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data wiped


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i was playing earlier and my battery was almost out so i plugged it in and went outside for a bit, when i came back i turned the game on and my save was gone. i had almost 20 hours on the game and 2 off all normal mode beat and now it's gone but my level kept :confused: has this ever happened to anyone else playing this?



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I'm very very late on this, but there is a nasty bug that will wipe all your stats except for S rank stars. It's a bit random, but from all the cases I read about it involved the battery getting low or dying and then reloading your game, but for me I had finished the game for the first time, it played the ending animation, and then when it reloaded my data the last few levels were missing and the movie player didn't show I had cleared the last level to get the ending animation. Another guy in Japan reported he backed out of the stats screen, backed out to the title screen by mistake, loaded his game back and all the data was gone.


I just kept uploading my data to the psn cloud after every few stages and hoping nothing goes wrong in the meantime.

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My data has gotten corrupted twice now and I'm pretty salty about it, so I'm done with it for now unless I find someone to help me get the ad-hoc trophies.


First time I had all S ranks on 10 out of 12 levels and two S ranks on level 11. My stats were maintained except my level progress reset me back to level 6. I was going to just work my way back up, but for whatever reason, hard mode wouldn't unlock on level 6. I had been regularly backing up my save to PS+ in case this happened, but reverting my save brought it back to the corrupted state.


Fine, I'll start the whole game over. I'm a lot better at it now, so let's just go through as quickly as possible. Got all S ranks on the first 11 levels and did some farming for skills in under 8 hours of playtime. Cool, home stretch now. So I play the last level on Casual, S rank it pretty easily, and let the credits roll. ...oh no, I'm back at the main menu. I contemplate whether to upload my save or load the game, which had the correct playtime shown. In a moment of panic, I made the wrong choice again: I loaded the game. Upon doing so, the only levels I had unlocked were the DLC levels and the very first stage. Somehow my score on the DLC level was saved, but everything else is gone. I quit back to the main menu hoping that would somehow fix it, but this time, the load screen showed 0:00:00 as my playtime.


I figure I might be able to fix it by starting over yet again, playing through every level once on Casual, and uploading the save after the credits roll, then going for all S ranks. As long as I don't quit to the main menu, close the game, or shut off my Vita, the save file should be fine. Honestly, if it starts to irritate me enough, I might do this. But for now, screw this game.


Edit: ...I strongly dislike feeling like I have unfinished business, so I went for it. I think the DLC maps were what caused me problems. It seems like, when my saves were reverted, they were reverted to the point around just when I had played a DLC map for the first time. This time I re-installed the game without the DLC and got to the end just fine in about 1.2 hours. I now have S ranks on the final map on all three difficulties and all previous maps on Casual or Normal and I'm not going to close the app or power off the Vita until I have my trophy for all S ranks. I'd advise anyone who starts this game in the future to do the same.

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