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Best PSone and PSP classics to play on Vita


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I agree Kyoko, Chrono Cross is probably one of the best game soundtracks ever. It has a very crisp sound to it. Gameplay... well I still rather play the poorly ported Chrono Trigger over it sadly.


I will add a vote that all 3 PSone Final Fantasies are worth owning and playing on vita. They've held up pretty good. Also they are on sale this week (North America) and there's the 10% discount on the weekend. Could be the time to pick em up if you were on the fence.

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Right away the first game that comes to mind is dissidia 012 it feels soooooo much better on the vita. The second analog stick seriously helps this game.


I've been meaning to rebuy Duodecim on my Vita for an age for this reason. I loved the PSP games to bits but wow, that game needed a second analogue stick.


For my vote I'd recommend any old PS1 platformer, my favourites being the Spyro & Crash trilogies and Tomba. The Vita's screen makes the colours really pop, and they just as fun now as they were years ago.

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