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Wilhelm Tell Trophy Help

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To get the "Wilhelm Tell" trophy you must hit a bird fired from your slingshot with another bird, sounds hard but it's not! it's all about timing and practice.


In level 6-11 of the "Danger Above" levels in the Classic series, you start the level with three green birds. The green bird operates like a boomerang, once launched it flies in an arc like the other birds but once X or the rear touchpad/screen is tapped it returns on a curved path.


The trick is to launch a green bird at a certain angle but DO NOT make the bird return, by doing this will not give you a window long enough to launch your second. By launching your second bird, the first will make a return and you must fire the second bird into the path of the returning first bird.

It may take some practice but it IS attainable and when you can predict the return angles of the first bird, it becomes easier ;)

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