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Lazy eye trophy


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Anybody have any tips on this trophy? Every other trophy is extremely easy, but I don't even see how you could avoid all damage from this final boss. Even if you were to avoid all of the machine gun attacks, when he starts to charge at you, it doesn't seem that you can run fast enough to avoid him.

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ive tried the lazy eye trophy now about 10 times,everytime i start the boss fight he shoots me straight away trying to run to the ramp.i have the movement speed up to max aswell any thoughts?


What weapon are you running with in your hands?


You have to run immediately at the start, don't wait before your in full control or you'll get shot.

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thanks for the reply mate,i'm using the m44 carbine.


I ran with that before on my 2nd attempt and gotten to the ramp just fine. :think:


Just keep trying and you should manage to do it. If not try running with the pistol then switch weapons when you at the ramp.


Edit: I see you gotten the trophy. :thumbsup:

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