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NBA 2K10 Trophy Guide


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Another guide has been chosen as the preferred guide for this game.

This thread has been closed and is not maintained and as a result may contain outdated or incorrect information. Please follow the link below for the preferred guide.




Release Date: 10/6/2009

Difficulty: 4/10

Cheats: They do disable achievements

Estimated Time: 2-3 days

Trophies: 32 Bronze, 15 Silver, 1 Gold, 1 Platinum.



I have written this guide in order to help those who are having trouble with some of the trophies.


Note that I have not gotten the Dunk Off, or Ranked Matches trophies. The servers are laggy and I have not gotten a chance to do this, although it is self explanatory. I am 99% sure that you cannot pull out your Ethernet cable like you could last year.


This guide may not be posted on any other site. It is meant solely for PS3trophies.org.


Before You Start


Go to the "My NBA" section. Go to the game sliders, and put yours up the entire way, and put the CPU's down the entire way. Then go to NBA Rules, turn them all off, and turn the fouls down to 0.


Summer Circuit Trophy - Bronze


This trophy is a real pain, considering it is the first one in the series of My Player trophies. This means you will need to get accustomed to this mode.


First off, there are no sliders. Anything you have edited in the options, are set to default in this game mode. It is made especially difficult, because you start off with very low skills.


If you do not get an A or A+ team mate rating in just one of the games, there is a 99% chance you will be sent to the D League. If you are sent to the D League, you may as well start over, because I had to play 13 games to get sent back to the main squad. If it looks like you are going to not get an A, just quit out, but make sure not to save.


My Strategy: Stay behind the arc! Wait for a pass, then as soon as you catch the pass, pass to another man behind the arc. This should give you a "Good Pass" notification at the top of the screen. It will take 9 of these "Good Pass" notification for you to go up a full letter grade.


After the 6 Summer Circuit games, if you have gotten all A's, you will be told that NBA teams are interested in you. Just be sure to do the obvious, and you will be presented with the most frustrating bronze trophy in the game.


Training Camp Trophy - Bronze


This will work pretty much the same as the last one, so see above.


Play In The NBA Trophy - Bronze


This will work pretty much the same as the last two, so see above.


All of the following trophies must be done in a single game! The stats do not carry over.


You can also earn every team trophy in one game, if you focus on them, and put 12 minute quarters on.


30 Assists Trophy - Bronze


An assist is when you pass the ball, and score with the player you passed to, thus "Assisting" them. Do this 30 times, and you will get the trophy.


10 Blocks Trophy - Bronze


This can be very frustrating if you don't know what you're doing. Yao Ming is the tallest player in the NBA. Go into rosters, and edit his blocking skill to max (He plays for the Houston Rockets).


Once the game starts, try to stay inside the paint. You will get lined up with a center or forward most likely. When he backs up against you, he is ready to take a shot. As soon as you see him preparing for the shot, press triangle. This will block the shot. Please know that you will need to get the timing just right. This game is very stingy when it comes to blocks. Do this ten times, and you will have the trophy.


15 Steals Trophy - Bronze


One of the easiest trophies in the game. If you did what I said earlier, and turned rules off, and your abilities up, it will be done in less than 5 minutes. When the other team has the ball, go up to whoever has the ball and press square. You will reach in, and take the ball. Do this fifteen times, and you will have the trophy.


Rebound + 10 Trophy - Bronze


This one is also relatively simple. A rebound is when a shot is missed, and is then gotten again by either team.


Play the game normally, and since the computer's sliders are low, you will get the rebound most of the time. If you are really having trouble, put a guy behind the backboard, and just throw it off. It'll bounce back right into his hands, but this shouldn't be necessary.


15 Threes Trophy - Bronze


A three pointer is a shot that is behind the arc on the court. Obviously press square to shoot, and make it in the basket. Do this 15 times, and you will have the trophy.


Defensive FG% Trophy - Bronze


For this trophy, you will need to hold your opponent to under a 40% field goal percentage. A field goal is whenever a shot is made, excluding free throws. With the sliders set down, this should be no problem. If it is a problem for some reason, make one shot, steal the ball, then stay behind half court for the rest of the game. They will not defend you, and you can just let time run out.


Light’s Out Trophy – Bronze


This one should come with natural play. All you have to do is shoot about 60% with at least 40 shot attempts. This isn’t too bad, and when going for the other trophies, I guarantee you will get this one.


Track Meet Trophy - Bronze


You need to get at least 20 fast break points for this one. A Fast Break is when you pretty much have no one around you after getting a rebound or a steal, and shoot a quick layup or shot. Just wait until the opponent gets past half court. Steal the ball, sprint down the court, and take a quick shot. Earn 20 points this way, and the trophy will be yours.


Second Unit Trophy – Bronze


For this one, you need to get 40 points with the bench. The bench players are those that aren’t originally on the court. You need to substitute them in. You can check your bench points under the game stats section. You probably will get this one while playing for the others, so don’t worry about this one.


Inside Domination Trophy – Bronze


This trophy requires you to get 70 points in the paint. The paint is obviously the part under the basket that is painted, and not wood. Just run into the paint and shoot. Once again, since the sliders are up, you’ll make every shot.


Good Hands Trophy – Bronze


You will have to get 20 assists with no more than 5 turnovers for this one. This one is a little more challenging than all the ones before it, but as long as you don’t make stupid decisions, it will be easy.


All-Hustle Trophy – Bronze


You will get this one in the same game you get your 10 blocks in. Don’te even worry about it.


All-Heart Trophy – Bronze


For this, set the quarters to one minute. Let the opponent score 5 points, and make sure you don’t do anything. Then in the fourth quarter, just dominate. This is one of the easiest ones in the game.


3-For-All Trophy – Bronze


With the sliders up, you can shoot and make every 3 point shot, thus making the 45% field goal percentage extremely simple.


Ice Water Trophy – Bronze


This one is tough, if you’re new to the series. A free throw is a shot that you take from the foul line after being fouled. It will prompt you to pull the thumb stick down, then release it. You need to time it just right, or else you’ll miss. The good thing about this is that it will tell you if you’re early or late with releasing the thumb stick. Just learn the timing, and your trophy shall be earned.


Lockdown Trophy – Bronze


You will get this as you play the game.


Celtics vs. Lakers Trophy – Bronze


Play as the team specified on All-Star difficulty. Put the quarters to one minute, and own the other team.


East vs. West Trophy – Bronze


See above.


Rookie Challenge Trophy – Bronze


See above.


3 Pt. Shootout Trophy – Bronze


Go to the 3 point shootout, and be sure to choose a good shooter, because as the name suggests, this entire mode is just 3 point shooting. You will get 5 normal balls, and then a “Money Ball”. The normal balls are worth one point, and the Money Ball is worth two.


Choose a good shooter, and set the opponents to all centers. You will win this one easily. When I played, the most they scored was 4.


Create-a-Player Trophy – Bronze


You will get this when going for the My Player trophies.

2K Beats Playlist Trophy – Bronze


Go into the options section. You will see an option for 2K Beats. Just remove one song from the playlist, save it, then the trophy has been earned.


All of the online trophies are self explanatory. However, the online play in this game is terrible. It is very buggy, and the servers have a lot of downtime.


Ranked Match Trophy – Bronze


Win one ranked match.


3 Ranked Streak Trophy – Bronze


Win 3 ranked matches in a row.


5 Ranked Streak Trophy – Bronze


Win 5 ranked matches in a row.


5 Ranked Matches Trophy – Bronze


Win 5 ranked matches total.


Crew Game Trophy – Bronze


Win an online crew game.


Pick-Up Game Trophy - Bronze


Win an online pick up game.


Its Better To Give Trophy – Bronze


After you create your player, go to the file share, and upload it. The trophy will be earned as soon as it’s done uploading.

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For these trophies, you must do certain things with certain players. I recommend playing against the New Jersey Nets, as they are a very weak team.


G Performance Trophy - Silver


Dwayne Wade plays for the Miami Heat. Use the hints from the other stat trophies in order to complete this.


LeBron James Trophy – Silver


LeBron James plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Use the hints from the other stat trophies in order to complete this.


Kobe Bryant Trophy – Silver


Kobe Bryant plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Use the hints from the other stat trophies in order to complete this.


Brandon Roy Trophy – Silver


Brandon Roy plays for the Portland Trailblazers. Use the hints from the other stat trophies in order to complete this.


Danny Granger Trophy – Silver


Danny Granger plays for the Indiana Pacers. Use the hints from the other stat trophies in order to complete this.


Dwight Howard Trophy – Silver


Dwight Howard plays for the Orlando Magic. Use the hints from the other stat trophies in order to complete this.


Kevin Durant Trophy – Silver


Kevin Durant plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Use the hints from the other stat trophies in order to complete this.


Carmelo Anthony Trophy – Silver


Carmelo Anthony plays for the Denver Nuggets. Use the hints from the other stat trophies in order to complete this.


Chris Paul Trophy – Silver


Chris Paul plays for the New Orleans Hornets. Use the hints from the other stat trophies in order to complete this.


Deron Williams Trophy – Silver


Deron Williams plays for the Utah Jazz. Use the hints from the other stat trophies in order to complete this.


Yao Ming Trophy – Silver


Yao Ming plays for the Houston Rockets. Use the hints from the other stat trophies in order to complete this.


Dirk Nowitski Trophy – Silver


Dirk Nowitski plays for the Dallas Mavericks. Use the hints from the other stat trophies in order to complete this.


Sprite Slam Dunk Trophy – Silver


To earn this trophy, you must win the Slam Dunk contest with Lebron James. Just control all contestants, and have Lebron do good, and let time expire for the others. This will guarantee you the trophy.


Dunk-Off Trophy – Silver


This one is extremely difficult. I would even go as far as to say it is the most difficult trophy in the game. After you win the dunk contest, a limo will pull up, and a random person will challenge you to a dunk off. You must then beat them. The only problem is, they score in the high eighties, low nineties every time. What I found works well, is to put a prop in front of the basket, and do a simple dunk, that involves the prop. You will score in the mid to high eighties. You just have to hope that the challenger fails on one of his dunk attempts.


10 Ranked Matches Trophy – Silver


Win 10 ranked matches.


20 Ranked Matches Trophy – Gold


Win 20 Ranked Matches.


All-NBA Trophy – Platinum


Earn all other trophies in this game.


Well there you go. If you follow my advice, you should have all of the trophies, and a beautiful Platinum in about 2-3 days.

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