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Free PS4 and Vita version via Vita's store


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This is now working on EU store (italian)


1) Search "King Oddball" on Vita's store

2) Change "choose version", 3rd option (complete version - free) and buy it

3) Now you have your complete Vita game and, due to the cross buy feature, you will be able to download complete PS4 version too


* Reported not working on NA store

* Reported working on UK store

* This will not work via PC store, only via Vita store


Enjoy ;)

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Psn store using PS4 , I just went to new games clicked king oddball and for the price it said free. Downloaded after adding free oddball to cart and checked out and now i can play this hot garbage on my PS4 and or Vita. Too bad this free incident didnt happen with lego hobbit

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