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Collected Trophy Difficulty Rating: 3.29


Voting Guidelines

  1. Do not vote unless you have played the game.
  2. Do not vote until you have dedicated a substantial amount of time towards the game.
  3. Do not vote based solely on the descriptions from the trophy list.
  4. A time consuming game does not necessarily mean a difficult game so vote accordingly.
    • Warhawk is time consuming and difficult.
    • Resistance 2 is time consuming, but not difficult.


[*]Vote with honesty and integrity.

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I liked the game and found it easy but i got a glitch at the end of my hard playthrough so I have to deleted save data and do it again.


I would give this a 3. I got 74% whilst casually playing in an evening and had started and completed the game on hard within 2 hours.

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Gave it a 4 but considered a 5. Its not really difficult per say (hard mode is easy) but Nuck Chorris Rex takes some patience on levels 4 and 9 (longer levels and lots of ways to get cheaper deaths). Also the turret level with the t rex is difficult (or was for me) on hard because the flying fucks kill you in like 3 hits.

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I gave it a 5. And before you huff and puff, I'll tell you why.


I base my games on 3 criterias: 1. time 2. difficulty/effort 3. enjoyment



The time it took me to beat this game was about 10 to 12 hours . However,the difficulty was about a 6 because you can only take 2 hits of damage on hard. The bosses were hard and you have to put a lot of effort into the game. Replaying levels over and over to get the Chucknorris trophy. Dieing over and over on hard mode with boss fights. You want to throw the controler on the floor at times. I found a glitch for the 13th level fortification at the last minute thought which fortunately helped me out. You can plat. this game but, you are going to bitch most of the time. For the most part, it wasn't an enjoyable game. It wasn't a cake walk! Again easier retail games are Up, Hanna Montanna, Godfather and even Wanted, all, which I plattied. And believe it or not , they are more enjoyable.

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gave it 2 , it was really easy , i had got 75% in 3 hours . i didnt gave it one because the stupid fly dinosaurs are sometime hard to kill , especially in the level where you must kill two big dinosaurs red and green i think . overall good game , had fun playing .

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I also gave it a 3. Really not hard at all. For people having trouble with the fortification section of "The Final Piece" on hard difficulty, I suggest just standing back and waiting for the dinos to approach you, and then one-shot them with your plasma gun. Donot spam and waste bullets though. It takes quite a while to charge.

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