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Fallout Shelter


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What would you guys rate Fallout Shelter? Looks really nice but I don't have a IOS platform enabled device. :(


Well, it isn't worth spending 200-500 to buy an IOS device. I'd give it a 3/5.


just for shiggles who else went with "101" I had too


I went with 115.

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They said later, but no date given.


I hope it doesn't take long for this to come to Android. I'm actually interested in giving it a go whenever it does.


Well at least it will be coming to Android... hopefully soon though.


Well the sooner the better. I hope they realize they're neglecting all the Android users out there.

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Lots of crashing for me today. Does anyone know how to attract new dwellers??? Ive been stuck at 19 for days it says I need to have a radio room to get more dwellers but I need 20 dwellers to unlock a radio room WTF...


Put a man and a woman in the living quarters. They stick you at 19 to force you to make babies.

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ok thanks for the tip, just to be sure I think ive gotten every woman in my vault pregnant right now :p

If that's the case, you're headed for disaster.


I did the same thing in my first vault. Made every woman pregnant. Then all the babies were born and the food was gone before I knew it.

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