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Convoy help..!


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Im up to sequence 10, but one of my convoys, the first one at the top of the list says its attacked and has a red cross on it, and is stuck like that., Ive never used it and never sent it. I can only use two now, is this a glitch or can I unblock it to use it somehow?? This games fkn crazy :think:


Unfortunately it is a glitch. If the attacked convoy isn't showing up on any of the maps, their is no way to get it back.

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I didn't have any problems with the pivots, and I had one of the glitched convoys too. So maybe you'll be alright. I'm not sure what causes the pivot glitch, but good luck to you!


Cheers bro. If I may ask another question seeing youve capped this bish - How do I get more special iron ore ingot's!?? Ive done all the mining missions and crafted a couple of extra weps but there so many more Id like to do but no more ingots, seems weird :confused:

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Ahhhh it's been so long. I know there is a chest by the manor on the homestead that has some. The chest doesn't show up on your map though.


Its behind the horse stable on a cliff on the side of the mountain.


You may have to do an internet search for it. I'm not 100% positive but I think there is another chest somewhere.

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