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Grandmaster quick guide


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As PS4 version adds three new trophies I decided to write this short text, in particular, for ones who have PS3 version but not sure about PS4 version. Other two trophies are not worth mentioning as they are easy, one requires boosting partner and other requires to beat easy boss who is even marked on map.


So, where do we start? Grandmaster trophy is hard. It have no significant difference in general combats, but in boss fight you'll face unpleasant surprise: Extra Nightmare Katrien/Monk/Pincoya will be present making you fight two bosses at once (this includes fight with Warlock himself, and also Golem, Verbum Dei and even lion boss creature that randomly spawns above ground).

Generally there are two ways of doing it.


First one, easier but longer: Get to Lv 70, get Warlock's (final Boss) soul, start nightmare and plow using this quite overpowered soul (fish spam precisely). I haven't tried it but on PS3 normal mode it turned game in to easy mode, thus I suppose it should work.


Second one, harder, requires luck but faster. I was lucky, yes. Luck dependent things are opponents counters and amount of healing potions that you will get from chests and merchants.

0. I will skip obvious things like "levelup" or "learn your moves" and such.

1. Use normal mode to amass some decent money, I would say that it starts with about 40-50k for one run. Use these money to buy soul of Nightmare version of your favourite character, best weapon available from shop at surface and merchants thereafter, and potions of course.

2. Use your mana exclusively on boss fights, thus severely damaging both bosses and gaining "recharge" for your soul. In case of warlock fight try to use it on Nightmare as it will be your extra health to beat the main boss — I defeated him while in Nightmare Katrien form while keeping my Pincoya safe.

3. Try to find curse resistance, being cursed and punished by two bosses hurts.

4. If you are low on health and near altar you may do the following trick: drop all your items on ground, kill yourself via environmental hazard, use soldier to return to altar and pick up all your stuff, voila free heal. Worth about four cure potions!

5. As for weapon choice avoid curse as it tends to have bad damage and bosses are immune to it. Second worst is freeze. Charm will help you in common fights, non-magical weapon have big damage fire burns, etc. I don't know what hurts more, pure damage, fire or poison, I used fire on my successful run as it was the first Lv 3 weapon I found that is not Curse or Ice.


Hope that will help!

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