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I recommend avoiding this or waiting for a patch -_-

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I'm going to be real honest with you for those looking or thinking about purchasing this game. This is a very bad port version compared to its original PC version. I could type out an essay of all the issues wrong with this port, but here's a brief summary as short as possible:


  • Auto aiming is terrible; you'll shoot at enemies behind walls instead of the closes enemy near you.
  • Bad frame per second, the game hitches and gets laggy in later levels. We're talking about 10 FPS here.
  • No highest score records in the menu option
  • There's no way to check how many kills you have for killing 1 million monsters.
  • It's not worth the $7.99 price tag
  • 2 DLC expansions with zero trophy support and each priced at $3.99.
  • There are in game glitches where you get stuck in walls/crates
  • If you're too close to an enemy against a wall, you'll walk over them and land on top of the walls' edges.
  • Game can crash on you, which forces you to close the application.
  • A patch for these issues is greatly needed, however, that will not likely happen.


Starting to feel like a waste of time going for 100% on this. Game crashed before, but this time when it crashed; the "continue" option is now gone. I'm now questioning if my kills were erased or not. There's no way of knowing if they were or not.


I can always restart the campaign over again to get the "Continue" option highlight and back again. Still, it shouldn't have disappeared after the crash in the first place. It's just a bad sign that my kills were erased. :(

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tnx for the warning looks like this 1 has to w8 until they patch it or i will never buy with those problems


I read an interview about their port to the vita system. It's there first time doing something like this and the vita is a new learning experience for them. They sent a word out to the people who ported it and they only improved the Frames Per Second by 2. That is nothing, but they did say that the PS3 version is 25+ more FPS higher than the vita version even with all the monsters and gore on the screen.


My question is if the PS3 version will be a shared list, crossbuy, and will our kills carry over to that system or do we have to restart back to 0 if we switch systems.


Right now I'm still farming the 1 million on the vita. Game crashed on me before for leaving it on too long (was over 500k score too that like 47,000 kills that I might have lost. :().


If people like the first version of Alien Shooter, they'll port Alien Shooter 2 and maybe Zombie Shooter series.



I'm still waiting for a reply about adding a tracking system. So far nothing.



And no, a patch to improve vita performance is not likely to happen. They said it themselves. If they learn how to improve their processor for the vita system they might.

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I purchased this on a sale, as I really liked the game when it came out and in college in 2006-07.

Yes, it really has a lot of issues on Vita, as the author said. And I experienced something really bad in a level, where rhinos first appear. In a small room before the big cannon I lost all my lives without any reason. I entered it with full health and some armor, and died instantly. Then again and again. I think I also died once when I was manning the cannon, and it had a lot of hp left. I don't remember anything like this on PC.

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