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Alien Shooter ~ Trophy Guide and Roadmap

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Please note this guide was originally written with the Vita. The PS4/PS3 version may differ especially in FPS.



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Total Trophies: 12 (I)
    • [ (G) 1 | (S) 4 | (B) 7]


    [*]Offline trophies: 12

    [*]Online trophies: 0

    [*]Approximate amount of time to 100%: 700+ hours due to Killing 1,000,000 monsters (Estimated Time to 100%)

    [*]Minimum number of playthroughs needed:

    • 2 Campaigns (one without dying on Casual and another for beating Hard)
    • A few Survival Modes
    • Farming/grinding out the 1 million kills in either modes


    [*]Number of missable trophies: None

    [*]Glitched trophies: Tactician can sometimes potentially glitch for some players

    [*]Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No known cheats for the Vita version

    [*]Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must beat the Campaign "The Beginning" on Hard difficulty





Alien Shooter is an isometric shooting game where players take on hordes of aliens with a variety of weapons. The game was originally released on PC in 2003 and received an iOS/Android port earlier this year. Now it's on the PS Vita system with trophy support.


I'm going to be real honest with you for those looking or thinking about purchasing this game. This is a very bad port version compared to its original PC version. I could type out an essay of all the issues wrong with this port, but here's a brief summary as short as possible:


  • Auto aiming is terrible; you'll shoot at enemies behind walls instead of the closes enemy near you.
  • Bad frames per second; the game hitches and gets laggy in later levels. We're talking about 1-3 FPS here.
  • No highest score records in the menu option
  • There's no way to check how many kills you have for killing 1 million monsters.
  • 2 DLC expansions with zero trophy support.
  • There are in game glitches where you get stuck in walls/crates
  • If you're too close to an enemy against a wall, you'll walk over them and land on top of the walls' edges.
  • Game can crash on you, which forces you to close the application.
  • The vita version hasn't received a performance patch.


With that all out of the way, the game is too short, and if you're an expert with from the PC version of the game, then the list is quite easy. The campaign can be beat in about 30-45 minutes or 1 hour on Casual difficulty and about 2 hours on Hard difficulty. Survival Mode is a little luck based, but you'll have no issue surviving for over 15 minutes. Surviving for over 5 minutes with the Pistols will take luck and a little bit of skill. It's still very manageable though. The most annoying trophy is killing 1,000,000 monsters as there is no way to track how many aliens you've killed in this game at all. This will mean you'll end up replaying the Campaign over and over again until the trophy pops for you.






Difference Between the Male and Female Characters:



  • Has more Life Points
  • Has more Stamina



  • Has more Speed
  • Has more Accuracy


With the above information we can see that the female is the overall strongest character in terms of damage. Accuracy also increases weapon based damage in this game. She's also much faster than the Male. Only main difference of the Male is that he has much more Health and can carry more ammunition unlike the Female character.



Always Check Boxes and Look for Secrets:


Do this in the very beginning as it will help you along the way in later missions. Destroying boxes will give you additional lives, restore health packs, extra money, ammunition for varies weapons, armor, rescue bags (a med kit), and sometimes a drone or an immortality ball. Destroying these boxes only takes at few seconds, but it'll make the game much easier.



Try to save your money for the best Gun:


Saving money is very important for this game. In the game store at the end of every level, don't purchase any weapons, ammo, armor, upgrades, etc. There is no point in purchasing every weapon because you can find them within levels. Only the Magma Rifle is worth buying because it's the 2nd best weapon in the game. It's the best at long range combat and cost $25,400 to purchase.


Additionally, I do recommend that you fully upgrade your accuracy first, so you can kill monsters much faster and easier.



Shooting through walls will be helpful in later Levels:


The Flame Thrower is the strongest weapon in the game, but you don't need to buy this at all because you'll find it later on. It's the strongest melee weapon and is capable of shooting through walls. This will make hard difficulty a little bit easier for you if you abuse it during right situations. Another weapon that can shoot through the walls is the Freeze Rifle, but it's much weaker.



Don't be afraid to jump into a horde of monsters:


This might sound reckless and insane, but can be quite effective in both Campaign and Survival Modes. Killing monsters will sometimes cause them to drop random items such as armor, health, or an Invulnerability. There is always a chance that an Invulnerability will drop and when it does. Try to pick it up and the monsters on your screen won't be able to hurt or kill you. It last only a few seconds but while you're immortality. Kill them all as best as you can, like using a Flame Thrower right next to them. Also, don't forget to pick up any health packs or armor that you see drop.

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added note about guide being written based on vita
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Step 0: Complete a level without taking damage


Start a New Game and select "The Beginning" Campaign story on Causal Difficulty. Follow the tutorial instructions and find a way into the secret base. Kill the 6 aliens in this tutorial without taking any damage.


Doing this step without taking any damage will unlock:


(B) Claws up!



Step 1: Complete the "The Beginning" Campaign without dying once on Casual Difficulty


This is an extremely easy step and it should only take you roughly 1 hour and a half if it's your first time playing Alien Shooter. If you're experienced, then this step will only take you 30-45 minutes. Your primary objective here is to complete the game without dying once. I recommend that you use the Female character because she'll kill monsters much faster and with better accuracy. Use this playthrough to familiarize yourself with the levels, the secrets, and when to purchase upgrades from the store.


Completing this step without dying once will unlock:


(B) Cyberpunk

(B) To the Teeth

(B) Two of Every Beast

(B) Found you!

(B) Survivor

(G) Sole Survivor



Step 2: Complete the "The Beginning" Campaign on Hard Difficulty


During this step, you're required to complete the "The Beginning" Campaign on Hard difficulty. On Hard, monsters will do more damage to you, your weapons are much weaker than before, and acid/explosion damage has been increased. I do recommend that you do this step with the Male character because he has much more health and can live much longer than the Female character. During your playthrough, try to max out your Accuracy immediately and save your money for the Magma Minigun as soon as possible. Try to get as many secret areas you can to help yourself make it through this playthrough. Once you've purchased the Magma Minigun it'll be smooth sailing through the rest of Hard.


Completing this step will unlock:


(S) Wicked Shot



Step 3: Obtain all Survival Mode related trophies


Survival Mode can really be played at any point of time. In Survival Mode you can choose to pick either the Male or Female character much like you can in the Campaign. Survival Mode has three trophies that you can earn. which is related to doing the following things:


  • Survive 5 minutes in Survival mode
  • Survive 5 minutes in Survival mode using pistols only
  • Survive 15 minutes in Survival mode


I personally recommend that you use the Female character for the 5 minutes pistols only and use the Male character for the surviving 15 minutes trophy. This step isn't really difficult at all, but it can take a little bit of luck from the random drops. For more information about Survival Mode, please refer to the trophy guide section.


Competing this step will grant you:


(B) Tactician

(S) Favorite Pair

(S) Expert Tactician



Step 4: Grinding out the 1,000,000 Monsters Kill trophy


This is the most timing consuming step where you'll need to kill 1 million monsters. Now as said before in the above introduction, there is no tracking system at all in this game. You'll never know how close or how far you are to reaching the amount required. Thankfully, there is a few things you can do to help in obtaining this trophy, so please refer to the trophy guide section for more information.


This final step will take you hundreds of hours to achieve, but in the end you should unlock:


(S) Brutality

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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/3651/705.jpg Claws up! (B)

Complete a level without taking damage


For this trophy, you must complete a level without taking damage, however, this trophy is quite easy. It’ll be one of the first Campaign mode trophies you’ll earn. During the tutorial level at the start of “The Beginning” level, you’re tasked with finding the secret base. This task is easy because a green arrow is leading you. Once you successfully made it into the base by shooting some explosives, you’ll need to kill a small horde of monsters. In order to successfully complete this first level, simply destroy all aliens. There are only 6 aliens you need to kill without taking any damage for the trophy to pop. This can be done in later levels too, but it’s just easier to get it here at the start of the campaign.


Below is a list of things that can damage you:

  • Monsters (aliens)
  • Explosive objects (red barrels, gas tanks, etc.)
  • Acid damage (green pools of alien acid and toxic tanks)



http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/3651/ffe.jpg Cyberpunk (B)

Buy all character improvements, drone and night vision goggles


After successfully completing levels, you're taken to the "Game Store" which is a place where you can buy varies upgrades, equipment, weapons, and ammo. For this trophy, you only need to buy all Character improvements, the drone and night vision goggles. Money in this game can be found in levels, secret areas, or drop from killed aliens. Character improvements are implants that come in four different categories and can be maxed out if you buy them each a total of three times. The drone and night vision goggles are equipment items you can purchase to aid you in reaching your goals.



(An image of the in Game Store along with all weapons unlocked)


Character Improvements (Implants):

  1. Red Implant: Adjust Health ~ It increases the maximum number of Life Points.
    • Cost - $1900


[*]Yellow Implant: Adjust Speed ~ Makes you much faster on your feet.

  • Cost - $1200


[*]Blue Implant: Adjust Strength ~ It increases stamina to allow you to carry more ammo.

  • Cost - $1800


[*]Green Implant: Adjust Accuracy ~ Increases the accuracy of all your weapons. Weapon power (in terms of damage) also increases due to Bioenergetic Impulses.

  • Cost - $1300




  • Night Vision ~ Allows you to see through darkness using infrared sensors.
    • Cost - $150


    [*]Drone ~ An automated defense system that will target, fire upon, and destroy any moving object.

    • Cost - $1000




http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/3651/957.jpg To the Teeth (B)

Use all forms of weaponry


In order for this trophy to unlock, you'll need to use every type of weapon in the game. There are a total of 9 forms of weaponry and they can all be purchased with money from the "Game Store". However, there is no point in getting every weapon with your money. There are a few weapons that you can find while playing through the Campaign. It's best to try and save you money for the stronger powerful costly weapons, then cleanup whatever weapon you're missing left for the trophy. It should be noted that this can also be earned in Survival Mode, but it'll take skill and luck to survive and get the final weapon during Survival.



  • Weapon 01: Two Pistols - Default
  • Weapon 02: Shotgun - $200
  • Weapon 03: Grenade Launcher - $350
  • Weapon 04: Minigun - $1,000
  • Weapon 05: Rocket Launcher - $2,500
  • Weapon 06: Freeze Rifle - $4,800
  • Weapon 07: Plasma Rifle - $8,000
  • Weapon 08: Flame Thrower - $15,800
  • Weapon 09: Magma Minigun - $25,400



http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/3651/019.jpg Two of Every Beast (B) :tagstory:

Kill at least one monster of every type


Story related, cannot be missed.


For this trophy, you're required to kill at least one monster of every type. Monsters are the horde of aliens that you kill in Alien Shooter. There is really no need to be concerned about this trophy. It'll unlock automatically just by completing the 1st Campaign Episode - "The Beginning". It can also unlock in a Survival Mode only if you managed to survive for around a good 18 to 20 minutes. .


These monsters come in four types of different colors (in order from weakest to strongest):

  1. Green (weak attacks, slow speed, low health)
  2. Yellow (moderate attacks, normal speed, normal health)
  3. Red (strong attacks, fast speed, moderate health)
  4. Blue (extremely stronger attacks, fast speed, extremely high health)


Types of Aliens:


  1. Mutant Frogs: These are your standard monsters that you'll see first in the Campaign and Survival. They are the weakest type of monsters due to their weak attacks and low health.
  2. Multi-Armed Bipeds: These type of aliens appear in the 3rd level of the Campaign and is the 2nd type of aliens to appear in Survival. They are the 2nd weakest type of aliens in the game due to their slow speed and moderate low health. In later levels of the game and further into Survival Mode, these monsters will be armed with weapons and armor. The green and yellow versions will shoot bullets while the red and blue versions shoot rockets. In order to kill them, you must 1st destroy their weapons and armor. In Survival Mode, the blue version of this monster will drop the Flame Thrower.
  3. Giant Spiders: These type of aliens will first make their appearance in the 5th level of the Campaign and is the third type of monsters to appear in Survival. The weaker version, green, is a melee type of alien. The stronger versions of this type of alien will all spit/shoot green acid at you. Stepping on these pools of acid will harm you. Although, they aren't exactly strong in attack power they are the fastest types of aliens in the game with low moderate health.
  4. Rhinos: These are the final type of aliens whom make their appearance during the 7th level of the Campaign and is the fourth type of monsters to appear in Survival. All Rhinos usually wear armor, although some of the weaker versions are unarmed. Green versions will shoot bullets, yellow versions will shoot bullets and lasers, the red and blue versions will shoot lasers and missiles. Out of these types of weapons, only the laser is the deadliest because they can shoot through walls and are very difficult to dodge unlike bullets or missiles. Despite their weapons, these are still the slowest types of aliens in the game, however, they have the highest health. In Survival Mode, the blue version of this monster will drop the Magma Minigun.



http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/3651/a3c.jpg Found you! (B)

Find the secret area


The trophy description for this trophy is a little misleading. There isn’t a specific “secret area” that you need to find at all. In the Alien Shooter series, there are cracks in the walls. Whenever you see a wall with a crack on it, shoot it and the wall will break open. Inside these walls you’ll find money, armor, extra lives, etc.


Below are some other types of secret areas in levels:

  • A crack in the wall.
  • Walls with explosives piled up together.
  • Hidden items out of your viewing area (like behind wall or corner you can’t see)
  • Turning the power back on and entering previously locked areas



http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/3651/ede.jpg Survivor (B) :tagstory: :tagdifficulty: :tagstackable:

Complete the first episode on any difficulty


Please see "Sole Survivor" for more information.



http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/3651/0bf.jpg Sole Survivor (G) :tagstory: :tagdifficulty: :tagstackable:

Complete the first episode without dying once


For this trophy you'll need to complete the Campaign's first episode "The Beginning" without dying once. This is very easy it can be done on Casual difficulty setting. Be sure you always have a Rescue Bag on you too. If your health reaches zero while you have a Rescue Bag, you'll automatically be healed completely and will have an Invulnerability protection bubble on you. Rescue Bags are meant to stop you from dying. Playing the game on Casual difficulty would only take 30 minutes or 1 hour of your time without dying.


Really the only thing that you need to be worried about is the following:


  • Get out of range from the explosives you plant. These can kill you if you’re caught in the explosion.
  • Don't get too close to monsters near or against walls. There is an in game glitch where you can end up on top of a walls' edge. If you're on top of the walls corners, you're going to die very easily.
  • Don't put your back against crates or box like objects. You can get stuck within these objects, but you can always quite to the main menu if you're stuck.

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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/3651/931.jpg Wicked Shot (S) :tagstory: :tagdifficulty:

Complete the first episode on maximum difficulty


This is the highest difficulty setting for the game, Hard. It's for more experienced players and you must know when to save your money or when to spend it. It's extremely recommended that you know where each secret area is located at while playing. All secret areas will contain the same items regardless of difficulty. I do advise that you to use the Male character for this trophy because he'll survive much longer than the Female character would.


Hard Difficulty Setting has the following effects:

  • More damage from the monsters
  • Less damage from your weapons
  • Explosive and acid damage have been increased


Overall, a full playthrough on Hard is going to take about 2 hours of your time. This is because enemies are stronger and you have weaker guns. So it'll take slightly longer to kill hordes of monsters. Completing Hard will take a bit of luck too because killed monsters have a chance of dropping an Invulnerability item. Invulnerability is a protection bubble that will make you immune to all damage. If you have this on you, it's extremely important that you go for the strongest monsters and kill them or quickly run through the waves and plant the explosives. The faster you destroy teleporters or eliminate monsters the better chances you have of making it through Hard.






http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/3651/81f.jpg Tactician (B) :tagglitched:

Survive 5 minutes in Survival mode


Can glitch potentially: Some people have reported this trophy not properly unlocking when the conditions are met. If this happens to you, it's highly recommended that you delete the game application and reinstall it over again. This should resolve the issues and unlock the trophy correctly when surviving over 5 minutes.


Please see "Expert Tactician" for more information.



http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/3651/025.jpg Favorite Pair (S)

Survive 5 minutes in Survival mode using pistols only


You must survive for over 5 minutes with the pistols and no other weapons. You’re allowed to pick up other weapons and equipment, but switch back to the pistols immediately if you do. Personally, I recommend the Female character for doing this pistol only run. It's because she'll kill much faster with the pistols than the Male character and that will slow the chances of you getting swarmed too fast. Keep an eye out for helpful item drops such as Implant Upgrades, Invulnerability, Rescue Bags, Armor, and the Drone. All of these things have a random chance of dropping from killing monsters. They can greatly help you in surviving the 5 minutes using only the pistols. There are also items that instantly blowup everything or freeze every monsters on the screen. These two items are an Explosive Bomb and a Snowflake, so as soon as you see these rare items drop pick them up immediately.


When I did it my final score and time was the following:

  • Score: 36,846
  • Time: 6:31


However, I pop the trophy around the 5:30 mark this was because I panic and took my chances looking for more health in the wave of enemies when I gotten swarmed. I ended up picking up weapons from monsters by mistake, but switched back to using pistols only.



http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/3651/cbf.jpg Expert Tactician (S)

Survive 15 minutes in Survival mode


This is another Survival Mode trophy and this time you need to survive for over 15 minutes. This isn't the hardest trophy in the game at all. It's really more lucked based than anything if you ask me. You can do this with either the Male or Female character. It doesn't really matter, but I always picked the Male if I'm planning on living for 15-20+ minutes. The Male has more survivability and that is what you really want.


Your main objective is really to survive until you get the Flame Thrower and Magma Minigun. Its best you use the Flame Thrower for melee (enemies too close to you) and Magma Minigun for long range. They'll drop like flies with you doing this, which will drop more items like crazy. Remember to pick up any Implant upgrades, ammo, armor, Invulnerability, Drones etc. when they drop. The trophy will pop immediately once you passed 15 minutes.


Below is an image of my final score and time for the first time I attempted the trophy:



(a screen results example)

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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/3651/2d6.jpg Brutality (S)

Kill 1,000,000 monsters


Kills are cumulative throughout your playthroughs


This is the most time consuming trophy in the game. It'll be your last trophy without a doubt. You'll need to kill 1 million monsters in either the Campaign mode's episodes or Survival mode. There is currently no way to see your total kill count number because the developers didn't include a statistic tracking system at all. A chance of a patch happening for this game is also very slim to none.


The things I can recommend you doing are the following:

  1. Replaying through the entire "The Beginning" Campaign episode again on Casual (takes you 30 minutes).
  2. Replaying Survival repeatedly
  3. Replaying the very last mission from "The Beginning" over and over to farm kills. Although, it's unconfirmed if your kills for doing this method will continue adding up and counting towards the million.


Now the very last method is an infinite spawning spot. Took me many hours to discover it, but it'll help you while you're not playing the game. This method is also the fastest way to get this trophy. First of all, I recommend you use the Female character because she kills faster. This method will get you an estimated 35,000 kills a day and with dedication you should get it in about 25-30 days of doing this (1 million / 35,000 = 28 days).


Do the following be sure that you have a rubber band.

  1. Select Casual difficulty, "The Beginning", as the Female character.
  2. Max out her Accuracy stats right away.
  3. Playthrough the missions to the 3rd level, grab the explosive, kill all monsters, and then go near the wall where the monsters are spawning from.
  4. Position yourself to where you're not getting hurt, but can still kill the monsters spawning.
  5. Now wrap a rubber band around the right angle stick of your vita where you're shooting the dual pistols automatically.
  6. Leave your Vita on and running with the PlayStation Vita AC Adaptor plugged into a wall outlet, do this until you have over 120,000 score.
  7. After a few hours (roughly 12) plant the explosive to end the level to keep your kill count from the farming.
  8. In the 4th level, turn the power back on, grab the explosives, and destroy the 1st and 2nd spawning points except the one in the larger room where you'll be farming. Make sure all other monsters are dead except the ones spawning out of the wall.
  9. After killing all monsters, go near the wall where the monsters are spawning from.
  10. Position yourself to where you're not getting hurt, but can still kill the monsters spawning.
  11. Now wrap a rubber band around the right angle stick of your vita where you're shooting the dual pistols automatically.
  12. Leave your Vita on and running with the PlayStation Vita AC Adaptor plugged into a wall outlet, do this until you have over 300,000 score.
  13. After a few hours (roughly 12) plant the explosive to end the level to keep your kill count from the farming.
  14. After finishing 4th level, start level 5 but press :start: and go back to the main menu. At the main menu screen you'll want to restart the campaign over again. Get back to the 3rd and 4th level's farming spots.


With the above method I calculated that you're getting over 35,000+ kills from doing this. This isn't even counting the monsters it takes to get to these farming places. With the 3rd level, for every 1000 points you get that is about 100 kills each. 12 hours here will be about over 120,000 which an estimated 12,000 kills. On the 4th level, for every 1000 points you get that is about 75 kills each. 12 hours at this spot is about over 300,000 which an estimated 22,500 kills. Now add both those together and you're over 34,500+ kills from just leaving your vita system on and running. Now keep in mind that you're killing over about roughly 1,500 or maybe 2,000 monsters to get to these places. Those kills are still being added to your estimated 34,500 kill count, but regardless as you can see you're clearly killing over 35,000 monsters each time you're doing this method. Last thing to note is that your score will be around 420,000+ something (120,000 + 300,000), so when you're on the 4th level just be sure to end it whenever you see that you're over 420,000 because remember you want about 300,000 score added to whatever you have before starting/ending the level.


Every little bit helps, but I highly recommend that you stop after getting the scores I mentioned with these methods and then finish the mission so you get to keep those kills. Not only that, but once to let your vita sit there for that long. There will be a lot of blood and gore everywhere on your vita screen. The game will start hitching and lagging very badly, meaning your frames per a second will take a hit much like later levels. The spawns rating will slow down and once the frames per a second begin slowing down; which is the main reason to stop at after reaching the score.


There are a few things to look out for which is the following:

  • If you close the game during the level, aliens that you have killed in that particular level won’t be counted towards the trophy.
  • If you leave your vita sitting there too long, it can crash/freeze on you, which will make you close the application (kills won't count if this happened).


Below is just an example image on where the infinite farming spots are at in both missions 3 and 4.



(This is where you farm monster kills during Mission 3)



(This is where you farm monster kills in Mission 4)

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updated Brutality with 35,000 a day method
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I was considering getting the game and setting one of my Vitas up to just go for 22 days straight, see if that works. Purely for how ridiculously stupid the trophy is.


Don't think I'd risk that with a Vita, it'd probably explode before you were finished. Would work better with a Vita TV since then you'd be able to leave it running without a screen on all the time.

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Thank you,


going to make a small update later to the infinite farming spot. The spawn rating does slow down dramatically due to all the gore on the screen. Left the vita on for 24 hours straight and was only at 380k. Might as well do 300k score twice a day for about 46,000 kills.

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Got a reply from developers :simba:


Hello Leo,


Yes, all the kills counts. You can play or re-play any level you like and every slain alien will be counted towards this trophy. Your overall trophy progress does not reset if you close an application. One thing to watch out for - if you close the game during the level, aliens that you have killed in that particular level won’t be counted towards the trophy.



Best Regards,



I'm going to replay that last level again over a few times. :D

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lol, either they read my guide or the kills from the "Continue" option don't really carry over?



Hi Leo,


The fastest way to get this trophy would be to stand near a teleport and keep killing the aliens spawning from there.


I'll just stick with the infinite farming spot for now.


Still having issues taking photos from the vita on to my computer. Going to try putting them on the ps3. Don't know why the PS4 can't take a vita screen. :think:

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