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As you all might know stars will be earn by repeating the "CLEARED MISSIONS", once you clear one mission by the first time the second time you check that mission you will see four options:


• Start Battle

• Story Recap

• Clear Conditions and...

• Mission


On the mission menu of each battle you will see the conditions you have to fulfill to get the star; on each stage you can have 3 stars. On this Thread I will talk about those conditions and how you can fulfill them on an easier way.



First of all let's talk about numbers. There are 309 stars in total, to buy all the stuff in the Star Shop you need 279 stars, so that means that you can spare 30 stars if you want. The Stars are separeted like this:



  • Saiyan Saga: 10 battles=30 stars
  • Frieza Saga: 26 battles=78 stars
  • Bardock Saga: 2 battles=6 Stars
  • Androids Saga: 27 battles=81 Stars
  • Majin Buu Saga: 17 battles= 51 Stars
  • Legendary Super Saiyan Saga: 3 battles= 9 Stars
  • What if Stories: 18 battles= 54 stars


Before going to the list of conditions I recommend you going on every stage first on easy mode, so you don't have to worry about losing. You'll have to clear every stage 3 or 2 times in order to have the 3 stars of the stage (the first one to unlock the mission, the second to clear it on hard and the last for the other two stars). Now let's talk about the conditions:


"Absorb a lot of energy/ ki": This is obviously for Dr Gero's and android 19's signature skills. When I saw this condition for the first time was on the "What-if stories" on the "Freedom" battle (Dr. Gero and Broly VS Vegeta, Dr. Gero and Goku). Just as the match start get as far as you can of your opponent, then shoot a ki blast to force your opponent to unleashed a super attack, make the signature skill and absorb the super attack. In the battle I said before I absorbed 10 galick guns super attacks from Vegeta; so maybe we can say that you have to absorb at least 10 super attacks to get this condition fulfill.



"Battle in the air for a long time": Now you have to make the fight in the air, this one is pretty easy just make sure you make a battle of at least 4 minutes in the air.



"Battle on the ground for a long time": Just try to stay on the ground as long as possible, every time your opponent throws you to the air return to the ground and keep fighting, don't use pursuit attacks. If you don't get it on your first try it's not because you are not fighting on the ground, it's because you win very fast. The battle must be of at least 4 min for this to count, so, do it on easy an clean the floor with your opponent for 4 minutes, do attacks that don't do much damage, let him hit you one or two times, just make sure that the battle longs 4 minutes.



"Battle underwater for a long time": Just fight underwater as long as you can during the battle, every time you're force to go out of the water return to continue the fight underwater, you'll have no problems to get this even on hard difficult. The fight must be of at least 4 minutes for this to count.



"Deflect 10 ki Blasts": These are the easiest deflects you can do, just press the defense button right before your opponent ki blast hit your. Do that 10 times and it's done.



"Deflect two Super Attacks": This condition is a little tricky. First of all I recommend to do it on easy; just keep a long distance between you and your opponent, keep your ki gauge always at maximum just in case you have to escape. When your opponent launches his super attack press and hold the defense button, when the power it's about to hit you move the left stick to the right or to the left, this is about timing, but if you're far from your opponent you will have more chances to reflect the attack.



"Do not charge ki": The instruction it's simple, just don't press the down button so your character won't charge, however, you can gain ki by hitting your opponent.



"Do not defend": This is just about not using defensive moves, you can't use the stand defense, vanish, deflect attacks, etc. Just go for the offensive, don't let your opponent breath.



"Do not use Signature Skills or Super Attacks": This is not hard, just play on easy mode and avoid using the signature move and the super attacks, however, you can use Ultimate attacks and pursuit attacks.



"Do not use Signature Skills, Super Attacks, or Ultimate attacks": The instruction is simple, just win using your kicks and punches. You'll have no problems on easy.



"Do not use Super Attacks": Same as the last one, pretty easy, with a little technique you can do it on hard, just don't use Super Attacks.



"Do not use Ultimate Attacks": Pretty easy, you can do it in hard if you want, as it says just don't do Ultimate attacks.



"Dodge all of your opponent's Signature Skills": This sounds hard but if you play the cat and mouse game they won't catch you. The condition says "Doge the signature moves", so you don't necessary need to dodge them if you don't let your opponent do them. Just keep your opponent in line, don't let him breath, keep punching and doing supers until he's done.



"Dodge all of your opponent's throws and crashes": Well you don't necessary have to wait for a throw or crash to dodge it, just don't let him catch you, stay away from your opponent and it's done.



"Dodge your opponent's Ultimate Attacks": Don't wait for your opponent to unleashed an ultimate attack to dodge it, instead don't let him unleashed ultimate attacks, keep hitting him to prevent him to reach high tension mode.



"Draw your opponent Closer three times": This is about Piccollo's signature move, just make the Picollo's signature move three times on your opponent and you're done.



"Finish on Hard Difficulty" (every stage has this condition): This is self explanatory, just select HARD and clear the stage, here are not to much tips I can give, it's not hard, just focus on winning the battle.



"Finish with little damage": This is one of the hardest conditions to get, even on easy it's a little hard to get it. To have this condition fulfill you need to end the battle with 3 or more life bars, try to conserve 4 bars, you should have "3 full bars or more" to get the star, keep your distance and don't let them hit you too much, I recommend to do it on easy.



"Knock your opponent down and perform a Super Attack": Just perform a "Smash Attack: Low", wait until you opponent hits the floor and make a super attack.



"Land 30 ki blasts": Piece of cake, the ki blast are the small powers that you shoot when you press the ki button, just make sure 30 of them smash your opponent (you can chain them with combos to make it faster).



"Land 50 ki blasts": This is just a harder version of it's predecessor condition. To do this a little easier you can first do a Rush Attack 4, when the last attack hit star the ki blasts, so, meanwhile your opponent is lazy you can land between 6 or 7 ki blasts, you can do it on hard if you want.


"Land a hit with deflected ki blast": More than skill this condition requires luck. You have to deflect a charge ki blast and that blast must hit your opponent. Stay as far as you can of your opponent, don't let him charge more than one ki gauge (you can't stop his charging by simply throw a ki blast. Stay alert on his moves and when you see a charge ki blast coming to you deflect it. Like I said the reflect part it's not hard, the hard part it to wait for your opponent to send a charge ki blast.



"Land five pursuit attacks: 2 after sending your opponent into the air": Another harder version of it's predecessor. To achieve this you have to do the full pursuit attacks move. This is not hard, you can even do it on hard difficult if you want. This is how you do it: first send your opponent into the air (you can do it with a charge attack or after the air combo), then start the pursuit with the dash button, when you're close to your opponent hit him with the punch button plus up on the left stick, that way you'll launch your opponent upwards (that's the first pursuit attack), when your opponent is flying into the air just press the punch button to teleport behind him and send him downwards (that's the second hit), then again press the dash button to pursuit him, when you're close press the square button plus the up direction to send him upwards (that's the third hit), then just press the square button two times to land the last two super attacks.



"Land three Charge Attacks: Snap": This move it's done by holding down the punch button until you see your character shining, right when your character stars shining release the punch button and you will land the snap attack. On the dojo tutorials show you how to do it, this move consists on timing and skill, just practice to master it, it's not hard.


"Land three Knockdown Attacks": The knockdown attack is perform by pressing defense button+down+signature button when your opponent is lying on the the ground. To put your opponent on the ground you can do a charge attack downwards or after a rush combo press down+ki button. Once he's on the floor you can do the knockdown attack.


"Land three Pursuit Attacks: 2 after sending your opponent into the air": This is very easy; you can do it on hard if you want. Just send your opponent into the air, press the dash button to start the pursuit, then the punch button to send him again into the air, from there just keep pressing the punch button to keep the pursuit until your character sends your opponent to the floor.


"Land three Signature Skills in a row": Same as the last one but now with the signature skills, just like before to this you have to deal the three signature one after another without letting your opponent touch and without doing any other attack.

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Very Useful thread. Thanks for making it. It'll for sure come in handy. I just did Trunks vs Trunks what if and got all the stars. I think you should put this in the guide. A good strategy is, go to the battle u want to get all the stars, do it on hard and dont worry about any other stars, just focus beating it on hard, once done, do it again on easy and get the other 2 stars. this way, when you beat it on hard, and are exausted from the battle, and then play it one easy right after, you will do much better and find easy really easy.




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"Land three Super Attacks in a row": Well, the instruction it's simple, just make sure you land the three super attacks one after another without letting your opponent touch you or without doing any other attack besides supers. This is easier than land three ultimates because the super requires less energy, you'll have no problems with this on easy.



"Land three Ultimate Attacks in a row": This is a harder version of the "land two Ultimate attacks in a row" condition. This can be a little annoying, especially because between one ultimate attack and the other your opponent don't have to hit you, if your opponent manage to hit between one attack and other the star doesn't count, try it on easy mode and every time you manage to land an ultimate attack get far get away from your opponent, charge and land it again.



"Land Two Signature Skills in a row": For this I also recommend to do it on easy. Depending on the character you can do the signature faster or slower. The best way to connect a signature move is from your opponent's back, because meanwhile he's turning back you can land the signature move.



"Land two Ultimate Attacks in a row": I recommend to this on easy difficult because on hard you'll have problems to get it. The instruction is simple but you need to be sure to land the two ultimate attacks one after the other, if you land the first ultimate and then you let your opponent hits you meanwhile you're charging your ki gauge the star don't count. And obviously if you land the first ultimate and then you hit him with any other attack it doesn't count either.



"Make a Charge Attack: Snap the first attack": OK, this is not hard but requires from you technique and timing. I highly recommend you to master this move before attempting to do it on battle. Once you have the move master go to the battle. When the battle start you're just in the perfect position, don't move your character, when the "FIGHT" letters appear do the Charge: snap attack, that way you'll make the snap the first attack, you can confirm that you do it because this attack teleport your character right in front of your opponent and give him a punch. Just master the attack and will be easy.



"Make a signature skill the first attack": Very easy, just make sure you hit first with a signature move.



"Make a super attack the first attack": Pretty easy, you can do it on hard if you want. You just have to hit first with a Super Attack.



"Make a throw the first attack": Self explanatory, you won't have to much trouble to do this on easy.



"Make an Ultimate attack the first attack": This is pretty easy, just as you have control of your character (after the battle start), go as high as you can, then when the "FIGHT" letters appear star to charge you ki gauge until high tension, after that make a super dash to appear on your opponent's back, then unleashed the ultimate attack, that way you made an ultimate attack the first attack of the battle.



"Paralyze your opponent and perform a Super Attack": Some characters have an ability to paralyze the opponent as a Super attack, just see which character is, apply the paralyze technique and then the Super Attack. To make sure the paralyze hits first refill you ki gauge until you're in high tension, then approach your opponent's back with the super dash move, then make a Smash Attack 4, after that unleashed the paralyze technique and finally the Super Attack.



"Perform 10 HITS or more": An ultimate attack have to be enough to get this condition, but if you don't get it with an Ultimate attack try this: first make a "Smash Attack: high" (on the air) that will give you 6 or 7 hits, then start to make pursuit attacks and you'll have 10 or 11 hits.



"Perform 10 Sways": Sways are doing by pressing and holding the defense button plus the punch button, when you start pressing the punch button continuously (without releasing the defense button) your character will start to move he's body very quickly, this will evade your opponent's normal hits. Evade your opponent's hits ten times by this move and you're done.



"Perform 15 HITS or more": Well this is easier than it sounds, you chain your combos until you have the 15 hits, use a lot of chaining rush combos, continue with pursuit attacks and finish with an ultimate attack. You'll have no problem with this on easy.



"Perform 30 sways": Just a harder version of the "perform 10 sways" condition. On easy you'll have no problems.



"Perform a Signature Skill from your opponent's rear": Pretty easy, just approach your opponent's back with the super dash move and then hit him with the Signature Skill.



"Perform a Super Attack after sending your opponent flying": This could be a little tricky, there's not much to explain just send your opponent into the air and unleashed a Super attack. The best way to get a hit with you super attack is by sending your opponent upwards, if you send him downwards or horizontally the super attack will have less chance to hit. You can also do pursuit Super Attacks to clear this ones; first send your opponent flying, then press the dash button to start the pursuit, then instead of pressing the attack button use a Pursuit Super attack, in that way your character will pursuit your opponent and make the super attack.



"Perform a Super Attack from your opponent's rear": Pretty easy, you can do it on hard if you want. Just put yourself on your opponent's back using the Attack Rush 1 or the super dash and perform a Super Attack.



"Perform a Super Attack while Super Rising": To super rise just press the ascend and descend buttons at the same time then when you're about to reach the top unleashed a super attack and make sure you hit your opponent with it. It's pretty easy, you can do it on hard if you want, just stay away from your opponent, perform the super rising and then the super attack.



"Perform five Snap-Vanishing": This is a harder version of it's predecessor on easy difficult you won't have problems to get this condition clear.



"Perform Smash Attack: High from the rear": Pretty simple, just make the super dash move to be on your opponent's back and then make the Smash Attack: high.



"Perform Smash Attack: Low from the rear": The smash attack: low is doing by making a Rush attack (three times the punch button) and at the end of the combo you press down on the left stick and ki button, you just have to do it from your opponent's back (use the "Smash Attack: 1" or the "super dash move" to get your opponent's back).



"Perform two counters": To make a counter you have to press and hold the defense button and just when your opponent it’s about to give he's last punch of a rush combo you press the ki button, this will make your character to briefly assume the counter stance. If you receive an attack while in that stance you will automatically teleport behind your opponent and attack him. Here you have two options; If you try it on easy difficult you have to be very patient because the AI of the CPU it's very lazy. The other way it's on hard difficult, here you have more chance to make counters but there are also more chances to lose the battle. This move it's about timing.



"Perform two Crashes": Pretty easy, just move around the scenario, when the message "grapple move command" with the legend "CRASH" appears on your screen wait there until your opponent arrives and make the grapple move.



"Perform two Snap- Vanishing": Another easy condition, the Snap- Vanishing occurs when you press the defense button timed to match opponent's attack, allowing you to evade your opponent's attacks and teleport you right behind him.



"Perform two Throw Evasions": This is another of the hardest conditions, the first problem you'll have with this is to time the defense button just when your opponent makes the grapple move, but with practice you'll get the timing. But in the other hand (and that's why this is hard to get) it's to have a grapple move to evade, you could get old waiting for your opponent to do a grapple, and just when he do it you miss your chance, this is a pretty hard condition.



"Successfully pull off al perfect actions": When your're in the middle of the battle you will see a message in the upper level of the screen telling you to do a particular action, just do all of them and you're done. I recommend you to do it on easy and to beat your opponent very quickly, in that way you'll have less perfect actions to make.



"Throw your opponent from the rear": This can be a little tricky, I suggest doing it on easy difficult, but if you have patience you can do it on hard. The instruction is simple; you have to make a grapple move on your opponent but from he’s back. The first way you have to do this is by doing the "Smash Attack: 1" (this is doing by pressing the punch button follow of the ki button), this move will turn your opponent, when he's turn around make the grapple move. The other way it's to get as far as you can from your opponent and then doing the "super dash move" (just press the dash button twice) this will put you right on your opponent's back letting you doing the grapple move. This last strategy is highly recommended when your opponent is doing a "Super Attack"; right after your opponent unleashed he's super attack make the "super dash move", you will be in it's back and meanwhile he's doing he's super you can grapple.



"Win all Skirmishes": A skirmish happens when you collide with your opponent during a dash or when your super attack and your opponent's super attack crush. When this happens you need to spin the left stick as fast as you can, when the hit counter reach 99 hits or when the times runs out the skirmish ends. Just win all of them, it's not hard, you can do it even on hard difficult.

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Very nice workman. Me and Sly-Creed made the guide for the "Online Titles".

I am currently working on figuring out "Battle Bonus Complete", it seems you are the more dedicated Raging Blast player on this threads, so check that other thread and if you have any info post it there, lets try and figure this thing out.

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And those are all the conditions, as you can see there are in total 55 different conditions, some of them are easier others are harder, I hope that this help you to clear those conditions on an easier way. Now to finish some conclusions:






- As I said at the beginning of the thread there are in total 309 stars in the hole game, you need 279 stars to buy all the stuff in the star shop, but you don't necessary need to buy all the stuff in the star shop to have all the trophies, here's what you need.



(B) Battle Thirsty Warrior: This is plain simple, you just need to clear all the missions on the Dragon Battle Collection, this is not affected by the amount of stars you have or if you clear the stages on hard or in any other difficult level.



(B) Character Collector: Same as the last one, clearing all the stages will give you access to all the characters in the game and some extra super attacks for every of them.



(B) Fashion King: Here's where we start to talk about stars. There are 8 different costumes that you can buy from the star shop, to unlock all of them you need to spend 65 stars, after that you'll get this trophy.



(B) Star Holder: If you're after stars this is the easiest of the stars trophies you can have, as it's description says you need to have 100 stars to get this trophy, but knowing that there are 309 stars in total and 103 battles in all the Dragon Battle Collection that means that if you only clear the "Finish on Hard Difficulty" condition for all the stages you'll have 103 stars and that will give you this trophy.



(B) Trivia Expert: having the "Character Collector" trophy will give you access to this trophy, you just need to enter the museum and read every of the introductions and histories of every character, that includes also all the transformations of every character, obviously this trophy it's very easy but it's a little boring.



(B) Maestro: Some of the BGM of the game will unlock by completing certain stages of the Dragon Battle Collection, the rest you can buy them on the star shop, in total there are 8 BGM in the star shop and you can buy them all by spending 30 stars.



(S) Limitbreaker!: I confirmed it and you don't need to have the "Finish on Hard Difficulty" star to have this trophy, that means that if you're not after the stars you can clear every stage once on hard difficulty without worrying about the stars and you'll have this trophy.



- Finally about the Secret Battles: There are in total 10 secret battles that you can purchase on the Star Shop, to unlock the 10 battles you need to spend 134 stars.



- So, as the big and final conclusion, you need 65 stars for the costumes, 134 stars for the secret battles and 30 stars for the BGM, that makes a total of 229 stars, that means that if you want you can leave 80 stars behind. I've also confirmed it and you don't need to have the Secret Conversations (these are 16 secret conversations for 50 stars), there isn't any trophy that asks you to have all the secret conversations; so if you want don't buy them.



That's all about what you can do on the Dragon Battle Collection mode, those are all the requirements for the stars trophies and those are all the tips I can give to clear the conditions for the stars on an easier way, thanks for reading and have fun with this game.

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Also wanna add a hint to make things quicker for getting trophies.


You should get the 134 stars for all the secret battles + 65 stars for the costumes = 199 stars.


Buy the secret battles. Get 65 stars ready to buy costumes.


Go to options and turn autosave off. Save your game. Buy the costumes and your trophy will pop up. Go to options and load your game. Buy the music and your trophy will pop up.


If you want the bare minimum stars needed to get the trophies, you can wing it with 199 stars.

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I can't thank you enough for your explanations. Some of them were getting tricky.


Just a little tip, maybe you can put the descriptions in alphabetical order, so we can find them more easily.



Well, I wrote them as I got them, but you're right so...


UPDATE: The conditions are now on alphabetical order as a great tip from shadow_rider456.



I hope this thread keeps helping players to get the conditions for the stars, also If you have a doubt post it here and We'll help you, thanks for reading and keep enjoying this game.

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This could come in handy, just started with earning the stars after getting to the frieza saga end where you have to buy the last battle with stars and when I started with doing Radditz and tried the no signature / ultimate attacks on hard and I had Goku on maybe 1-3% health and I thought I was really giving one hell of a fight and I thought if I have already trouble with the first battle to earn stars on hard then this is going to be even harder then I thougth. So really good to know that these stars can even be earned on easy.

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