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Reflega Question


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I think I forgot how Reflega works. I remember it doing damage even during spam, now I just don't take any damage for a bit, but neither are my enemy. If I wait a bit then it does damage to the enemy, but enemy is free to attack me after that since I stuck in the animation.

This makes really hard killing one of the mushrooms in 10 seconds.

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That's how Reflect works, actually. You have to wait the whole animation otherwise it won't do any damage. If you just spam reflect it will only protect you because you cut the animation before it was able to do any damage.


The one mushroom you're talking about I guess it is the one in Agrabah? If so, the best way to finish him is using fenrir and the negative combo ability while in limit form with sora, turn off any combo plus and just spam the finishing combos for limit form, zantetsuken and riple drive. It is better to leave on any finishing combo plus.


Edit: I guess you can time the reflect to use it again just in time to complete the animation but still be protected. Can't guarantee that, tho

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He will be talking about the mushroom in Twilight Town in the tunnels, for that one I jumped above it, use Reflega, he did hit me once or twice but I was able to kill it just in time, I was a very high level though on Beginner.


Oh, that one.


I did it on critical using final form with fenrir + negative combo. Just used blizzaga once, keeping my distance while hitting him with blizzaga finishing combo that launches more orbs, jumped and thunder to finish him.


Made under ten seconds first try, and it wasn't even a perfect run.


IIRC I was somewhat level 60. Hope that helps TC

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