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Warframe. "Login failed. Could not connect to server."


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I just downloaded the latest patch for Warframe without any issues. However, when I try to play the game, I only get this message. My internet connection is fine, as I'm able to play other multiplayer shooters online without a problem. Is this a regular occurrence for Warframe? If it takes 75 hours to platinum and the game has login issues, I'm not sure I even want to start playing it.

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I downloaded the update when it was released yesterday at 1:30pm eastern time. for a new update it still had its share of bugs at the start up. the talk "channels" except for clan wasn't working right and the new event wasn't even showing up for like the first 10 minutes after it updated.


now later that night I did get the same issue as you.

I was actually in the middle of playing a mission and it said "server failure cant connect" but it let us finish the mission first before booting us off the game for good. I tried a couple times to log back in and it wouldn't let me. haven't tried yet this morning.

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It appears DE has resolved whatever issues were causing the loss of connectivity. I've had one major lagfest (while playing with another host) that resulted in my being dropped during Host Migration and several smaller issues with lag while playing with others on Survival. Other than that, it's been smooth the last 3-4 days.

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