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Estimated Time to Platinum


Estimated Time to Platinum  

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  1. 1. Estimated Time to Platinum

    • 0-5 Hours
    • 6-10 Hours
    • 11-15 Hours
    • 16-20 Hours
    • 21-25 Hours
    • 26-35 Hours
    • 36-50 Hours
    • 51-75 Hours
    • 76-100 Hours
    • 100+ Hours

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Estimated Time to Plat Length: ????




Voting Guidelines


  1. Voted time should be based on your own personal time spent working towards 100%.
  2. Do not vote based on "fastest possible run", but rather your own experience in playing the game.
  3. Voted time should be in-game time spent, from first starting game to achieving 100%.
  4. Do not vote unless you have played the game.
  5. Do not vote until you have dedicated a substantial amount of time towards the game.
  6. Vote with honesty and integrity.

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Well im about 70 hours in but roughly 30 of that or so is cuz of broken trophies (mainly the side quest trophies). I have started a new file (deleted everything) for side quest trophy and i prolly have roughly 8-10 hours of gameplay left to before i get platinum (knock on wood). So bout 80 hours to platinum this game , kinda funny considering I spent about 150 hrs on dragon age getting platinum ( also for fun).....

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  • 2 weeks later...

About to finish everything clocked at 42hrs, but I voted 51-75 as it's more reasonable due to just having fun parkouring/co-op'ing, maybe need grinding time to get Everest, kick 100 and Rais men trophies, and if you do cleanup one by one eg side quests, then collectibles then quarantine zones, instead of making your runs efficient.

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36-50 But could take way less or way more this game is a mess. Took me 50 hours or just a few minutes short of to get the Plat. About 5 hours maybe more just on saving like 6-7 survivors from Rais men. Took 18 to get the trophy.


Another crazy 3-4 hours to do the 2 Coop trophies And I was halfway to them when me and a partner started. The game just would rarely give us a competition even with the options on Very often. Wasn't like that when I first got the game.

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