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At-a-glance Custom Trophy List Complete Index

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Hi Folks,


I wanted to share this with everyone.


Starting a new game? Wondering if it has trophies that will contribute to the staff custom lists? Don't want to wade through tons of lists to find out? Or just wondering which games have how many trophies across the lists? It's all here in the Custom Trophy List index.


All games are listed in alphabetical order, so it's quick and easy to find the game you are looking for. Then it's a snap to find out how many lists it's on and which ones. This makes a very nice companion to Noid's Slamma's Checklist Site.


I present to you, the


Complete Staff Custom Trophy List Index


I hope this helps!

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It must be a pain to update that and keep the games in order.


Anyways, I think you have Virtue's Last Reward listed twice. #433 & #455. Different name but I think it's the same game.


Thanks so much about the tip for Virtue's Last Reward. I have corrected the issue. Some games I'm not familiar enough with to know the difference if they are listed under slightly different names in the different custom lists.


Actually nearly all the work was compiling the initial data when I first posted the index. Now it's relatively simple to just add 3 new lists once a month.

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