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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


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Free this weekend to do it whenever. It's a rather annoying business not wanting to bother people when you see they're online though :') Everybody who is still yet to get them never seems to reply when you ask! :(

I just need four wins for the ranked trophy and then I'm sorted for online. Will help whoever helps me for the ranked :)

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Hello everyone!


Your PSN ID ----> nandrolone


Online trophies you're wanting to boost ----> mostly "Steamroller" (I just need 4 wins) and "A Honest Mistake", although a hand with the others, especially "Ding", will be much appreciated as well


Your time zone ----> approximately all day everyday, apart from 13:30 to 14:30 and 21:00 to 22:00 (Italian)


I'll gladly help in exchange not only with Worms but, If you prefer, with any other game that I own.

Please feel free to ask if you don't see a title in my trophy list, I could have it.


I thank you all in advance.


EDIT: got 'em all already. I love u guys, you're always the best! Thanks in particular to BladeZ_L_StrykeR, a really nice person.

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looking to boost the online trophies with someone. when adding me please state the game you are adding me to help with as i post on multiple threads.


psn whimsicallemming

timezone: gmt + 12

but i play randomly on random days


I always have my psn app on my phone open so if u send me a message ill be able to reply and sort out a time easily however i may be sleeping or working too

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