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MP Wolfpack


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Srsly I want to strangle some people! Why the hell dont MOST players understand its not a kill fest in wolfpack its a team effect and waiting till the square fills THEN killing is best. I hate trying to have a decent game and some little knob gobblers join and start running all over the place killing in 5 seconds. GArrrr



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I just turned to public wolfpack to get the multikills easier!


but it's nice when you find a group that know what they're doing!


True that.

Just got my final MP trophy.. finally. The one where you need to unlock a hacked video. Easy to do the 20 air kills on sole private mp wolfpack.

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you dont get the rank up fast enough though. Invites good but a lot of my mates have sold the game out of frustrastion. Can understand why.


I read the thread topic under New Posts and responded but then realized this was for ACIII...I answered thinking that it was for ACIV. That's why I deleted my post...and you are correct...not fast enough ranking up.

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