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What type of trophy collector are you?


What type of trophy collector are you? (Read below for defintions)  

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  1. 1. What type of trophy collector are you? (Read below for defintions)

    • Trophy Whore
    • Trophy Hunter
    • Completionist
    • Other
    • Don't care for trophies

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I consider myself a trophy hunter.

I buy games that I like to play, but I will usually try to get plat in those games. I don't care about 100% if I have to buy DLC. but for grinding I don't mind if I like the game.

however I would probably try to get all the trophies in small PSN games. but I don't buy many of those.


I started to go for the plat in the last two years. before that I didn't care at all.

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Im a trophy hunter, if i absolutly love the game i wont stop till i have 100% completion, or if its an easy grind, but i would never not buy/rent a game just because i wont get the plat, at the moment im playing dark souls and i knew from the start id never get 100% but i love the game to bits and i have surprised myself cause im on 47% i think and still have a few bosses left before the last boss :dance:

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I'm not going to lie, I am primarily a trophy hunter, but have whorish tendencies. I have rented one or two games, though I didnt mind playing them, primarily for trophies. Though most of those was during the two month forum team trophy competition. Usually I just play the games and get what trophies I can and, on occasion, feel it necessary to plat. Like platinuming all the ratchet and clank games, or all the lego games, so, I guess a little of everything I guess, to give a non-answer.

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I may be a mixture of all those. While I've disciplined myself to not play other games until I've platinumed the ones I've got my general consensus is to not bother with DLC trophies unless I'm faithful and loyal to those companies and the only one I have complete trust in thus far has been Rockstar. Of-course if the DLC is free I'm going to download it. I may be the occasional trophy whore because I've been know to get easy games just for the trophies but I won't go out my way just to get these even though I'm in a trophy competition and one example is the time I got Mirror's Edge just for the challenging trophies and I ended up liking the game.


Most of the time I play games I like anyway, so yeah mixture of all of the above.

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Trophy Hunter I guess lol but at times I'm super lazy or don't have time to get trophies. This brings back a funny memory and lesson that kinda changed my habits on the ps3 but A friend I was really close with it (I always think about this when i (P) a game) one time at my house she watched me (P) LA Noire and lol she was like "Wow how does it feel to get a trophy you can't even hold? Andrew how bout we go out and just enjoy our time instead of wasting my time and you being all lock up and being happy for something you can't even hold. :| that really sticked with me till this day.

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I am a completionist by most standards, though not necessarily by the one mentioned in the poll. Usually i do everything that is doable in a game as long as it is even remotely fun or connected to the "spirit" of the game - that may include DLC, but isn't in any way restricted to trophies or gamerscore.

The games themselves however are selected only by their merit on entertainment value in my eyes.


I might have to admit a slight obsession with 100% counters though :o

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Definitely a Trophy Hunter. Trophies don't make or break the game experience for me. They add to it. Before I began collecting trophies I would ignore most of the collecty/fetchy/escorty secondary side quests. Now that there are trophies for most of the collectables, I find myself exploring much more of the game to complete these items.


Collecting trophies has opened up my eyes to how much extra content is actually in a game

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I consider myself a trophy hunter, I mainly buy games that interest me and if I can get the plat I'll get it but if I can't then I play the game to enjoy it, I never really bother buying/renting games just for the trophies even if they are easy if it does not look enjoyable to me I won't buy it no matter how easy the plat is

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