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CROSS BUY - All Three Versions for 1 price


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They're stackable, but there is no auto-pop feature, meaning you have to start the new game from scratch. However, the game's length is short (4 to 6 hours), and thankfully they're easy to 100% (only a few things being occasionally brutal).


One thing to note is the controls: On the Vita version, the game uses touch screen controls use exclusively only for performing attacks, and the left stick controls the camera vertically. Also, the buttons use for activating power-ups, leaving the D-Pad unused. On the PS3/PS4 versions, you use the left stick to control the cursor (you can also move your cursor both upwards and downwards to move the stage), right stick to move the camera vertically, and buttons for attacks, while the D-Pad uses for activating power-ups. I was thinking the touch-pad on the PS4's DS4 may be capable of, but they didn't make the use of it. Despite of this, the system and the gameplay itself is pretty much the same, leaving only controls being different. Only negative thing I can come to think of is the lack of cursor sensitivity.

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