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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


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Looking to boost Respected fighter (1000 respect).


PSN: Basherzz-789 (Don't forget the dash :D)


EU region


Should be on at around 7pm or 8pm tonight until midnight or 1am. If we don't get it done tonight we can finish it some other night.

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PSN: Funnyguy2004

Version: US


Looking at getting respect AGAIN, got depressed by the loss of most of the Respect last time, hoping it was fixed in latest patch. Also, will only do smaller session at one time so I don't break my brain like last time.

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Hello all im back on again


PSN Platinumus


I only need the respect trophy so if your needing 1 more or want try and start a boost group. give me a friend request or message


Im in the UK and will be on for couple hours

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Looking to boost CHALLENGE ACCEPTED and BUDDY. no one on my current friends list has MKX. so add me and send an easy challenge and I'll send one back.


PSN: viridislament

Region: Mountain time, though it doesn't really matter for these trophies


NOTE: I'm at work right now on a nightshift, so don't expect me to accept your challenge and send one in return till tomorrow evening

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