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(PS4) Trophy Boosting/Co-Op Partners Thread (Read First Post!)


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Looking for someone to help me with friendship rules trophy and will do the same for you.


Also my main character got corrupted at level 46 and am looking for anyone willing to let me join their game to power level as much as you'll let me.


Please message me on psn for which you could help with. Thankyou

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I know this is a needy request, but is someone with a high level character just able to help me power level a small amount? I'm just looking at doing the character specific trophies :)


Will be playing for a while and looking at pushing these out of the way first :D


still on it? i am trying to get it too



PS Profile: FREEKILL_jp

Time zone: GTM -3


Juan, if you need some help might wanna adjust your PSN settings so people can send you messages :)

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Tried to add Juantopsa :(
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hi i'm looking for someone to help boost me up to level 50 and then also help boost other characters up to necessary for the trophies. If you can help send me a friend request and a msg!!


psn: ksm__2001

(double underscore)

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I'm searching for a high level someone to help me defeat at least terramorphous and if he's feeling generous the other raid bosses too. I am lvl 50 but got kinda sick of grinding.


Psn: DJRedDevil

Time zone: amsterdam/paris


Please add borderlands 2 if you invite me so I know it's not a random :)

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