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How do you start an Enhanced Mode Co-Op game?


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As the title says I can't seem to start an Enhanced Mode game in co-op.


It seems to default to the original Amiga version and I can't see any option to change this. Surely there must be a way to play the version with enhanced visuals and dual analogue controls?. In 1 player I just go to Enhanced Mode but in co-op it defaults the classic version. Tellingly if I leave the co-op menu and go back to the main menu it's set to the "classic" title screen like I've changed the mode- weird.


I have no problem with the old graphics, I used to play the original version "back in the day" on the amiga 500. However the twin stick shooting makes the game so much easier to play and I want to be able to enjoy it with twin analogue control with a buddy.


EDIT: Weird! It works now. Guess it must have been some daft glitch.

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