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LAN games?


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If anyone could provide some help with how to set up a LAN connection that would be amazing.


I've been missing the "Get a Life" achievement since 2012, and i can even see the progress in the game of 26 out of 50 days done. This is the only thing stopping me from getting a plat for this game :(


I have a second disc. Just need some guidance on what to do. Currently when I go in to multiplayer under the game all options are unselectable other than returning to the main menu.

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From the stickied Guide :):


Distinction between “Multiplayer” and “Online”


For some of the trophies in this game, the requirements specify that they be completed in “Multiplayer”, and Online Champion specifies it be completed in “online matches”. There is an important distinction between these two phrases, and what makes Online Champion the only true online trophy. When you go into the multiplayer menu in the game when you are signed in and the matchmaking servers are working you can chose between two network types, LAN and Internet. If you are signed out of PSN and go into the multiplayer menu, it defaults to a blank network type and still lets you play and setup games as if you were playing online matches with bots. Thus we can assume that it is defaulting to LAN network type, which you can still play as if it were regular online. The only difference between the two though, is that wins in LAN mode or while signed out don’t count toward the Online Champion counter if you check it in the Trophies part of the community menu. Every other trophy that specifies “Multiplayer” can be completed in LAN or the “blank” network type mode. This means that every trophy other than Online Champion is attainable in LAN mode, so now the matchmaking servers are shut down, Online Champion and the platinum become unattainable, unless you got Online Champion pre-shutdown.

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Yea I think something has changed. Whenever I enter the multiplayer menu it prompts me to log in with a ps ID and fails. Even when I try to play offline. After that prompt now the blue X continue button is faded for all options, with only the O orange cancel button functioning.


I did what the guide said years ago and got up to 26/50 for the Get a Life trophy, but now I can't get past that screen.


The only thing that comes to mind that may be affecting this for me is an old mod I installed to give me a gears-of-war over the shoulder perspective in game, but that doesn't seem to be functioning any more as well. I may have even deleted the mod years ago. I just don't remember.

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