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Submitting Trophy Lists and Tiles **Updated: 18/04/2017**


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This thread explains how to submit trophy lists or tiles to the site, in the event that they haven't been posted yet.


18/04/17 - Updated links for finding your trophy lists on the PlayStation site as an update has changed things.


Before You Begin

  • The primary point of contact for lists is Terminator. Please contact him first if you have a question. If he is not available, you can contact Mendel.
  • New games showing up on other public trophy sites will usually be covered by us already, unless it is an older list that we missed.
  • Credits are awarded for either the list or the images. If you submit both for the same game, you will only receive one credit.
  • You can only submit lists or individual trophies (like DLC) that appear on your PSN profile. If you submit something appearing on someone else's profile, the submission will be ignored.
  • We never assume a list on one console will be the same on other consoles. Sometimes they are different. If you only have the PS3 version of a game on your profile, that's all you will get credit for. Someone else can submit the PS4 version even if the trophies are exactly the same.
  • Only the first person submitting a list will get credit. Since submissions are timestamped, we'll know who's first. Late submissions will be ignored. Do not complain about not getting credit, that will be ignored too. We have more important things to do than cheat people out of site awards.
  • Once you reach 30 credits, any future submissions will be skipped if there have been multiple submissions. If you are the only submitter, you will be credited on the 'Game Added' article but your credit count will not increase any further.


Submitting Lists


It's pretty simple. Lists should only be either complete games or DLC.


  1. First, check that we don't already have the trophy list by viewing our existing Trophy Lists. If you are submitting a multi-region game, please state the region of your submission.
  2. Make sure that the trophies appear on your PSN account and that it's fully synced.
  3. Login to Playstation.com, access Your Profile and click 'View and Compare' for the list that you want to submit.
  4. If the game doesn't show up on the Playstation site yet, transcribe the list from your console. However you submit, we may check it on PSN, so please include your PSN ID as part of your post. If you do not submit your PSN ID, your submission may be ignored.
  5. Create a new thread here in Submit with the details of what you're submitting. Include the following:
    • The name, description and weight ((B)(S)(G)(P)) of each trophy. Also note whether the trophy is secret or not. Please ensure that the name and description are exactly the same as what shows on PSN (i.e. same letter case, punctuation, etc). If you can't be bothered to type them out properly, we may not give you credit.
    • In order to upload the images, we need the 240x240 version. To the best of my knowledge, only the us.playstation.com displays them at that size by default so that is the preferred regional site for you to use. Your submission won't be rejected if you submit the 100x100 image from a different region of the Playstation site but it means that we have to spend more time converting them into the 240x240 versions.
    • Submit all trophies for a game or DLC in the same thread. You will not receive more credits if you split the trophies up into multiple threads.
    • Trophies must be in the order they are on PSN. This is particularly important if there are any secret trophies in your list that are unknown.

[*]Once you're sure that everything is correct, submit the thread. Note that this forum is completely moderated so once you submit your thread, it will vanish. Only staff members will be able to see your thread from that point forward.

[*]You're done. If you get a credit, you will see your name on the front page when the list is added.

Please Remember:

  • One of us may send you a message on PSN to verify the trophy list before it is posted on the site. Due to this, please make sure your messaging settings are not set to private or your submission will be ignored.
  • If you want credit, then you are only allowed to submit trophy lists that will appear on your PSN profile. If you submit a trophy list with someone else’s PSN ID, then you will not be given credit.
  • We will not accept lists taken from other websites, this includes XBA. Only your profile on playstation.com.
  • When you submit a trophy list, please remember to sync the trophies on your system. We need to verify the trophy list on PSN and if you don't sync it, then your submission will be deleted. You may be the first one to submit the list but if it's not on your PSN profile, we can't verify it. If for some reason the trophies do not sync to PSN or PSN is down, you will need to wait until they do.

Submitting Missing Tiles

  • Follow the same process as above to procure the 240x240 PNG image for each trophy. Make sure you provide a link to the list on this site you are submitting trophies for, and the names of the specific trophy(s). If you do not provide this, your submission may be rejected.
  • You can also submit images where the wrong tile is currently listed for the trophy. Make sure to follow the above and include all necessary details. NOTE: Sometimes a trophy image will be wrong as the image url is identical to another trophy and thus both of the trophies will have the same image displayed. In this case, you should just inform us in the Found a Problem With a Trophy List? Let Us Know Here thread. You will NOT be credited for this.


Secret Trophies




The above image will be displayed if we have manually hidden trophies. We already have all of the information so there is no need to submit them. It is a site policy to hide secret trophies until the game is released. Once the game has been released, they will be displayed as normal.





Site awards are given out for successful list/tile submissions. Credit is given per Game / DLC. So if you submit tiles for the same game in separate threads, you will generally only get one credit. Exact credits are up to the discretion of the staff.


Award tiers are as follows:


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/guides/bronzesubmit.png Bronze: 1-5 submissions

http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/news/silversubmit.png Silver: 6-9 submissions

http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/news/goldsubmit.png Gold: 10-29 submissions

http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/guides/platsubmit.png Platinum: 30+ submissions


If you want to know more about awards, please see this thread: Site Awards FAQ


Correction Threads

There will inevitably be errors with games, lists or images on the site. You can let us know about these in designated threads.


Found a Problem With a Trophy List? Let Us Know Here

This thread can be used for the following:

  • Reporting typos or incorrect trophy names, descriptions and weights.
  • Incorrect images can be posted here or submitted in the Submit forum. Sometimes an image will be duplicated on an otherwise irrelevant trophy because the urls are the same. In this case, you won't receive credit.
  • Reporting trophies that shouldn't be there. i.e a Dark Souls trophy appearing in the Evolve list.
  • Reporting that manually hidden trophies are still completely hidden post-release.


Game Info Corrections

This thread can be used for the following:

  • Submitting information that isn't currently on the game page i.e release date
  • Reporting inaccurate information
  • Reporting that the game rating box for a specific game is missing


Helping us keep game information updated on a consistent basis may result in you receiving the Jack of All Trades site award.


Found a broken link? Let them know here

On the lists side, the only information that should be posted here is if the 'Forums' link on a game page is invalid or doesn't exist (links back to the forum home page). Any issues with a link not working in a thread such as a guide or helpful resource should be brought up with the thread creator instead.

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