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ZEN Pinball 2: Infinity Gauntlet Trophy Guide


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Infinity Gauntlet Table Trophy Guide



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 8/10 (Personal Opinion)
  • Offline trophies: 2 (1(B), 1(S))
  • Online trophies: N/A
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5-30 hours (depends on skill/luck)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Modifying table settings disables trophies
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Modifying table settings disables trophies


Trophy Guide:


DLC: Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2434/0fa.jpg Ride the stars (B)

Ride the surfboard with the Silver Surfer, and score a Surfer Award on Infinity Gauntlet.


This is probably one of the easiest trophies that can be found on any Zen Table, and you will most likely earn it on your very first playthrough without even trying. All you need to do is have the ball leave the bumper area through the Silver Surfboard. You need to do it 6 times, and the count doesn't reset if you drain a ball. After 6th time the Silver Surfer will move towards middle of the table, and you'll earn the trophy. To get the ball into Bumper area you can do one of the following:

  • Hit the ball up Thanos Ramp
  • Launch the ball with the default plunger
  • Have the gauntlet release the ball into gauntlet area (random)

And if you really want this trophy fast, simply launch the ball and let it drain. The ball-save will let you launch it again for free, which means you will drain via Surfboard 2 times per ball, and will get your trophy on the final saved ball 3.





http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2434/5ba.jpg Power of a God (S)

Beat Thanos, and possess the Infinity Gauntlet to rule the Infinity Gems on Infinity Gauntlet.





This can be a pretty challenging trophy, especially for beginners, so try to experiment with different table views to find what works best for you (I personally got the trophy using top-down View Mode 2). In order to get this trophy you need to win the main Wizard Mode (Warlock Frenzy). You reach Wizard Mode by collecting all 6 gems. You collect gems by winning Gem Missions or Half of the Universe Mode.


You'll be spending most of your time on this table starting Gem Missions and trying to win them. You start a gem mission by hitting the Gauntlet 3 times using one of three Gauntlet access ramps:

  • Gauntlet Ramp
  • Monument Ramp
  • Upper Gauntlet Ramp



The Gauntlet Ramp is the safest one to hit, as you have more time to react if you miss it. Monument Ramp is not a good choice since it's blocked by the Monmuent Gate which takes a number of shots to destroy, and each of those shots rebounds unpredictably easily leading to accidental drains. The Upper Gauntlet Ramp can be reached by Thanos Ramp followed by hitting it with Upper Right Flipper. While it is a viable option, it's more risky than the Gauntlet Ramp, and doesn't always result in a Gauntlet hit, as the ball will often roll down the Surfboard if you miss hitting it with the Upper Right Flipper. So to sum up - focus only on hitting the Gauntlet Ramp over and over in order to start gem missions as fast as possible. Following this rule will also help you with saving Gauntlet Multiball for Yellow Gem (see mission for details). You'll also end up earning a relatively easy Extra Ball as a side bonus (see Extra Ball section for details).


While you'll earn most of your gems in Gem Missions, there is a secondary method to obtain a gem called Half of the Universe Multiball Mode. Think of it as a 'Plan B' though, because it takes a while to initiate (you'll have at least 3-4 gems by that time), and is not guaranteed to result in successful gem acquisition. The best approach is to get all the easy gems by playing the missions and save the Half of the Universe Mode when you only have harder gem missions left to complete (Red or Purple in my opinion). See Half of the Universe section for details.


There is no way to pick a Gem Mission you want to play. The game will randomly select one from the ones you haven't earned yet. You can tell which Gem Missions you played by looking at the Gauntlet right above the flippers (the played missions lights will be lit). You can tell which gems you have earned by looking at the bottom of the table (below the flippers). You need to win all gem missions in order to access the Wizard Mode that is required for the trophy (Warlock Frenzy). If you just complete all missions without winning all of them, you'll enter a smaller Wizard Mode (Thaons Frenzy) that doesn't count towards a trophy in Zen 2. During that mode you'll have 2 minutes to hit various ramps for lots of points, while your view of flippers is obstructed with stone blocks.






Gem Missions


I am listing the missions in the order of difficulty (easiest to hardest).



Time Gem (Orange)




This is one of the easier missions. To unlock the gem you need to do the following:

  1. When the mission starts, the time will slow down for 2 seconds. Wait until it returns to moving at normal speed.
  2. First hit any of the three Thanos Targets.
  3. If you succeed, the lights in front of Monument Spinners will start blinking.
  4. Hit any of the two Monument Spinners.
  5. You will need to repeat steps 1 through 4 three times (more if you are not fast enough and Silver Surfer is knocked back by Thaons) to obtain the gem.
  6. If at any point you drain the ball, you will fail the mission.


  1. Don't attempt to make any shots/nudges while the time is slowed down. The ball can behave pretty unpredictable during that period.
  2. The fastest way to test if time is back to normal is by quickly tapping unused flipper. Once it starts moving with normal speed, you're good to go.
  3. Don't bother with the Right Thanos Target. Focus on the Upper Left Thanos Target instead. You can hit it pretty consistently by using the tip of right flipper. Even if your aim is off, oftentimes you will end up hitting Left Thanos Target by accident.



Soul Gem (Green)




This is another relatively easy mission. While it can be tricky and luck based, it is quite short, and you are not risking losing your main ball. You will be transported to a separate playfield with two GUILTY signs on each side in front of stone tablets. Instead of flippers you will be using two magnets to controll the ball. To unlock this gem you will need to do the following:

  1. Hit any stone tablet on either side of the table.
  2. The tablet will descend, and the letter in front of it will disappear.
  3. Repeat above steps until you hit every stone tablet, and all GUILTY sign letters are off.
  4. At this point you need hit the big stone gate in the center top, to open it.
  5. Once the gate opens, you need to sink the ball into it to obtain the gem.


  1. The magnets are momentary, so they will only act for a split second before deactivating again. The best way to control the ball is by quickly pressing and immediately releasing your controller buttons.
  2. The closer the ball is to the magnet, the bigger the influence the magnet will have on the ball. So if you want to bounce the ball all the way to the gate, you need to activate the magnet as the ball is almost on top of it. This will pull the ball towards the bottom wall and bounce it off at a high speed. If you want to bounce the ball only a little bit, you want to activate the magnet when the ball is further away.
  3. You never want to press both magnets at the same time, because that usually ends up sinking the ball.
  4. You can sometimes save the ball that's about to sink, by quickly alternating between pressing each magnet.
  5. The best way to avoid sinking the ball, is by pulling it in the direction in which it's falling. So if the ball is traveling towards bottom left, use the left magnet to help it reach that direction. Using the right magnet in that situation would most likely end up in the ball traveling straight down the sinkhole instead.
  6. When the level first starts, the ball will always travel towards bottom right, so be prepared to use that magnet right away.
  7. Whenever you hit any stone tablet, the ball has a tendency to rebound unpredictably. The best thing to do is start with slower jumps, by activating the magnets when the ball is a ball-length away, and only start bouncing it higher, once you clear most of the lower tablets.

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Reality Gem (Yellow)




This is a medium difficulty mission. When it starts, the table will be flipped upside down and dimmed. You will have to play upside down, which means your muscle memory goes out the door, but there will be infinite ball-save for the duration of the mode. To obtain the gem you need to do the following:

  • The LED display will show a percentage starting at 0%. Your goal is to reach 100%.
  • There will be three lit ramps at any given time, hitting any of them will advance percentage by 10%, and also add extra time to complete the mission (the time added decreases with each successful hit)
  • Each time you hit a lit ramp, the lit ramps will randomly change.
  • Hitting Bumpers advances the percentage by 1%, and pauses timer for 1 second.
  • Once the counter reaches 100% you will obtain the gem.


  1. Shooting blindly will not get you far in this mode, you need to aim carefuly and be pretty consistent with the shots.
  2. Focus on hitting the lit ramps, don't aim for Bumpers, as the 1% per hit is not worth it.
  3. If you don't see 3 lit lanes, you are probably overlooking Giveback Orbit or the Upper Gauntlet Ramp. They're both pretty hard to hit in this mode (if you are lucky the ball will end up in secondary plunger which automatically launches it into Giveback Orbit), so its best to focus on easier targets instead.
  4. The fact that you need to play this mode upside down makes it challenging, and while it's perfectly possible to complete it legit, you can make it extremely easy on yourself by activating one of the multiball modes while in it. See Mutltiball sections below for this strategy.

Gauntlet Multiball

To start Gauntlet Multiball you must do the following:

  1. Hit the Bumpers 40 times.
  2. Lock 3 Balls into the gauntlet. You need to lock them one at a time and use the lane with 'BALL LOCK' icon lit in front of it.
  3. Once you lock the last ball the 3 ball multiball will start.

Monument Multiball

To start Monument Multiball you must do the following:

  1. Destroy Stone Gate blocking access to the Monument Ramp in the center by hitting it several times.
  2. Hit the ball up Monument Ramp to destroy the Monument.
  3. You will now have to keep hitting either Monument Spinner to increase Monument build percentage from 0% to 100%.
  4. When you reach 100% 2 ball multiball will start.

The problem is that obviously you don't have enough time to do all that while in Yellow Gem mode, so you need to prepare for it ahead of time. The issue with that is that you never know what mode will be next so it's hard to not accidentally trip either Multiball mode before that. This is especially true with Monument Multiball, since you will find it impossible to avoid accidentally hitting the spinners. I've gotten the most consistent results with Gauntlet Multiball using the following strategy:

  1. Leave Monument Gate intact.
  2. Hit the Bumpers 40 times - you will most likely do it while trying to collect souls for the Half of the Universe mode.
  3. After you are done, one of the 3 Gauntlet ramps will have a lit 'BALL LOCK' sign in front of it.
  4. If you're lucky it will be Upper Gauntlet Ramp. Lock the ball into it. The reason you want either the first or second 'BALL LOCK' sign to be in front of Upper Gauntlet Ramp, is because it's very hard to hit when you are in upside down mode already. On the other hand both Gauntlet Ramp and Monument Ramp are easy, even when upside down.
  5. A second Gauntlet Ramp 'BALL LOCK' sign will light up. If you're lucky it will be Gauntlet Ramp, so you can lock the ball into it as well.
  6. You will now only have to lock the ball using Monument Ramp. Simply avoid hitting the Monument Gate, until you start Yellow Gem mode, at which point a single hit up Monument Ramp will start the Gauntlet Multiball.
  7. Once the multiball starts, you don't even have to bother aiming. Just shoot blindly, because with all the balls and infinite ball save you are bound to hit one of the three lit lanes over and over.


Mind Gem (Blue)


This is another medium difficulty mission. When it starts the flippers' action mechanism will invert. So instead of pressing a button to flip the flipper up, you will have to press a button to flip the flipper down. In order to unlock it the gem you need to do the following:

  1. When the mission starts you'll see two balls floating in the middle of the table.
  2. A Blue ball will be released from Gauntlet. You need to use the Blue ball to strike one of the floating balls to free it (sometimes the Blue ball will randomly strike one or two floating balls on its own allowing you to move on to the next phase)
  3. If you drain the Blue ball before freeing one of the sliver balls, you will fail the mission.
  4. Once you free one steel ball, you can take advantage of temporary ball save, while you are trying to free the second floating silver ball (you can use either ball to free the second silver ball - doesn't need to be Blue)
  5. When both silver balls are freed, you need to lock 6 balls into the Gauntlet by using one of the three gauntlet access ramps (Gauntlet Ramp, Monument Ramp or Upper Gauntlet Ramp). The number of balls you still need to lock will show on the LED display.
  6. You must have two balls in play at all times, if you drain 2 out of 3 balls, the mission will automatically fail.


  1. While the mission may seem hard at first, you'll find that it becomes much easier if you leave the flippers in up position at all times, unless you have a ball rolling in fast on one of the in-lanes, and flipping it up is the only way to save it. Most of the time the balls will end up resting on your flippers on their own without any action on your part.
  2. Once you have all balls resting on flippers, use the flipper with one ball on it. If it's the left flipper, try to lock the ball into the Gauntlet via Monument Ramp. If it's the ball on the right flipper, you have a choice between Monument Ramp and Gauntlet Ramp. I recommend Monument Ramp, as it seems much easier to hit with inversed flippers.
  3. Take advantage of the initial ball save (about 20-30 seconds). Whenever you drain/lock a ball during that period (after you free 2 balls of course), the drained ball will be automatically launched using right plunger. You can then easily lock it into the guantlet using Upper Gauntlet Ramp (via Top Right Flipper).
  4. When you are down to two balls left to lock, the third ball will disappear (unless you drained it earlier), making locking the final two balls easier. When you are down to only one ball to lock, the 2nd ball will disappear, making it easier still to lock the final ball.

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Power Gem (Red)



This is a higher difficulty mission, as the first phase requires very accurate shooting, while the second phase is very luck dependent. Fortunately the mission is not timed, so you can take your time. To unlock the gem you need to do the following:

  1. When the mission starts, the center of the table will be obstructed with a big stone 'GOD' sign.
  2. You need to hit Bumpers 30 times, by sending the ball up Thanos Ramp, and then trying to keep it up there using Upper Right Flipper.
  3. After 30 hits, you will be given 3 balls, and your goal is to destroy 'GOD' sign by hitting it.
  4. Every time you hit the 'GOD' sign a percentage on the LED display will increase from 0% towards 100%.
  5. You will be given a temporary ballsave, but once it ends you need to have at least 2 balls in play or you will fail the mode.
  6. Once the percentage reaches 100% you will get the gem.


  1. The best way to get the ball up Thanos Ramp, is using left flipper, so the key is knowing how to consistently get the ball into left flipper so you can safely make the shot. The problem is that you have a huge obstacle in the middle of the table now, so you need to use one of the following workarounds to transfer the ball:

    1. If the ball is on the right flipper, let it start rolling down, and nudge the table to catch it with the left flipper.
    2. If you are out of nudges (Thanos says 'How heroic!') and the ball is on the right flipper, then send it towards Upper Left Thanos Target, and let it roll down.
    3. If the ball is leaving Bumper area via Surfboard, hold the Upper Left Flipper up. The ball will always roll off the Upper Left Flipper and rest on the Left Flipper (continue to hold it).


[*]While the first phase is very skill dependent, the second phase adds an element of luck to it as well. The balls just love to bounce off the sign into outlanes, and there's very little you can do about it. I found what worked best for me, was not even looking at the sign, but simply focusing my vision on the flippers, and hit incoming balls as hard as I could towards center of the table as soon as I could, without holding them. A hard hit seems to be more likely to cause the ball to explode, which means you don't need to worry about it bouncing into the drain, as it will be auto-launched from the plunger instead.

[*]Kickbacks help a lot here, as you will be able to survive the game screwing you with an outlane bounce, so its always good to have them already activated when you start the mission. To activate the kicback you need to do the following:

  1. Send the ball into the Gauntlet using one of Gaunglet access ramps.
  2. If the ball rolls down into the left Upper Left Thaons Target ramp (its random), it will get locked with two metal posts for a second.
  3. When the posts release the ball, you need to hit it with Upper Left Flipper into the Giveback Orbit (hit when the ball is a little below the center of the flipper)
  4. You will hear 'Kicback Activated' announcement and the 'GIVEBACK' sign on the left side will light up.
  5. If you repeat the above steps, you will activate right kickback and corresponding 'GIVEBACK' sign.
  6. If you do it for the 3rd time you will activate the ball save and corresponding 'GAUNTLET SAVER' sign between the two flippers.
  7. Gauntlet Saver doesn't time out, but you lose it when you drain any ball.
  8. Kickbacks remain active even if you drain the ball, so they're well worth the effort.


[*]If you're having trouble completing this mission consistently, I suggest saving it for Half of The Universe Mode.





Space Gem (Purple)




This is another higher difficulty mission. The main challenge here is accuracy, as you will have very little time between shots. To unlock the gem you need to do the following:

  1. When the mission starts, Thaons will randomly teleport to one of Gauntlet access ramps (Gauntlet Ramp, Monument Ramp or Thaons Ramp).
  2. A target light will start blinking in front of the ramp (wait for the light to blink, otherwise the shot won't count)
  3. After successful hit you will have to hit another ramp, which will be indicated by another blinking light in front of it. If you can't see it, it's most likely the Kiss of Death Sink Hole. There's only a limited time window you are given to make the shot, if you fail, Thanos will move to a different ramp.
  4. Once you hit the ramp, a purple mist will appear in front of one of the ramps.
  5. Hit the puprle mist to complete the phase.
  6. You will need to repeat all above steps above 3 times to unlock the gem.


  1. This particular mission really tests your familiarity with the table shots. While there are no crazy side-effects, you have very little time to make a lot of accurate shots. If you're lucky you will not end up having to hit the Kiss of Death Sink Hole, as that is the hardest target to hit.
  2. You will not fail the mission if Thanos moves to a different ramp, but you are losing time. Generally I found that I could still beat the mode even if Thanos transported to a different location once. I would usually not attempt making the Kiss of Death Sink Hole shot, as it's quite risky on this table, and wait for a better target on next phase instead.
  3. If you're having trouble completing this mission consistently, I suggest saving it for Half of The Universe Mode.

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Half Of The Universe Multiball Mode


Half Of The Universe mode allows you to earn a random gem you haven't gotten yet. It's a good way to earn a gem that you just can't get by doing a specific gem mission. To do that you need to do the following:

  1. Earn 1000 million souls using Soul Bumpers (see Soul Bumpers section below for details)
  2. A 'Half Of The Universe' sign will light up in front of the Kiss of Death Sink Hole.
  3. Hit the Sink Hole to start the mode.
  4. You will get 4 balls, with ballsaves equal to the number of heroes you saved (by lighting up 'HERO' sign). Don't worry about that though, because playing with four balls is very hard, and you will most likely only be able to make accurate shots once you drain down to 2 or 3 balls.
  5. You need at least 2 balls in play at all times, otherwise you will fail the mode and have to go back to step 1.
  6. Only one ramp will be lit, while all the other ones will be blocked with Red Gates.
  7. You need to shoot a ball into the lit ramp.
  8. That will open up and light another ramp.
  9. Shoot the newly lit ramp.
  10. Repeat the process 5-6 times, until the Monument Ramp opens.
  11. On successful shot up the Monument Ramp you will be awarded the gem.
  12. The gates will then reappear, and you can continue to rack up points by repeating the steps above, but you will not get another gem, until you restart the mode by earning 1000 million souls again.


  1. Since you need to target a particular ramp, blindly shooting about is not a good strategy here. What worked best for me was trapping the balls in the flippers, and shooting with the one I had only a single ball in. This works better once you drain some of the balls, and are only left with 2-3 balls.


Soul Bumpers

You earn souls by hitting Bumpers when they're flashing. The number of souls you earned is shown on the LED display. The bumpers are flashing when:

  • You win a gem mission.
  • You lose a gem mission.
  • Kiss of Death Sink Hole award (random)
  • Getting Soul Bumpers Skill Shot award. You need to launch the ball when Soul Bumpers sign shows up on LED display. With each lost ball the signs on LED display keep changing faster, so you need to account for that when launching the ball. The signs directly preceding the Soul Bumpers are Light the Super Skill Shot and Impress the Mistress. (credit goes to DISCOKING)

When the bumpers start flashing, get the ball into their area, and try to keep the ball in there by hitting it with Upper Light Flipper. There will be an invisible shield blocking the ball from entering the Upper Gauntlet Ramp, so as long as you hit the ball with the flipper it will end up hitting the bumpers. The problem is, sooner or later the ball will inadvertently roll down the Surfboard, so you only get a limited number of bumper hits. If you got the Soul Bumpers from Skillshot, then you can drain the ball once on purpose, and it will be launched into bumpers again. You will get anywhere between 100 and 200 million souls using this method. However, if you obtained Soul Bumpers after winning a gem, you can score as much as 300-400 million souls (depending on how soon you get the ball into the Bumper area), because a magnet will keep the ball from rolling down the Surfboard.




Warlock Frenzy


Warlock Frenzy is the Wizard Mode you need to win in order to obtain the Power of a God trophy. Here's how:

  1. Obtain all 6 gems (you obtain gems by completing gem missions or Half of the Universe Mode)
  2. Remove Monument Gate if it's present.
  3. Hit the ball up the Monument Ramp.
  4. Wizard Mode will begin.
  5. You will get 4 balls with infinite ball save.
  6. You have to complete the following three phases within 2 minutes. Phase 1 and 2 will be made harder by periodic table effects you've seen in gem missions (table flipping upside down, flipper action reversed, or flippers being covered up with stones).
    1. Phase 1: Lock 6 balls into the Gauntlet using one of the gauntlet access ramps (Gauntlet Ramp, Monument Ramp, or Upper Gauntlet Ramp). The number of balls left to lock will be shown on LED display.
    2. Phase 2: Hit flashing ramps 11 times (The LED counter will display 15, but once you get to final 4, you will advance to Phase 3)
    3. Phase 3: All ramps will be blocked with Red Gates. You now need to lock each of the 4 balls into the Gauntlet using Monument Ramp. When you lock a ball, it will be removed from play. When the final ball is locked the trophy will pop and the table will reset.

[*]If you fail completing the 3 phases after 2 minutes are up, the table will reset and you will have to start collecting all gems from the very beginning. It's essentially like starting a new game.



  1. The wizard mode itself is not very hard, the fact that you only have one shot at it, and are working under time pressure, means you'll fail on your first attempt. I found blindly shooting the balls to work best during Phase 1 and 2, since it's hard to aim anyway, when the table continously flips or covers up flippers on you. Only once you get to Phase 3, you want to focus on one ball at a time, and not worry about the others draining. Once you lock each of the final 4 balls, it gets removed from play and locking the remaining ones becomes easier.



Extra Ball

There are 4 ways to obtain extra balls on this table:

  1. Left Plunger Skillshot Extra Ball (see details below)
  2. Kiss of Death Reward Extra Ball (random reward obtained by shooting Kiss of Death Sink Hole)
  3. Silver Surfer Extra Ball (after you roll your ball down Silver Surfer baord 6 times, a hurry up mode will start where you have to hit 2 flashing lanes for Silver Surfer to launch the ball. He needs to launch the ball 10 times for you to obtain Extra Ball. The count is cumulative, you don't need to do it in one try)
  4. Maximum Multiplier Extra Ball (lighting HERO sign 5 times)

Whenever you earn an Extra Ball, a sign next to Right Thanos Target will light up (Bumper area), and you need to hit it in order to claim the ball. Once you obtain an Extra Ball using one method, you can't obtain another extra ball the same way. I found that it's not worth trying for Kiss of Death Sink Hole, Silver Surfer or Maximum Multiplier extra balls, as they distract you from your objective and can also be risky. More often than not you'll end up losing a ball instead of earning one. What I suggest is sticking with only the 1st method of obtaining an Extra Ball (Left Plunger Skillshot). Here's how:

  1. Keep playing normally and try to hit any of the Gauntlet Ramps as often as possible (you should be doing it anyway to start gem missions)
  2. Whenever a ball is returned from the Gauntlet it takes one of 5 paths. They are random.
  3. If you're lucky the ball will end up going down the leftmost path, and end up in the left plunger compartment.
  4. At that point the LED display will keep alternating between 'ORBIT' and 'TARGETS' signs.
  5. Take a close look at the launch path and you'll notice a curved diverter oscillating back and forth near the top.
  6. In order to perform a succesful skill shot, you need to launch the ball at full power, when the diverter is all the way to the left, and the sign is about to switch to 'ORBIT'.
  7. If you time it right, you'll see a swirly picture on LED display and a number of powershots required to obtain an Extra Ball (you need a total of 5).
  8. What worked for me was setting my LED display to the biggest size in top-left corner. I would then focus my eyes on the diverter while having the sign flicker in the peripheral vision - you can tell 'ORBIT' from 'TARGETS' without looking at the sign directly because ORBIT sign is much narrower.


Once you figure out the timing, it's extremely easy to obtain an extra ball this way, and there's no risk, as after passing through the orbit, the ball follows the same predictable path.




Video Walkthrough

Finally here's a video from StOrMtRoOpErMx19 obtaining all gems, beating the wizard mode and earning the trophy:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNMO5pH0p1U]Marvel Pinball / The Infinity Gauntlet Table /To Infinity Trophy - YouTube[/ame]

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