute shoot at me, personally, so I did this during the Leviathan battle in Chapter 6. Wait until the mouth starts spitting pods at you, grab it with kinesis, and shoot it back.


Here's how to do it on a brute, stasis it run around and shoot off one of his legs, instead of charging he'll just shoot pods at you, catch them and shoot them back. Credit to Con818 for this tip.








Kill the Leviathan.


Yet again, you can't miss it. This is the boss at the end of Chapter 6 and is very easy. Simply shoot the tentacles in the yellow spots, and shoot the mouth when it opens. Simple as that.






Get off my ship!


Kill the Slug Boss.


Once again, you can't miss it. This is the second cannon segment on Chapter 8 where you are fighting, well, a giant slug. Just shoot the tentacles in the yellow spots and shoot down the trash they throw at you.








Kill the Slug Boss with more than 50% shield strength remaining.


This is much easier than its predecessor. Just take it slow, concentrate on one tentacle at a time, and don't take any unneccessary chances.






Mindless Prey


Kill the Hive Mind.


Ah, the final boss of Chapter 12. Despite its size, it is easily taken down. To begin with, strafe from side to side to avoid its tentacles then shoot the yellow spots on its face. Lather, rinse, repeat. When two are left, it will pick you up, and you must shoot at it while hanging upside down. There is a time limit here, so be careful. After it drops you, return to the strafing loop, but this time, shoot at its exposed chest. Lather, rinse, repeat, Trophy Unlocked.






Kickin It


Escape from a Lurker's grab attack 10 times.


To pull this off, you have to be grabbed by a Lurker 10 times, then fight them off by rapidly pressing the X button. Lurkers are the baby Necromorphs with three tentacles. Easiest/Quickest way to get this is whenever you see one don't shoot it, run up on it until it grabs you. Here is a picture of what the enemy looks like to avoid any confusion:



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I've been playing through on Hard. Just started Chapter 4. I guess there's really no point in finishing the game on Hard mode because it won't unlock the hardest difficulty mode or trophy. I think I'll just start over on Normal.

You'll unlock the hardest diff mode, but not the trophy.

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you can sell the peng trophy for 30,000. And to get maxwd out you don't need to fill every single slot you just need to fill the neccasry ones. Also took me 2 full game complitions to get this trophy


But what ARE the necessary slots?


(Thanks chuck for the guide. Ass kicking work.)

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question about the Ragdoll check, how does the game check that you've forced them in?

Do we have to use stasis on them and then "walk" them into the panels?

Does Kinesis work?

for the ragdoll trophy you dont need to use stasis on the. You dont even have to five them Into the panel. When I was walking g threw one of the rooms I just got the trophy and I didnt even do anything.

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I can't get the "Don't get cocky, kid." trophy to save my life. Even when I do beat it. I barely beat it and you start off with 85 points this should have been a silver trophy. All this for a bronze. Anyone have any tips on how to do this?


I just got it. It took me about 10 times to get it, I finished off with 55.


I agree with the advice shooting the rocks with the corresponding side gun, if they go left shoot left if they go right shoot right. It also seems that you do not have to be THAT accurate. I would be a little off and the asteroids would explode.


I think I got lucky as there was a moment when my screen was filled with rocks and I only concentrated with the ones in the middle and I was able to survive.

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I'm gonna go through the game once on normal, to unlock impossible, then go for 2 fast runthroughs on easy for the upgrade trophy. Impossible I'll save for another day, since I can't see myself spending 20+ hours for one trophy.


Why not do the two fast run-throughs on the normal save file? Since you'll already know the area, it's not hard. Hell, I've played on Hard my first time, then am already on my second play through which is much easier. And, you'll already have the head start on money, upgrades, etc.

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