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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


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I'm looking to boost the ''steamroller'' trophy. It shouldn't take too long as one person can just spawn all his worms in the water to lose. Message me saying that you want to boost this trophy.

TimeZone: GMT+2

PSN ID: alser000

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My copy should be here today/tomorrow...looking to get the online stuff out of the way;


Steamroller - Achieve a win streak of 5 ranked online games.

Confidence Boost - Win a Battlegrounds league Clan Match.

An honest mistake - Kill an allied worm in an online match.



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Need a 3rd player to help myself & someone else get the "an honest mistake" trophy which requires 3 players, feel free to add me on PSN if your also looking to boost this trophy, we just need 1 more player! (ps4 only)


PSN ID: DK-Matty

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