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Battlefield: Hardline - Trophy Guide & Roadmap

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
  • Offline trophies: 41 (23(B), 12(S), 2(G), 1(P))
  • Online trophies: 3 (2(S) 1(G))
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 40-60 Hours (20 if you boost Menz in the Hood)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 2 - Dare Devil & BYOB
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes


Battlefield Hardline goes away from the military shooter we're used to in the series and focuses on a cops vs criminals story. There is an 6-8 hour single player campaign in addition to a very robust online multiplayer that will be familiar to anyone a fan of the series with new modes that focuses on the cops and criminals along with some of the classic modes from the past.





Step 1 - Play campaign on officer difficulty, complete all case files and arrest suspects with warrants.

There is a prologue plus 10 episodes that make up the campaign. It isn't to difficult if you use a stealthy approach for most situations. There are three main things you'll want to know if you wish to get all the trophies without replaying episodes:

  1. Most episodes feature suspects with warrants. You'll need to make sure to arrest each of these suspects and avoid killing them. This will earn you the Bring 'em to Justice trophy.
  2. There are seven different case files; each with their own set of evidence required to solve them. These are your traditional collectibles and finding them all leads to the Worlds Greatest Detective trophy.
  3. There are a ten episode specific trophies. Try to knock these out along the way but any you miss can be earned by just doing an episode replay. The trophy and episode they are located in are as follows:
    • Motley Crew (Ep. 1)
    • Their Own Medicine (Ep. 5)
    • Knock Knock (Ep. 5)
    • Graceful Exit (Ep. 5)
    • Hollywood Hideaway (Ep. 7)
    • BYOB (Ep. 7)
    • A Craftman's Tools (Ep. 8)
    • Real Action Hero (Ep. 9)
    • Social Climber (Ep. 10)
    • Dare Devil (Ep. 10)



Step 2 - Clean up single player campaign trophies.

In the event you missed any of the trophies in single player you can go back through episode select and get them. This applies to the collectibles, warrants or any trophy. You can lower the difficulty if the challenge is to high.


Step 3 - Play game on Hardline Difficulty.

Hardline is not available until after beating the game on Officer or Veteran difficulty. Hardline gives enemies more health and damage increase against you but it shouldn't be much of a problem especially since you can bypass entire many encounters all together. You can go to episode select, select prologue and change difficulty to Hardline and play through keeping your expert ranking. See Blue Eagle for more tips and information.


Step 4 - Online Trophies.

There are 3 online trophies. The Big Score simply requires you to win 5 games of Heist and 5 games of Blood Money; two new modes in the Battlefield series. There is a second trophy called Electric Company that requires 25 kills using the T62 CEW, usable by any class, however, you will need to purchase this for $21,000.


The final online trophy is where you will need to do a bit of grinding. The trophy name is Menz in the Hood and the unlock requirement is rather simple. Get 25 kills with the MAC-10 and 25 Kills with the Double Barreled Shotgun. Neither of these weapons are available from the start so you'll have to do a lot of grinding to unlock them. See the trophy description for those requirements as well as a boosting method that can save you 30 hours off platinum time.

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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/43f.jpg Platinum Trophy (P)

Collect all other Battlefield™ Hardline Trophies



http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/a3d.jpg On the Job (B)

Complete the Prologue in single-player


Story related, can't be missed. In this episode there is 1 suspect with a warrant you need to arrest but that too, is part of the story.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/59b.jpg Pressure Applied (B)

Complete Ep. 1: Back to School


Story related, can't be missed. There is 1 suspect with a warrant in this episode and 3 pieces of evidence for case files you will want to find. You will also want to look into earning the Motley Crew trophy in this episode.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/ed7.jpg Bumpy Ride (B)

Complete Ep. 2: Checking Out


Story related, can't be missed. There are 2 suspects with a warrant in this episode and 6 pieces of evidence for case files you will want to find.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/45b.jpg Deal? What Deal? (B)

Complete Ep. 3: Gator Bait


Story related, can't be missed. There are 3 suspects with a warrant in this episode and 12 pieces of evidence for case files you will want to find.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/346.jpg Good Guys (B)

Complete Ep. 4: Case Closed


Story related, can't be missed. There are 4 suspects with a warrant in this episode and 10 pieces of evidence for case files you will want to find.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/506.jpg You Probably Have Questions (B)

Complete Ep. 5: Gauntlet


Story related, can't be missed. There are no warrants or case files that you need to find in this episode. There are three trophies that you can earn while in this episode, Their Own Medicine, Knock Knock and Graceful Exit.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/cb2.jpg Snow Blind (B)

Complete Ep. 6: Out of Business


Story related, can't be missed. There are 3 suspects with a warrant in this episode and 9 pieces of evidence for case files you will want to find.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/cdd.jpg Hollyweird (B)

Complete Ep. 7: Glass Houses


Story related, can't be missed. There are 2 suspects with a warrant in this episode and 9 pieces of evidence for case files you will want to find. During this episode you can earn the Hollywood Hideaway and BYOB trophies.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/a52.jpg From Their Cold, Dead Hands (B)

Complete Ep. 8: Sovereign Land


Story related, can't be missed. There is 1 suspect with a warrant in this episode and 9 pieces of evidence for case files you will want to find. You can also earn A Craftman's Tools during this episode


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/631.jpg Some Damn Fine Fireworks (B)

Complete Ep. 9: Independence Day


Story related, can't be missed. There are 2 suspects with a warrant in this episode and 9 pieces of evidence for case files you will want to find. Near the end of the episode you can earn Real Action Hero.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/1f5.jpg Served Cold (B)

Complete Ep. 10: Legacy


Story related, can't be missed. There are 3 suspects with a warrant in this episode and 4 pieces of evidence for case files you will want to find. You will also be on the lookout for the Social Climber and Dare Devil trophies.

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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/1e6.jpg Keep Digging, Detective (B)

Complete any case file in single-player


See World's Greatest Detective.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/ebb.jpg By the Book (B)

Do a Non-Lethal takedown on 10 criminals in single-player


This will probably come naturally and most likely within the first few episodes. This is accomplished by arrested criminals and putting them in handcuffs or using the T62 to stun them. To arrest someone, you just need to hit :l1: when you are close enough to make them freeze and then walk up to them and hit :r3:..


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/e59.jpg You Tazed Him, Bro! (B)

Stun 5 criminals with the T62 CEW in single-player


This can be earned as early as episode 1 during the section at the school. You'll need to hit :left: to equip it. You can then taze them, but you will need to be really close as the range is quite limited. At any point in the game, you can use the tactical boxes to change your equipment so make sure you keep this equipped until you got the trophy.



You will need to get 25 kills with this weapon online for another trophy


Another easy location is actually in episode 5 when the police are looking for you. While not technically criminals, the policemen still count towards the trophy. You can sneak up behind a cop and do a takedown and hope he has a T62 or just loot the one out of the back of the police car that earns you the Their Own Medicine trophy.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/3fd.jpg Watched, Dawg (B)

Identify 10 warrants with the scanner in single-player


While using your scanner (:r1:), scan all the criminals in the area. The guys with warrants will have a icon above the suspects head and then all you need to do is press :cross: to analyze him. You will get this while going for the Bring 'em to Justice trophy.



There's also a trophy for capturing all 22 suspects without killing them



http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/77f.jpg You're Getting Good at This (B)

Reach Expert Level 5 in single-player


See One Good Cop.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/d4a.jpg Damn Thing Doesn't Work (B)

Disarm 2 alarm boxes in single-player


Alarm boxes will appear in enemy encampments throughout the game. You can easily identify them with your scanner, and you will need to disable it without being spotted. If spotted, the enemies will sound the alarm and send reinforcements. There are many locations in the games with the alarm box, so it shouldn't be to hard but the first two you will come across are in episode 3. Sneak up as close to the alarm as possible and take out any surrounding criminals that may see you first. Just keep an eye on the mini map and you can see the criminal's line of sight. Walk up to the box and hit :square: to disable it.



The alarm box at the Saw Mill in Episode 3



http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/65e.jpg Cape and Ears Not Included (B)

Climb a total of 10 meters with the grapple gun in single-player


This is be earned automatically if you are looking for all the evidence in the game as several of them will require you to use the grapple gun. If you just want to get this out of the way as quickly as possible, when you first acquire the gun in episode 3 and the game teaches you how to use it, climb up and then jump back down and do it again.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/6e6.jpg Fast Rope Expert (B)

Travel a total of 90 meters with the zipline crossbow in single-player


You can earn this easily in episode 3, especially if you are acquiring all the evidence. In the Lake area, there are a couple locations with two towers. One of these towers is higher than the other. Use the grapple gun to get to the top of the highest tower and then use the zipline crossbow to reach the slightly lower tower that is further away. You can repeat the process a couple times between two towers until the trophy pops.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/585.jpg Almost an Expert (S)

Reach Expert Level 10 in single-player


See One Good Cop.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/28e.jpg True Detective (S)

Complete 3 case files in single-player


See World's Greatest Detective.

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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/0f1.jpg Motley Crew (B)

Tag all criminals visible from the rooftop in Ep. 1: Back to School


Once you reach the school, you will be on the rooftop and have to use the scanner for the first time. As part of the story, you will need to tag and then analyze your informant. He'll then walk to the front of the school and initiate a conversation with 2 people at the entrance to the school. Once he goes inside, you will need to tag the two guys he was just talking to outside then the three guys on the first floor to the right of the entrance, a single guy on the floor just above the previous three and then another 3 on the second floor to the far left.


After a moment, you will have two vehicles pull up from the left side of the area. Between these two vehicles, there will be 9 more men that you need to tag. The trophy will pop as soon as you tag the final criminal.





http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/bc3.jpg Real Action Hero (S)

Kill a criminal in Independence Day from mid-air after escaping the penthouse


This is part of Episode 9. This trophy is a little tricky and you'll need to be quick. During one of the final sections of the game, you will break into a vault after which you will have to survive waves of enemies. Once you survive, you will zip-line out the of a building and you will be sent in some sort of free fall after an incident with a helicopter getting in the way.


Almost immediately, you'll be facing the building and a few enemies will be on the balcony. You only have a few seconds to quickly kill one of these guys. I recommend equipping the Bald Eagle pistol with RDS prior to this section. If you fail to kill one of the guys you can't just restart checkpoint. You will have to pause and select "exit to menu" and then resume game from there and you'll be placed right back in the penthouse. You can change your sidearm in the penthouse before making the zip-line off the building.





http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/5f7.jpg Their Own Medicine (B)

Steal a T62 CEW from the back of a police cruiser in Ep. 5: Gauntlet


There is a police cruiser located at the far right end of one of the roads that will have a white circle on the truck indicating that you can open it. During your travels, you will approach a road where a cruiser will drive from the right to the left. Cross this street and the very next street you come upon is the one you'll want to make it to the far right end of. Be careful as there is a helicopter overhead and a couple nearby police officers. Open the truck and take the weapon to get the trophy.




http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/bc4.jpg Graceful Exit (B)

Don't get spotted in the Ep. 5: Gauntlet


This will require you to complete the entire episode without being spotted. You can take out police by sneaking up behind them and doing a take down and you can also shoot them with the T62 CEW if you manage to acquire one as long as you weren't spotted in the process. Take it slow and crouch whenever near the police.


You're still ok if the police become aware of your last known position You will know this when yellow circles appear on your mini map but you'll have to quickly get to a new location as they will search that area. For the final section, watch out for the helicopters circling around and don't be afraid to use the T62 on any policemen before they see you.


If at any time you are spotted, and you'll know when you are, you can quickly hit restart checkpoint and try again. If you die, you'll have to restart the episode.





http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/5b3.jpg Knock Knock (B)

Blow up the meth lab in Ep. 5: Gauntlet


Halfway through the 5th episode, you can come across a meth lab. You'll know you're close when you meet up with another prisoner who runs across the street. Follow him and you'll go through a shipping container. It's at this point you want to find a house at the right end of the road where you are told you can create a distraction opportunity. Go inside this house and go to the basement and turn on the gas and turn on the flame. It's at that point you need to quickly leave the house.





http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/a3f.jpg A Craftsman's Tools (S)

Find your weapons in Sovereign Land before instigating combat in the trailer park


This is part of Episode 8. After making it out of the underground tunnels, you will find yourself at a trailer park. You need to get to the weapons in a trailer that's located in the far opposite side in the middle. You can follow the outside wall to the left and jump up onto some rocks and hop over the wall. From here, you just want to quietly make it to the trailer. You can also climb under the fence on the right side of the area.


They'll be an icon on your mini map indicating where you need to go. Use your distraction ability by tossing shell casings to force the inhabitants to look the opposite way whenever they are between you and your objective. Once you open the tactical box in the trailer the trophy will pop and you are free to shoot up the joint.





http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/ddd.jpg Hollywood Hideaway (S)

Find Roark's hidden room in Ep. 7: Glass Houses


There are two entry points into the house at the beginning of Episode 7. One is through the garage to the right and another is into the gym through a window on the left side. In the gym is where the hidden room is located, but you will be unable to access it until the power is restored which happens automatically after you plant a bug on the third floor as part of the story.


Once the power is on, make your way to the gym while being careful not to open the large nearby double doors which will take you to a new area. Inside the gym will be a couple criminals so take them out and along the wall near the doorway into the room is a hidden panel you can open that will then reveal the hidden room. Don't forget to get the piece of evidence that is also in this hidden room.





http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/e18.jpg BYOB (S)

Use the BBQ to take out the chef in Ep. 7: Glass Houses


Glitch - This appears to have a very low chance of glitching. If this doesn't pop, go to the menu and restart checkpoint. If it still doesn't work try again on Hardline difficulty or restart episode.


The second area of episode 7 is called Terraces. In the back of this area just to the left of the tennis court is the chef grilling some steaks on a large gas grill. To earn this trophy you just have to shoot the grill to make it explode.





http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/e28.jpg Social Climber (S)

Find the hidden access to the mansion grounds in Ep. 10: Legacy


The goal in episode 10 is to get to the large mansion. There are two trophies that can be earned by entering the mansion grounds in a specific fashion with the other being Dare Devil. The hidden access required for this trophy is to the left side of the mansion where you can shoot your grapple gun twice to reach higher platforms. To find this area, just stay left all the way from the beginning until you reach a dead end path with a single criminal hanging out. From there just look up to see your grapple gun shooting points.



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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/208.jpg Case Closed (S)

Complete all single-player episodes on Officer difficulty


Finish the single player campaign on Officer or Veteran difficulty to unlock this trophy. See Blue Eagle for tips.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/36c.jpg Super Cop (S)

Complete all single-player episodes on Veteran difficulty


Finish the single player campaign on Veteran difficulty. See Blue Eagle for tips.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/e50.jpg Blue Eagle (G)

Complete all single-player episodes on Hardline difficulty


Hardline difficulty is unlocked after being the game on Officer or Veteran difficulty first. This difficulty shouldn't be much of a challenge. Each difficulty adds more damage to enemies weapons and grants them further health. The key is to always try to arrest the criminals by sneaking up to them. This will grant you a 250 points and level your character up which will unlock you better weapons and gear. Don't forget that you can loot weapons from fallen enemies and that will unlock them as well. Assuming you already got all the collectibles, you probably won't have much issue at all if you don't get any warrants or evidence.


Another thing that is going to make things so much easier is knowing that you can literally bypass a large number of the enemies all together. For example, you can complete the final mission in the game and never be spotted. Use the shell casings or just walk around the outside of areas to get past sections without having to engage at all.


If you are to engage in a gunfight, make sure you are in cover as much as possible and use the lean by hitting :l2:. It won't take much to kill you so limit the number of times you actually need to shoot it out. Make sure to use the gas mask as enemies will like to throw gas bombs.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/8ac.jpg Bring 'em to Justice (S)

Capture all warrants alive in single-player


There are 22 suspects with warrants. You need to arrest each of these without killing them first. You need to first identify the suspects by using your scanner and once you've tagged a suspect you will see a special icon indicating that he's got a warrant for his arrest. You then need to hit the :cross: button to analyze the suspect to find out his name.


Once you've done that, you will need to carefully approach the suspect and arrest him without being spotted. If you are under active combat, you will see your mini map flashing red. During this time, you can't arrest the suspect so you will need to hide for a few moments and wait until the map flashes yellow indicating that they lost your exact location. If you find a tricky area and can't reach the suspect, you can freely engage in combat and shoot everyone else in the area and then wait until you are out of active combat at which point you can then go and arrest him.


You can hit pause and see the current status of the suspects. Ones that has been arrested successfully will have a blue handcuff icon and one that was killed will have a orange death icon. The icon will not update until after you have reached the next checkpoint. If you are missing one, you can always go back through chapter select, just make sure to reach the next checkpoint and make sure that icon is blue on the pause screen. Find a full guide for all collectibles and warrants in a post at the bottom of the guide



Successfully arrested Javier Rosado but killed Gary Volker


Prologue Shea Dorsett (Story related, can't be missed)


Episode 1

  • School
    • Lawrence Kent



Episode 2

  • Lobby
    • Javier Rosado
    • Gary Volker



Episode 3

  • Nature Reserve
    • Luis Minguez



    • Nathan Brown


    [*]Gator Farm

    • Thomas Bell



Episode 4

  • Outside Warehouse
    • Philip Evans


    [*]Outside Mall

    • Leonard Miller



    • Frankie Diaz
    • Xavier Gonzalez



Episode 6

  • Scrapyard
    • Ji-hun Oh
    • James Mun
    • Edgar Kwok



Episode 7

  • Mansion
    • Cameron Briller



    • Marvin Thomas



Episode 8

  • Trailer Park
    • Jim Preston



Episode 9

  • Lobby
    • Derek Kelly



    • John Starnes



Episode 10

  • Roadblock
    • Howard White



    • Lyle Feldman


    [*]Utility Complex (aka Services Complex)

    • Craig Foster



http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/13a.jpg Dare Devil (S)

Jump the dirt bike into the mansion grounds in Ep. 10: Legacy


Glitch - This appears to have a very low chance of glitching. If you don't get this after trying to restart you checkpoint numerous times, try it again during your second playthrough on Hardline difficulty.


Jumping the dirt bike into the mansion grounds is the second trophy related to entering the area. The dirt bike is actually cleverly hidden but you can find it near the Helipad. Look at the signs along the road for directions to the helipad. It can be a bit tricky so you can also just make your way to the Services Plant and know there is a path behind it leading up to the Helipad.



It's not called stealing when you're a cop. It's called commandeering


Once near the helipad there will be a path leading towards the mansion. Follow it and there will be a dirt bike on the path after a 10 foot drop. Just keep an eye on the mini map and the icon will appear when you are very close. Once on the dirt bike just drive it forward and you'll jump into the mansion.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f5khkRUYHA]Battlefield Hardline - Dare Devil Trophy (Jump the dirt bike into the mansion grounds) - YouTube[/ame]


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/cf6.jpg One Good Cop (S)

Reach Expert Level 15 in single-player


You are awarded points for all your good cop actions. You'll gain 100 points for a normal takedown, 250 for an arrest and 1,000 for arresting a suspect with a warrant. If you try to arrest as many people as possible, which is the ideal strategy for surviving, you will probably reach level 15 several episodes before the end of the game. You will also gain points for scanning evidence and criminals using your scanner (:r1:)


You should get this normally by playing the game but in the event you don't, just go to episode select and play through any episode. You also keep your points in death so you can farm this at any particular spot and kill yourself and when you respawn you'll keep your points but it shouldn't be necessary to farm this.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/c4a.jpg World's Greatest Detective (G)

Complete all case files in single-player


There are 71 pieces of evidence you need to find to complete all 7 case files. These are collectibles within Battlefield Hardline. Completing each of the case files will reward you with new weapons and battlepacks.


Finding the collectibles aren't to difficult. Your scanner while reveal the direction and distance to the nearest piece of evidence. The only exception will be if the evidence is on the body of a suspect with a warrant. If you are missing one and there is no direction and distance then it has to be taken off a body. In these cases you will have to arrest the suspect and killing them will not allow you to search the body.


Find a full guide for all collectibles and warrants in a post at the bottom of the guide



Top left corner of scanner will show location, distance & direction

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http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/938.jpg The Big Score (S)

Win 5 Heist and 5 Blood Money matches in multiplayer


You will simply need to win 5 Heist and 5 Blood Money matches in multiplayer. During this process, you will want to start working on the other two multiplayer trophies and with time, you will win the required number of games.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/997.jpg Electric Company (S)

Take down 25 enemies with the T62 CEW in multiplayer


This is a weapon that will require you to purchase for $21,000. I would recommend equipping and getting this trophy as an Enforcer or a Professional to help rank up those classes for the Menz in the Hood trophy. This weapon will stun enemies but you will have to be pretty close in order for you to hit them.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2806/3bf.jpg Menz in the Hood (G)

Kill 25 enemies with a MAC-10 and 25 with a Double-Barrel Shotgun in multiplayer


You can boost this by playing with someone who has these unlocked and part of their loadout. With someone in your squad who has one of these weapons in their loadout, have them kill themselves (suicide by grenade works) and then you can pick up their professional or enforcer kit and proceed to get kills. When you die, you'll have to pick up your partner's enforcer kit again. You'll have to mentally track how many kills of each you have. Use the boosting thread to find partners. If you want to unlock these weapons permanently for your class, read on.


You will need to unlock both of these weapons through a lot of grinding online. Once you have acquired them all you need to do is get 25 kills with each. Ranking up the Professional class to Bronze Service Star 7 and the Enforcer class to Gold Service Star 1 is the part that takes a long time. The more points you score in a match the quicker you'll get these so just play to win by going after the objectives, getting kills, squad actions, spot enemies & score extra points with your gadgets.


Let's take a closer look at how to unlock both of these.


The MAC-10 requires you to complete Professional Assignment 2. These are the steps to acquire it.

  1. Get to Professional Bronze Service Star 2. That means just level up the class.
  2. Get reward by killing 10 people with snipers and 5 people with laser mines. You will now have Professional Assignment 1 Patch.
  3. Get to Professional Bronze Service Star 7
  4. Get reward by kill 25 people with snipers and 5 camera coins. You will now have Professional Assignment 2 and you can equip the MAC-10.



You can check class progress from the "My Agent" menu


Camera Coin Tips - You need 10 intel assists in a single match for this. You spawn with only 2 cameras, but you can have up to 3 in the world. Place a 4th one and it will replace an existing one. This is easiest achieved in Blood Money as the everyone typically runs to the single money pile in the map. Go to the money pile and place two cameras as far away from the money pile as possible but with a line of sight to it. Don't place it to close to the money because grenades will destroy them, in fact, the further away the better. When you die, spawn and place a third one in the same area. Try to triangulate the area with cameras. Stay in this area but don't shoot anyone because if you kill an enemy, it will not count and your squad will spawn in on you. Your team has to get the kill. You will know when you got one because it'll say intel assist on your screen. If you place them far enough away in corners facing the money, they shouldn't get destroyed throughout the match.


In a typical match, halfway through the other team will start hitting your vault. If you see the action going that way, place one camera facing the vault. This will leave you two at the money pile and one at the vault. This works best when the money pile isn't in a tight area.


Here's a couple quick points

  • It has a range of 70m
  • It can only spot 1 target at a time
  • If an enemy has been tagged by another player or the hacker, the camera will have no effect.
  • The camera can be placed on top of buildings and spot enemies on the ground within its' cone direction.


Here's a video of me talking about the same points above, but with gameplay of me getting a camera coin. Use it to see the placement of the cameras I use and how many "intel assist 25" pops I get on my screen







To unlock the Double-Barrel Shotgun you will need complete the Enforcer Syndicate Assignment. This is far more complicated.


  • Earn Enforcer Assignment 2 (similar to Professional class above)
  • Buy 10 weapons or gadgets for Enforcer
  • Earn a Gold Service Star (This will require 245,000 total Enforcer xp)


From there you will need to complete the reward requirements which are

  • 200 kills with shotguns and battle rifles
  • Reach Enforcer rep level 4 in 10 separate matches. This resets every match.
  • Get 15 Ammo Coins (Just keep placing ammo resupplies near teammates)
  • Get 15 Ballistic Shield Coins (buy and quip the shield then activate it)




The hardest part about the Enforcer Syndicate is getting the reward. This requires you to reach reputation level 4 in ten matches. If you look at the image above which you'll see on your HUD in the bottom right corner of the screen, you'll notice four boxes. These are your current reputation perks. To the left of that is the progress bar to the next level. When you die, the progress bar resets to the beginning of your current reputation level and you raise it with score points you get. All reputation perks earned are permanent until the end of the match but they don't carry over between matches. Each level will require more points to reach the next reputation level. Going from 3 to 4 takes an absurdly high amount of points and matches will end long before you reach it unless you are a top player.


There are two ways that can make this "easier". The first is to use Reputation boosters that you acquire from Battlepacks. They will either be 25%, 50% or 100% boosts to your reputation gain. The second way is to have someone else play as a hacker and they can use the Squad Upgrade on your squad and everyone in your squad will immediately achieve their next reputation level but this hack can only be used once at best every 4 minutes with a level 1 hacker. Remember to select your reputation bonus once you reach each level by hitting :r1: and using the right stick to highlight which of the two perks you want.


To play as the hacker you will need to select it from the waiting for deployment screen by hitting :r1: to tab to Hacker and hitting :square: to play as the hacker. Only one hacker is allowed per side. The hacker's screen is simply a map with the subroutines on the left and squads on the right. Select the squad you want to boost by hitting :up: or :down:. That will highlight the squad leader on the map. Once highlighted, hit :cross: and select the Squad Upgrade box. You will now start a cool down of approximately 7 minutes under the subroutines column on the left. You can speed this up by selecting the overclock subroutine in the squad leader boost selection. Keep hitting this overclock as soon as it's available. This will take off a few minutes on the Squad Upgrade cool down timer and you could even get lucky to have it overheat and it'll be ready much quicker. There are upgrades to hacker that will reduce the cool downs on your abilities. As a hacker, I've fully upgraded an entire squad to level 4 in under 5 minutes.


If you wish to do this solo, you can play Hotwire and find a server with 3 or 4 people in it, pop a reputation booster and drive around without much fear of the other team killing you. The one disadvantage is you can't work on the other 3 requirements at the same time.



Assignment prerequisites and reward requirements also in the "My Agent" menu


Hopefully at this point you'll have both weapons and you just simply need 25 kills with each. On a final note, the reward requirement actions only start counting once you have them unlocked to earn. This means that getting a camera coin prior to Professional Assignment 2 won't count towards the progress of the reward.


This video shows some double-barrel shotgun action at the beginning and end as well as outlines each of the requirements to earn it as well as footage playing as the hacker.



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Suspect Warrant and Evidence for Case Files Locations





Location - School

  • Warrant
    1. Lawrence Kent - This is one of the guys that gets out of the car when using the scanner for the first time. After the scanning part, you will go through a school and he'll be standing right at the exit. The game will automatically prompt you to scan, analyze, flash your badge and then arrest him.



    1. Ledger and Money (The Hot Shot File) - The first is in the school in a room you need to investigate on the second floor. The game will prompt you to use your scanner.
    2. Surveillance Photo of Stoddard (The Hot Shot File) - This is 10 feet away from the first on a counter just to the right.
    3. Box of Hot Shot (The Hot Shot File) - Just in the next room from the previous ones sitting on the table.







[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=403wizjGe54]Battlefield Hardline â–º Episode 2 - Suspect Warrants & Case Files Evidence Collectibles - YouTube[/ame]


Location - Laundry

  • Evidence
    1. Box of Hot Shot (Hot Shot Supply Chain) - This is located in the middle of the laundry room where you fight a bunch of criminals. Look for a box sitting on the ground.
    2. Care Instructions Memo (The Elmore Hotel Investigation) - This is a Hawaiian shirt hanging off some shelving near the opposite side. You can see this from the entrance of the room.
    3. Drug Purchase List (The Elmore Hotel Investigation) - This is in the break room just near the opposite corner to the left from where you entered this room from. It's near a Tactical Box.



Location - Hotel Lobby

  • Warrants
    1. Javier Rosado - As soon as you enter the hotel lobby scan near the front door and he'll be the guy on the right.
    2. Gary Volker - After the second floor cut scene in the managers office a new wave of criminals will pour in from the front door and Gary Volker will be one of them.



    1. Answering Machine (The Elmore Hotel Investigation) - This will be in a office on the first floor that's connected to the reception desk.
      Tablet with IM Client (The Elmore Hotel Investigation) - Behind the reception desk is a photo copier and this will be on top of it.
    2. Vial of Hot Shot (The Elmore Hotel Investigation) - This will be on the body of Javier Rosado who you need to arrest









Location - Nature Reserve

  • Warrant
    1. Luis Minguez - This is immediately after getting and learning how to zip line. There will be a group of three men in front of you with one of them being Luis.



    1. Exploded Drug Bale (Hot Shot Supply Chain) - This is located on the ground right were the three men were standing, one of whom was Luis Minquez
    2. Toxic Barrel (Internal Affairs) - This is near the dock near the fan boat



Location - Huts

  • Evidence
    1. Chemical Barrel (Internal Affairs) - This is in the Lake area but it has it's own location. Once you get into the fan boat from the nature reserve go forward a little bit but immediately turn left and straight ahead you'll see some huts. As you approach this turn right and you'll see a small hut with it's own dock. This is the location of the evidence.



Location - Lake

  • Evidence
    1. Kilo of Cocaine (Internal Affairs) - When you turned right at the huts to get the chemical barrel, get back in your boat and keep heading the same direction. After a short bit you will reach a dock with a smallish wooden tower you can use your grapple gun on. This is not far from the Saw Mill. Remember, if you ever get lost just find a dock and get out and open your scanner. It'll give you an arrow pointing you to evidence and give you distance.
    2. Regional Zoning Map (Internal Affairs) - This is on the far opposite side of the lake sort of near the Gator Farm. If you head there from the Saw Mill and reach the Gator Farm just keep following the outside of the lake and you'll swing around and see two towers, one very tall one and one small one a little distance away. You need to use your grapple gun to get to the top of the tall tower and zip line down to the lower one to get the map.



Location - Saw Mill

  • Warrant

    1. Nathan Brown - He'll be located just beyond the large group of enemies up front. You can tag and analyze him from the tower near the dock.


    1. Stained Fanboat (Internal Affairs) - If you climb the tower at the docks from the Saw Mill, you'll see a fanboat on the left side of the area.
    2. Water Sampling Equipment (Internal Affairs) - Near the area where Nathan Brown paths, you will see a very small shack with the water sampling equipment.
    3. Note Pinned with Switchblade (Internal Affairs) - Not far from the previous one, head towards the shipping container for the mission objective. Right nearby are some logs and pinned to the end of one of them with a switchblade is the note.
    4. Manila Envelope (Internal Affairs) - Inside the shipping container where you pick up the phone. It'll be to the right of a tactical box.



Location - Gator Farm

  • Warrant
    1. Thomas Bell - Thomas will be patrolling a large area of this. Once you enter the farm you can get on top of a roof near the middle to get a good vantage point to scan and tag everyone in the area.


    1. Newspaper Story (Internal Affairs) - This is on the body of Thomas Bell. After you arrest him make sure to search him.
    2. Torture Traces (Internal Affairs) - This will be in the second building on the right side of the Gator Farm as you enter the area.
    3. Dead Gator (Internal Affairs) - This is in the middle of the Gator Farm. You'll see a dead gator and you can scan it from the dock above once close enough.


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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UD1r0LCsTO0]Battlefield Hardline â–º Episode 4 - Suspect Warrants & Case Files Evidence Collectibles - YouTube[/ame]


Location - Crime Scene


  • Evidence
    1. Barrels of Dye (Internal Affairs) - In the back of this room straight ahead from where you start will be some barrels. They'll be just to the left of the opening to the stairs.
    2. Gym Bag of Money (Hot Shot Supply Chain) - This is also on the first floor in the back right corner.
    3. Burner Cellphones (Internal Affairs) - This is up on the third floor. It'll be in a room on the left side of the central hallway.
    4. Talking Tamu-Tamu Stuffy (Internal Affairs) - This is in the corner of an office room directly across from the room with the burner cellphones.
    5. Elmore Plaza Business Card (The Elmore Hotel Investigation) - You will find this on the desk in front of the painting hiding the safe on the 4th floor.



Location - Outside Warehouse

  • Warrant
    1. Philip Evans - After leaving the crime scene, you will pull up to the outside of a warehouse. You can tag and analyze Philip Evans right where the alarm box is located off in the distance.



Location - Warehouse

  • Evidence
    1. Poster for Tamu-Tamu (Internal Affairs) - After a short cut scene in the warehouse, the poster will be below the tactical gear box in the room you start off in.
    2. Tamu-Tamu DVDs (Internal Affairs) - In the center of the warehouse where the cut scene took place, you can scan some DVD's. You can analyze this from the same office you got the posters from previously.
    3. Flyer for Tamu-Tamu (Internal Affairs) - There is an office on the first floor of the warehouse directly below the office you first entered. Go down there and look along the left wall for the flyer next to a water cooler.
    4. Letter from Neltz's Business Manager (Internal Affairs) - In the same room that contained a flyer there will be a desk on top of that will be the letter.



Location - Grow Operation

  • Evidence
    1. Crate of Hot Shot (Hot Shot Supply Chain) After going down the stairs from the warehouse you will enter the grow operation. The first room you come to will have a guy with his back to you in front of the cameras. In this room in the right corner will be the crate.



Location - Outside Mall

  • Warrant
    1. Leonard Miller - After escaping the grow operation and warehouse, you will be right outside a mall. Starting from the street and path to the back near the door into the mall will be Leonard Miller. Arrest him when the opportunity permits.



Location - Mall

  • Warrants
    1. Frankie Diaz - This suspect will be located in the first area with enemies you come to in the Mall. He'll be on the first floor standing around some criminal friends of his blocking your exit out of this area. Carefully and quietly take care of the nearby threats and arrest Frankie.
    2. Xavier Gonzalez - This will be in the final area in the Mall. You'll enter the area and see neon palm trees along where the criminals will retreat back a bit. Xavier can be found on the left side of this area.





No Warrants or Evidence in Episode 5






Location - Dealership

  • Evidence
    1. purchase order for bianchi (Power Play) - This is located inside the dealership. It'll be on a desk in the middle.
    2. Letter from Kang's Wife (Power Play) - This is also in the dealership, but it'll be in the back corner office on a desk in the same room with the computer not connected to the internet.



Location - Scrapyard

  • Warrants
    1. Ji-Hun Oh - This is one of two warrants near the garage. He'll be located right in front of it.
    2. James Mun - James will be standing right behind the garage. It's very easy to miss him if you engage in combat before spotting him. I recommend going along the left side and making him your first target.
    3. Edgar Kwok - Edgar is located in the warehouse building you enter after finding Boomer from the truck of a car. He'll be in the back center of the warehouse.



    1. Boomer Photo (Power Play) - This is found when you search the body of James Mun, the suspect behind the garage
    2. Designer Luggage (Power Play) - This can be analyzed from within the garage. It's sitting on a table.
    3. Remote Detonator (Power Play) - This will be one of two evidence in the scrapyard warehouse. This will be in the center of the area, not far from where Edgar was.
    4. K-Pop Album (Power Play) This is also in the warehouse. It'll be in the back left corner sitting next to a radio.



Location - Body Shop

  • Evidence
    1. Photo of Lily Kang and Roark (Power Play) - As you approach the Body Shop, there will be an office in the corner closest to you. Enter the body shop and go to that office to scan this photo.
    2. Bomb Under Kang's Bianchi (Power Play) - There will be a white car inside the body shop whose hiding a bomb underneath the front bumper.
    3. Pallet of Hot Shot (Hot Shot Supply Chain) - This is along the back wall of the body shop, about 20 feet away from the white car with the bomb.







Location - Mansion

  • Warrant
    1. Cameron Briller - This suspect will be sitting on a couch on the first floor after you plant the bug.



    1. White Van (Power Play) - Inside the house you can find a white van inside the garage. Scan the side of it to reveal your analyze point.
    2. Shipping Labels (Power Play) - There's an office on the first floor just inside the house from the garage and you will find this on a desk.
    3. Safe Combination (Power Play) - This is looted by arrested Cameron Briller and searching his body.
    4. Wall of Photos (Wall of Photos) - This is inside the gym on the opposite end of the house from the garage. You'll first have to have the power turned on which happens automatically after you've planted the bug on the 3rd floor. Once the power is on go to the gym (make sure not to accidentally exit this area by a nearby large double doors. Along the wall there will be a hidden panel which will grant you access into the secret room. Once in the room scan the photos on the cork board to the left.



Location - Terraces

  • Warrant
    1. Marvin Thomas - Once you make it to the backyard of the mansion, you will want to go to the back right corner. There will be a tennis court and that is the location of this suspect.



    1. Box of SS190 Cartridges (Power Play) - In the large backyard area, make your way to the shooting range in the back left corner underneath the putting green. This will be be on a shelf near the guy practice shooting.
    2. Rifle Suppressors (Power Play) - This will be on the ground to the right of the one shooter in the shooting range
    3. SWAT Flak Jackets (Power Play) - This will also be in the shooting range. It'll be in a small room within it sitting on a shelf.
    4. Tanks of Tear Gas (Power Play) - This is in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is near on the far opposite corner, just above the tennis court.



Location Sanctum Sanctorum

  • Evidence
    1. File Inside Safe - This requires you to have looted the Safe Combination from Cameron Briller in the mansion. Once you've had that, you will need to go to the bedroom on the top floor of the pool house. Before you plant the phone in the briefcase, open the safe on the left of the bed and analyze the files.


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Location Trailer Park

  • Warrant
    1. Jim Preston - He'll be patrolling the center of the Trailer Park. He might be difficult to arrest without a fire fight so if that does happen, clear the area and leave him last. Wait until he loses you and your mini map is yellow. At this point it'll be safe to arrest him.



    1. ATF Agent's Badge (The Boomer Connection) - This piece of evidence is found on the body of Jim Preston. Make sure to search him after arresting him.
    2. Bomb Blueprint (The Boomer Connection) - From the top of the hill when you are looking down at the trailer park, you'll see a trailer outside the park on the right side with many communications things on top of it. Go in here for the badge.
    3. Hot Shot Lab (Hot Shot Supply Chain) - Go into the trailer park and on the right side of this area will be a trailer with lab equipment that you need to scan. It's not far from the alarm and the fence you can climb under. In this trailer park, rely heavily on your scanner giving you distance and direction.
    4. Torture Room (The Boomer Connection) - This is on the second floor of a trailer straight in the back, in fact, it's the same trailer you got your gear from. There will be a ladder you can climb to get to the second level and you can scan this and the next item.
    5. Cell Phone (The Boomer Connection) - Inside the same trailer as the previous one on the opposite side of the room.
    6. Boomer Dossier (The Boomer Connection) - This will be in a trailer in the back left corner near the point you can jump over the wall using the rocks.



Location - Gas Station

  • Evidence
    1. License Plate (The Boomer Connection) - This will be around the back of the gas station. After making your survival defense, you'll see a car and all you need to do is scan its license plate
    2. ATF Agent's Grave (The Boomer Connection) - Before leaving the gas station area, go across the street and to the left side of the burnt building will be a grave. Head towards the shovel sticking out of the ground and you'll see it.



Location - Airfield

  • Evidence
    1. Ricin Bomb (The Boomer Connection) - The only collectible in the airfield is in the first hanger you enter. As soon as you enter it look to the left corner and you'll see the bomb.






Location - Plaza

  • Evidence
    1. Box of Books (Preferred Outcomes) - Once you make it to Dawes's Skyscraper, you want to go around to the back where the loading dock is at. You'll see two guards back there and some dumpsters to the right of them. The box of books will be on the ground in front of the dumpster.



Location - Lobby

  • Warrant

    1. Derek Kelly - He'll be in the lobby near the button that you need to hit to activate the elevators. You can tag and analyze him from outside in the Plaza, but you'll have to get into the lobby to arrest him.


    1. Staffing Chart (Preferred Outcomes) - If you enter the building from the docks where the box of books were located, you'll come across a security door and you want to enter that to find this.



Location - Offices

  • Warrant
    1. John Starnes - You'll take an elevator up to the 20th floor, but you'll have to takes some stairs down to the 19th floor. John is in the back left corner near the alarm. You'll need to search his body for a piece of evidence too.



    1. Letter from Chicago Politician (Preferred Outcomes) - After the elevator reaches the 20th floor, take a left. Now there will be letter you need to analyze in the back right office.
    2. Revenue Sketch (Preferred Outcomes) - This will be in the back left office if you got out of the elevator and went left. This is in a conference room with the white board.
    3. Notice of Transfer (Preferred Outcomes) - This is on the body of John Starnes down on the 19th floor.
    4. Email from Dawes's Computer (Power Play) - You'll take a long staircase up to the 21st floor to go into a private elevator. In the room with this new elevator you want to scan the computer monitor on the desk.
    5. Photograph of Dawes' Wife (Preferred Outcomes) - This is in the same room with the private elevator. Scan the photo to the right of the elevator.



Location - Penthouse

  • Evidence
    1. Photo of Dawes' Dying Wife (Preferred Outcomes) - Upon reaching the penthouse, go up to the second floor and go to the bedroom. There will be a photo on the right nightstand
    2. Bank Website (Preferred Outcomes) - You'll find a laptop to scan on the first floor of the penthouse. It's in the office that's left of the vault as you're looking at it. It is also the location of the tactical gear.







Location - Roadblock

  • Warrant
    1. Howard White - He'll be located at the area called Roadblock. Our first big encounter. When you first approach it, he'll be right in front of the building in the back.



    1. Fax from Neil Roark (Preferred Outcomes) - This will be in the building in the back area of Roadblock. The building with the alarm. Look for a fax and scan it.



Location - Cabanas

  • Warrant
    1. Lyle Feldman - After Roadblock, you will come across a fork in the road. To the right is the Services Plant which will be the next section we go to but first go left and you'll reach the Cabanas. It's a large area with our warrant suspect in the middle of it.



    1. Summons from the IRS (Preferred Outcomes) - If you keep going further back out towards the oceans you will find some huts. If you go to the one on the right you will find a IRS summons.



Location - Services Plant (Labeled Utility Complex on scanner)

  • Warrant
    Craig Foster - You can continue on from the Cabanas and circle up and back around to the right to get to the Services Plant, or you can go back to the fork in the road outside the Roadblock. Either way, make sure you do it before going to the mansion. Craig Foster will be circling around this smaller area and if you arrest him, he should be the final warrant served.
  • Evidence
    1. Dossier on Cpt. Hector Mendoza (Preferred Outcomes) - This will be in the Southeast corner building sitting on a desk.



Location - Dawes's Mansion

  • Evidence
    1. Surveillance Log (Preferred Outcomes) - The final piece of evidence will be on top of the mansion. In order to get there you will need to have the grapple gun and get to the back of the mansion near the objective marker and the pool. High above the pool will be a ledge the grapple gun and shoot up to. Once on the roof, you should see a building that enter and if you look on the table you will find the log.


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Awe gross. I was hoping that you wouldn't have to play much of the multiplayer to unlock the weapons (or had them unlocked from the start). :/


I've got about 5 hours into online and I'm still a long ways away from meeting the criteria to unlock the MAC-10 and it'll be the easier of the two.

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I haven't confirmed but you probably can unlock hardline difficulty playing on officer difficulty. I'm not positive though.


Great job Woz... amazing guide! some of your videos didn't work... I think 'they' deleted them? they show as private :think:


I have them uploaded but haven't made them live yet. I don't like to spam my subscribers feeds if I can help it. They are coming soon

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I was really hoping that the MP was not gonna be any kind of grind since I already have Destiny and GTA:O. With this and FF Type-0 coming out tomorrow, I think I might stick with the two aforementioned games and play Type-0 when no one is online.


Hopefully it does not come down to that, as I heard good things about Hardline. We shall see.

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Never thought I'd say this: but only 3 MP trophies? :thumbsdown:


Being that BF has been primarily an MP game over the years I've always enjoyed their MP trophies as I thought they were challenging and inventive lists. I'm sure there will be umpteen, luck based DLC trophies down the road...but kind of disappointing there isn't the proverbial "dangling carrot" to go for while ranking up/going for assignments.


All first-world problems aside, nice work getting the guide up pronto. :D

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