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Gave it 3/10 not due the difficulty(of course if you use guide), but due to this game is a little glitched with the events(maybe glitched is not a good word to describe this, but if you don't make a smart saves and don't pay attention to events you can screw up your entire playthrough)and a little pain in the ass to 100%

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Voted a 2/10 with the 3 guides from PSNP, PST and Steam.


But honestly, none of them is perfect, i almost screw-up on the truth ending thank god i backed up a save at temple. No offense to the authors, just tell the truth.


Except 2 speed-run trophies, you can just react as slowly as possible to complete this game. The sawmill is so small that you don't have much to explore. So knowing what to do is the key to move forward. And back up save datas carefully.


Obviously, the ghost events are really frustrating if you don't know how to trigger them, i saw on PSNP that the fastest player has finished Anna within 4 hours, which means he or she knew exactly how to tigger events.


This is not a bad game, but the graphic of PS3 version is too awful, i wonder why they lowered the graphic quality to this.

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Voted 3/10.


It took me better part of a month to finish this game. Nothing about this game is difficult, it does however need some better exposition, luck, and patience. As some have said, triggering events seem random and unreliable to appear.. But I believe I have a tip for those struggling with them:


In my final (successful) 100% playthrough attempt, I found segmenting puzzle progression and lowering Sanity can really help trigger events. Going through things too fast and sitting around waiting for them to happen resulted in a lot of frustration and time wasted. When you start a new room, wait for one event to happen, complete part of a puzzle and then wait for another event to occur, after complete the puzzle and wait again.. When a event is about to occur, if you listen closely there will be a low wind ambience sound. When you hear it, search the room.


Other problems I had with Intuitions/Notes not counting or in some cases ending the game with more than the available amount, seem to be glitches. Only suggestion I have is to save the game frequently and leave through the Attic Exit to check progress.


Hopefully some find these tips useful and have a easier time dealing with this games bullshit.

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3/10 simply because of the events. Sometimes they take ages and a lot of chance-reloads for them to happen... or in some cases reloading an earlier save to start the process/steps all over again in the hope that the game will behave differently the next time around.


Without a guide I don't think I'll 100% this game at all and may even rate it as 8/10.

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