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Blood Knights - Trophy Guide & Roadmap


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Blood Knights (NA)







Blood Knights is a small game made by Deck13, the same people who made Venetica. They are a small German Studio. The game is very short and very linear. You assume the roles of Jeremy the Vampire Hunter and Alysa the Vampire as they are trapped in a bond. The game spans 7 Chapters each lasting 15-25 minutes.



:rs: - Movement

:ls: - Dodge (Jeremy)/Aim (Alysa)

:square: - Attack

:triangle: - Character Switch (SP)/Share Blood (Co-op)

:circle: - Blood Shield

:cross: - Jump/Interact

:l1: - Heavy Attack (Jeremy)/Special Arrow (Alysa)

:l2: - Suck Blood

:r1: - Attack

:r2: - Whirlwind (Jeremy)/Grenade (Alysa)

:l2: + :square: - Attract (Jeremy)/Repel (Alysa)

:select: - Inventory

:start: - Menu




Step 1: Chapter 1 with 2 controllers

Play the first Chapter with 2 controllers; by the end of Chapter 1 you should have the following. There are no difficulty trophies so you can just choose normal. Also note that there is no Chapter Select; once you leave an area you cannot return to it.


Burn them down! (B)

Let them fly (B)

No time to sleep! (B)

Teamplayer (S)

Ooops I did it again (B)

A former ally (B)(H)


Step 2: Chapters 2-3 Plus Blood Coins and a back-up save for Human Descision

Play Chapters 2 and 3 collecting all the Blood Coins. Once you return to town after fighting the boss, you will want to exit the game and create a back-up save on a USB drive. From here, you want to make the human choices, as they take less time than the vampire choices. While on this run, you can also try to Keep Roya from getting injured as the last choice is immediately before that part of the game.


Suck it (B)

Still Human (B)(H)



Step 3: Reload the save for the vampire decisions and ALL Blood Coins

Reload your backed up save, but this time you will be aiming for the rest of the Blood Coins and the vampire decisions, as well as completing the game. If you did not back up your save, you will have to restart completely for the rest of the trophies; luckily getting to this point only takes 45 min-1hr.


Real Vampire (B)(H)

No deluge this time (S)

Collection complete (G)

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Trophy Guide:


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2155/0B3.jpg Burn them down! (B)

Kill 10 enemies with an explosive barrel



They do not have to be all at once. There are enough barrels and enemies you can get this in Chapter 1. Just leave the barrels until enemies start to appear, and if you time it right with your fire arrow, it can easily kill an entire group of 4-5 enemies at once. This one can be combined with Ooops I did it again.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2155/1A4.jpg Let them fly

Kill 10 enemies by pushing them into a pit



After becoming a vampire, you are near a cliff with several enemies. Hold :l2: to lift, then press :square: to throw when using Alysa. As long as it is a deep or bottomless pit it will count. They have to die from the throw. If the pit kills you, then it kills them as well.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2155/7B3.jpg Teamplayer (S)

Play through any act with a coop partner



You must play an entire act in Co-op. Unlike Diablo, your partner does not follow you, so you must alternate controllers. This can be done in any chapter, but i recommend Chapter 1.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2155/728.jpg No time to sleep! (B)

Revive your coop partner 10 times



If you are playing solo, you can grind this in Chapter 1 just after becoming a vampire. Best to use an archer that is high up to avoid being attacked.


Find any lone archer and use your partner as a shield; once they are dead, press :triangle: to revive them.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG9agriD4vs]No Time to Sleep - YouTube[/ame]


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2155/65E.jpg Ooops I did it again (B)

Kill your coop partner with an explosive barrel twice



Just have the 2nd player stand next to an explosive barrel, then press :l1: to activate the barrel. If you are playing Jeremy, he has to be right next to the barrel to activate it, while Alysa will shoot a Fire arrow.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNDekAGBmT8]Ooops I did it again - YouTube[/ame]


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2155/98D.jpg Suck it (B)

Suck 1000 litres of blood



Make sure you are using :l2: on as many enemies as possible; if you are diligent, you can get this fairly early. I just ran in circles holding :l2: from the time you first get the ability. I got this early in Chapter 2, where i then switched to using Alysa for her ranged attacked.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2155/985.jpg No deluge this time (S)

Complete the game once


Beat the boss of Chapter 7 for this. Like all bosses, if you use Alysa, just run around the Arena holding down :r1: to constantly shoot arrows, grenades with :r2:, and Fire Arrows with :l1: help out a lot as well.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2155/28A.jpg A former ally (B)(H)

Kill one of your former friends


At the very end of Chapter 1, you will fight 6 human warriors. These are just regular enemies. The trophy popped for me after killing just 1 of them. You might be able to miss this one if you just run past the enemies


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2155/482.jpg YOU SHALL NOT PASS! (S)(H)

Roya stayed unharmed collecting the vampire blood



The hardest trophy in the game. There are 2 spots where you have to protect Roya; you only have to protect her for 1 segment without harm, not both. If you upgrade your attack speed and power, this should not be hard, also utilize your repel move and grenades.


Using Alysa, stand just south of Roya while holding :r1: and press :r2: once they group up. Grenades do not hurt Roya. Make sure you aim with :r3: to get the ones closest to her first.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2155/BC9.jpg Real Vampire (B)(H)

3 vampiric decisions made



This is one is Actually misleading as you have to do/answer 4 things for this one.


Choose the following answers:

Save Blood Fox at the very end of Chapter 3.

Exchange the Relic of Light for a Ring from the Priest .

Give Roya the Clean Vial.

Hide the Eggs in town, then return to Roya.


The Trophy will pop shortly after placing the last egg in town.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2155/8F7.jpg Still Human (B)(H)

3 human decisions made



This one also requires that you do 4 things as well. Choose the following answers:


Burn Blood Fox at the very end of Chapter 3.

Talk to Andrej and offer your help to light 4 torches before leaving for the relic.

Return the Relic of Light to Bartholomew.

Give Roya the Dirty Vial.


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2155/4CC.jpg Collection complete (G)

All Blood Coins collected



You have to be on the vampire path to get all of these, as it requires giving Roya a Pure Vial of Blood, otherwise she will not sell you the last 5 coins. Plus most of these are in plain view.



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Real Vampire - Didn't pop when you said it would, it popped after turning in the quest. And that kind of conflicts with saying "return to Roya" in the breakdown too. So I'm not sure why you put that it pops after putting the last egg in water.


You Shall Not Pass - Eh, doing this with the dude was easier. There's a ring you can find quite a bit before, there's a gate with two buttons you have to press in quick succession. Near it there's a lake. You jump on some rocks shoot a wall switch to raise it out of the lake and some more rocks to jump and get it. It extends your spin attack duration to the point you can use it on cooldown even without fully upgraded spin. Add in upgrading your entire spin move and it's dope. He doesn't kill the enemies as fast this way and so they don't spawn as much since they get knocked back a lot further. It's slightly hard to maneuver around the lady. But mix in that jump attack as your spin ends and it helps to bridge the gaps.


I found the girl to be near impossible to do, there'd be damage within the first wave. :/

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Still Human didnt unlock... do the torch lighting quest before leaving the town to get the staff of light so the trophy unlocks.


I kinda forgot about doing this before leaving town and I thought I was screwed! Turns out you can return even after helping Roya. Just fast-travel back to town via the save-monuments and press :cross: to see the trader. You will return to town at nighttime and just continue with the quest lighting the torches using Alysa's fire arrows... then speak to Sir Andrej who will be guarding one of the torches in the courtyard (by the gate that leads to the Trail of Noah) with Fr. Bartholomew also waiting in the courtyard.


... I also believe you can still do this even after saving Sonia. Just did that towards the end of the game and the quest is still available for as long as you haven't spoken to Sir Andrej before leaving town.




As for the point-of-no return regarding the game save back-up. The very last time you can do this safely would be after entering Godskeep for the first time with Sir Andrej berating Blood Fox as a "vampire bitch" - go to the save-monument which will be on your left and exit the game after saving to back-up your game (via USB or PSN Cloud). Make sure you back-up the right save file if you ever have more than one slots used - check the dates and the player level to be sure.


Reload the game and approach Blood Fox who will be tied up at the stake.

Conversation choices are as follows:

:cross: Blood Fox "Jeremy be kind, cut these ropes and let me go!"


Conversation 1:

✇ Why not? I will set you free. (to save her).

✇ You're a vampiress and a killer. You deserve these flames. (to kill her).

✇ I'm not in the mood to decide right now. "You can't let me die here... Jeremy have mercy!"


Conversation 2:

✇ If I free you, I will lose all that proclaims I'm still human. (to save her).

✇ Did you show mercy to the villagers that you trapped and killed one by one? (to kill her).


Conversation 3:

✇ Hell will come after the flames, blood witch! (to kill her).

✇ I'm sorry justice must be dealt. (to kill her).

✇ I'll cut you loose. If you promise to go away. Forever. (to save her).

✇ Why, sure! You're way too sweet for these nasty flames! (to save her).


To know if you saved or killed her: :cross: Blood Fox

Killed: "You have a heart of stone!"

Saved: "I wont forget this. I'll escape when they're not paying attention."

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