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Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z - Hell Difficulty Walkthrough

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Welcome to the Hell difficulty walkthrough for Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. I will break down most of the 47 arenas. Some will be ignored due to the lack of enemies. I will explain the most effective combos and sub-weapons to use against enemies to make it easier. However, it's up to you on how to apply this useful info. Good luck. After clearing this difficulty you will unlock the trophy below:


http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/1728/9C2.jpg Hell or High Slaughter (G)

Complete every Mission on Hell difficulty.


What do you need to know about Hell difficulty?


A) You will die in one-hit - Sometimes you may be lucky to get chip damage that is +1, but only if you're dodging. Overall, anything will kill you.


B) Hold that block button - :r1: is your friend. It will save you against some of the bull you will be encountering. Projectile-throwing enemies will spam their attacks often.


C) A.I. is more aggressive - You don't want to leave half of a zombie around (torso). They won't hesitate to kill you. Other enemies will simply run away from you and throw projectiles for that one-hit kill.


D) Enemy rage modes - Most enemies have a rage mode that will devastate you if you take down their health enough. You'll see how some enemies simply increase hardiness and take your attacks head-on which will only result in your death. Some enemies will put up some defenses that can kill you easily if you're not careful.


E) Have all upgrades and collectibles - Yes, you should have them all or you won't last long. The upgrades help with your offense and the collectibles help with your defense. Even though this difficulty is a one-hit killer mode, you have a 40% chance of surviving it with these upgrades.


F) Have full knowledge of sub-weapons - For example, you'll get the spinal zap from a ZomBride. Using this weapon on a burning stiff zombie will create a electrical+fire storm. You need to be able to use these weapons wisely. If you've come this far, then you should have a good grasp on how to use these sub-weapons.


G) Boss fights - There are only 2 major boss fights and 2 minor ones. The major boss fights will be a pain to beat on this difficulty. It will take you a while to understand exactly how to avoid all their attacks. This is very unfair, but with dedication its just a small bump in your path to victory. Practice and increase your chances of winning.


H) Elements - When you're attacked by any element and survive, you will instantly have a full meter to either burn to death or be electrocuted. The bile will also give you 0% visibility so be aware of that. Also, when finding a new core for yourself on mission 6, the electricity meter fills up very fast.


I) Effective combos: Range from 200-300+ Damage

( :square: :square: :circle: ) -

( :square: :square: :triangle: :triangle: :triangle: )

( :circle: :square: :square: :square: )



Whatever works best for you, stick with it. However, if you are having trouble then you should use this info I've provided. I've listed the arenas below.




Mission 1: War Zone

1. Working Stiffs

2. Half Off

3. You And What Army

4. Rocket Roll

5. Things Fell Apart

6. Air Pollution






Mission 2: Old Town

1. Paint The Town Red

2. Two Feet In The Grave

3. Grounds For Divorce

4. Back Alley Brawl

5. Pub Crawl

6. Flame War

7. RoofChops

8. Burning Sensations

9. Dead Volt

10. Wag The Dog






Mission 3: Sewers

1. Don't Drink The Water

2. Pipe Screams

3. Fuckin' Fanboys

4. Dead Blow

5. Stovetop Stuffing






Mission 4: Canyons

1. Trained To Kill

2. Base Jumping

3. Mechannibal

4. Laboragory

5. Science And Wrath

6. Splice Of Unlife

7. Waste Deep

8. High Gear

9. Baby Shower






Mission 5: Ryu Hayabusa

1. Guest Of Dishonor

2. Tentacle Hex






Mission 6: Forge Headquarters

1. Garbage Day

2. Just Venting

3. Outside The Box

4. Cold Comfort

5. Engine Knock

6. Under The Hood

7. Metal To The Pedal

8. Hangar Banger

9. Core Values

10. Biomass Defect

11. Experidemented

12. Tropical Rumble

13. Shot To The Temple






Mission 7: Another Dimension

1. Suspended Aberration

2. An Act Of Gonzo





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Mission 1: War Zone


This mission is the easiest of all the missions. You will most likely have trouble with the last arena.


1. Working Stiffs - Very Easy, just killing your average zombies for less than 2 minutes.


2. Half Off - Very Easy, simply execute them all for an easy Legend score.


3. You And What Army - Easy, All you have to worry about is avoid the grenadier zombie blast while you'll killing every zombie.


4. Rocket Roll - Very Easy, Counter... That's it for an easy Legend score.


5. Things Fell Apart - Easy, PunchDrunk zombie: You should already know what to expect. You are in small room so don't stay still for long. I prefer to use the combo: (:square: :square: :circle:) to quickly kill the zombie.


6. Air Pollution - Medium, After countering the helicopter and killing zombies, you'll have to dodge the bombs from fighter jets. It's instant death if you don't avoid them. Here is my solution: When the bombs are about to land, move to... (Middle, Right, Left, Right, Left) Now zombies will spawn... So move to... (all the way back in the middle), and last you have to pefectly time your dodge since all areas will be bombarded. Jets will fly away and you have to counter helicopter. Be careful and hold the block button (:r1:) at all times.








Mission 2: Old Town


1. Paint The Town Red - Easy, kill Sidesplitter zombie (clown) and then kill another one + regular zombies.


2. Two Feet In The Grave - Easy, kill more Sidesplitter zombies + regular zombies.


3. Grounds For Divorce - Medium, Zombride fight + regular zombies. This can be very easy if you know how to deal with her. Keep her from being so random and try to kill her before she flies into the air and releases lightning at you. You'll die so use the combo from above but make sure that she doesn't have that shield up. Attacking her when her shield is up is instant death.


4. Back Alley Brawl - Easy, More regular zombies with a PunchDrunk in the mix.


5. Pub Crawl - Easy, More regular zombies with a Sidesplitter in the mix.


6. Flame War - Medium, burning stiffs are introduced and they will spam fireballs.


7. RoofChops - Medium, (2) PunchDrunk zombies on wave 1. Zombride + regular zombies on wave 2. Remember to kill zombride quickly or she may teleport near you and instantly kill you.


8. Burning Sensations - Medium, Holy Roaster is introduced here. Don't attack him unless he attacks first, and then dodge him. Use ( :square: :square: :circle: ) combo from a distance. After that zombie dies, more fire, regular and Sidespliter zombies appear. Kill fire zombies first since they spam fireballs or which ever zombie that can be dealt with quickly.


9. Dead Volt - Medium, This area is tough unless you utilize mixing up the elements. Fire + Lightning = Storm. This can chain multiple storms here since the only enemies here are burning stiffs, electric stiffs and Zombride. If you managed save the mortor sub weapon, use it on Zombride.


10. Wag The Dog - Medium, Mini Boss - Only attack from the sides or behind this mecha. As usual, the 3 hit combo above will do 300+ damage on the dog mecha. Be careful of the spin stomping move it does by watching if it slams its back legs.







Mission 3: Sewers


1. Don't Drink The Water - Medium, This is somewhat chaotic. The toxic stiff enemies here will spam long range projectiles so be on guard at all times. You'll have to deal with a Blister Sister zombie. She is super annoying. Not only she runs and dodge your attacks 50% of the time but she will spam projectiles too. She can be killed easily with cyber punching her but can be frustrating if you're not lucky.


2. Pipe Screams - Hard, unless you save the hagpipes sub-weapon from the previous arena. First platform, regular enemies mixed with grenadiers. Simply avoid them. Second platform, Holy Roaster with burning stiff zombies. Use the hagpipes sub-weapon on burning stiff to make this part easy. Get the mortar from the Holy roaster to make platform 3 easy too. Platform 3 has a Zombride and regular zombies. If you have the Mortar sub-weapon, burn that Zombride down. If you can, try to get the spinal zap from her.


3. Fuckin' Fanboys - Hard, unless you save the spinal zap sub-weapon from previous arena. Take out the toxic stiff zombies with spinal zap if you have it. Otherwise, be careful. You will have to deal with 2 Zombrides. Take your time dealing with both of them. 2 Blister Sisters will also spawn... Fight one-on-one and stay far and aware of the other.


4. Dead Blow - Easy, no enemies.


5. Stovetop Stuffing - Hard, unless you've saved your bloodlust. Normal enemies at first, then you'll have to deal 2 Holy Roasters and a Blister Sister. Use bloodlust on one of the Holy Roasters to make it easier.







Mission 4: Canyons


1. Trained To Kill - Easy, just ignore killing zombies and focus on starting up that train.


2. Base Jumping - Very hard, super annoying arena with all types of zombies attacking you. You will need a lot of luck to get pass this area unless you build up your bloodlust to wipe out the entire wave. I suggest you focus on the zombies that fire projectiles first before you enter close combat with Sidesplitters and Holy Roaster zombies.


3. Mechannibal - Medium, Mini Boss - Only attack from the sides or behind this mecha. As usual, the 3 hit combo above will do 300+ damage on the dog mecha. Be careful of the spin stomping move it does by watching if it slams its back legs. Be sure to save the pocket rocket sub-weapon for the next area.


4. Laboragory - If you have the pocket rocket sub-weapon then use it to wipe out all enemies in this arena.


5. Science And Wrath - Easy, counter 2 helicopter rockets and try to get the pocket rocket on higher level so you have an easier time on the next arena.


6. Splice Of Unlife - Hard, unless you have the pocket rocket to make it easier. Use the pocket rocket on all enemies except for regular zombies.


7. Waste Deep - Very Easy, no enemies,


8. High Gear - Very Hard, again you'll need some luck to clear this arena. You'll fight every enemy type here so remember to mix the elements to make it slightly easier on yourself.


9. Baby Shower - Hard, Mini Boss - Terrible Two, easy fight for one-on-one. After taking 50% of the mini boss' health, it will retreat and bust open a pipe of bile that sprays on to the arena. Plus toxic, burning and electric stiffs will join you to make this fight tough. Be sure to fight one-on-one and stay far from other enemies when you do this. One you clear the 3 waves of stiffs, the Terrible Two will come down for round 2. Attack it from behind or its sides so it can give you a little bit of time to recover and escape from damaging you. Use the 3 hit combo from before and it should go down pretty quickly.



Removed some dead videos.
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Mission 5: Ryu Hayabusa


1. Guest Of Dishonor - Hard, you have to clash swords with Ryu 4 times. 3/4 times you need to be fast so you can avoid those arrows. Fourth time, you need to take your time and throw distractors at Ryu.


2. Tentacle Hex - Hard, This doesn't actually trigger until the 3rd encounter with Ryu after his super Izuna drop. The 1st and 3rd encounter, you need to rely on throwing those slugs on Ryu and attack him quickly afterwards. 3 hit combo from above does significant damage if done correctly. The 2nd encounter is the hardest since there are no slugs to throw at Ryu. The best advice I can give is to use the 3 hit combo when Ryu tries to perform his Izuna Drop on you. He will have a larger window of vulnerability for you to attack him without him attacking you with hardiness.







Mission 6: Forge Headquarters


1. Garbage Day - Medium, This arena is nothing you can't handle. However, you need to constantly discharge your body of electricity. 3 hit combo is helpful here. Just be careful of those Blister Sisters.


2. Just Venting - Easy, no enemies.


3. Outside The Box - Get the spinal zap from the Zombride here and save it for next arena.


4. Cold Comfort - Medium, Use spinal zap when the mini boss: Terrible Two is burning from burning stiff fireballs. You must stay a bit close to it for this to happen.


5. Engine Knock - Medium, its easy because there are only 3 enemies but when you take down their health, they will go into rage mode. So try your best to avoid getting near them and try to fight one on one.


6. Under The Hood - Medium, this time you have 4 enemies so make sure to take out those Blister Sisters first.


7. Metal To The Pedal - Easy, You only have one PunchDrunk to deal with and some regular zombies.


8. Hangar Banger - Easy, you have plenty of pocket rocket sub-weapons to use to clear this.


9. Core Values - Medium, if you saved the pocket rocket sub-weapon from the previous arena then this shouldn't give you trouble.


10. Biomass Defect - Medium, fighting against 2 Terrible Twos. Defeat them with mixing the elements. Opposite sides hold a zombie that has either bile or lightning element. Combine them on these mini bosses so they'll become crystalized. Use cyber punches to give them severe damage.


11. Experidemented - Super Painful, The hardest arena in the game. There are 4 waves of enemies. You'll fight over 50+ enemies here. Pick up the spinal zap and use it on the Sidesplitters (clowns) and mini boss. Luckily, you want be killed. Make sure to get the pocket rocket to wipe out the next 2 waves. The last wave you need to have either bloodlust or rely on spinal zap to create multiple storms to kill all Holy Roasters. One wrong move then you have to repeat from beginning. Very sad...


12. Tropical Rumble - Very Hard, another hard arena with 4 waves of enemies. This time it's different. I died about 50 times here. You need plenty of luck.


13. Shot To The Temple - Medium, both sides have sub-weapons in this arena. Use them to make this easier.








Mission 7: Another Dimension


1. Suspended Aberration - 3 hit combo from above will take out the glass in 15 seconds.


2. An Act Of Gonzo - Very Hard, super cheap arena. No checkpoints or nothing...you have to pretty much be flawless here so expect 10-15 minutes of sweaty palms. Here is what I did: I used the 3 hit combo from above + run away then rinse and repeat on spawning enemies. Executed all elite zombies and saved every sub-weapon. I used only what was needed for a kill or damaging Gonzo.




A) Avoid his thunder/lightning move by moving to the bottom far right.


B) Avoid his terror-dactyl's laser enemies by moving to the bottom far left.


C) Last phase, when you have one eye left to burn, use your blood lust so you can become immune. Trust me, its a lifesaver.





Removed some dead videos.
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Thank you for this guide DevilRyuujin, it did help me through some tough arenas.


The hardest parts for me weren't the same from my hard/nightmare playthrough. The final boss on Hell takes the cake as the hardest part.


About that final boss, you can hold block through the punching and the thunder fingers of lightning... thunder!


Also, I didn't need to keep bloodlust to shoot the second eye, only hold L1 and hit O before he starts shooting.


The eye lasers:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U2_SjFJttM]Ninja Gaiden Z - Final boss lasers - YouTube[/ame]



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Thank you for this guide DevilRyuujin, it did help me through some tough arenas.


The hardest parts for me weren't the same from my hard/nightmare playthrough. The final boss on Hell takes the cake as the hardest part.


About that final boss, you can hold block through the punching and the thunder fingers of lightning... thunder!


Also, I didn't need to keep bloodlust to shoot the second eye, only hold L1 and hit O before he starts shooting.



Nice, I did try to block the lightning a few times but was killed lol. So I just avoid it but thats good you were able to.


Good job on the eye laser part. I figure out that you can do that too...

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I'm on my way through Hell Mode, I defeated Ruy after a 3-hours session (from the beginning of mission 4, to the end of mission 5)....man is really HARD AS HELL!!


I had a lot of trouble with the High Gear arena.


I died like 50 times here, lol.


1st wave - I abused the http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/images/smilies/square18x18.png http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/images/smilies/square18x18.png http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/images/smilies/circle18x18.png combo on the Punch Drunk Zombies and regular enemies, to have some health items scattered through the area.

2nd wave - Super painful, I had to use Blood Lust, leaving ONE blister sister OR the holy roaster for the sub weapon.

3rd wave - I used the previously acquired sub weapon to deal with the Zombride, then the two holy roaster were easy.


And chasing Ryu in the first section of mission 5 was painful as well, his hi-speed arrows were a pain in the neck while trying to grab those zombies!


There's a Huge BUT.

The real fight was a cakewalk, I fount the perfect tactic to deal with him; the abuse of the Infinite Combo http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/images/smilies/square18x18.png http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/images/smilies/square18x18.png http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/images/smilies/Triangle18x18.png http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/images/smilies/Triangle18x18.png (repeat)

Yes, when you can catch Ryu off guard, you can use that combo to WIPE AWAY his health bar!

After two sword hits and two punches, immediately repeat the combo! Ryu won't be able to recover/dodge!

Sometimes he will block it, but it's no big deal; if you manage to land all hits on him, the only thing he can actually do is the spinning slash move; just pay attention to him, and if you see the "wirlwind" around him, immediately dash backwards, wait for him to strike (and miss), then dash again and punish him.

Here's what I did:


1st encounter - Just use a slug to blind him, and use the combo. I killed him on my second attempt.

2nd encounter - Harder, no slugs here, so you have to wait for him to execute the izuna drop, or another move, then use the recovery window to unleash the combo.

I died "only" 10 times here :D

3rd encounter - Save the slug on the top for Momiji!!! Use another one on him, or even better wait for the izuna drop, and then unleash the same combo on him.

He'll be protected by Momiji's barrier soon enough, quickly use the top slug on her and another one (the one you saved by waiting for the izuna drop) on Ryu, then finish him off.

It took me 3 or 4 tries with this tactic!

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I just completed the Experidemented arena dying only 7 times.

Here's my strategy:


Wave 1 - Sidesplitters and Mecha Dog; keep dashing in squares around the arena, and when the Sidesplitters form a group behind you, and there's enough distance, use the :square: :square: :circle: combo.

BUT do the Square hits in the same direction you're dashing (away from the Sidesplitters) and then the two Circle hit towards them.

I noticed that some enemies tend to attack Yaiba less, if he's a bit far from and is not facing them, and while you're starting the combo (not facing them) they won't attack, just keep chasing you. Turn around and complete the combo with the Circle hits, and start dashing again in the opposite direction.

Usually two combos will be enough to execute a Sidesplitter, repeat until all of them are dead (too bad you can't execute multiple advanced enemies).

Pay attention for the Mecha Dog's missiles and Flamethrower, if you keep dashing around him those are the only attacks that he'll do, and when all Sidesplitters are dead, grab the spinal zap and attack him until there's enough health to execute him.

Grab the Pocket Rocket of Hope.


Wave 2 - Blister Sisters and various Zombies + Torsos; immediately fire a rocket on the upper right side, hopefully it will kill or stun some of the Blister Sisters. Dash on the lower right side to have a clear visual and fire another rocket. If you aimed well, there should be one or two Sisters left around the arena. But now it's time to deal with those annoying torsos; EXECUTE them with L2, do not attack! You can breath for a while, and look for the exact position of the left Sisters. Fire one last rocket to kill her/them, and then lure the enemies on the right side.

Execute the remaining torsos and use the :square: :square: :triangle: :triangle: :triangle: combo and make sure you kill them in the right side of the arena, is very important.


Wave 3 - Zombrides and Zombies; if you stayed in the right side, memorize the Zombride spawning positions and fire a couple of rockets, one in the left upper area and one in the left lower area.

Then dash to have a better visual, and fire another two or three rockets, you should be able to deal with them quite easily as long as you're away from them.

Try to save at least 30-50% of the sub weapon for the final wave, execute all the remaining zombies.


Wave 4 - Eight Holy Roasters; immediately drop the pocket rocket, dash on the left side, near the lowest holy roaster, and activate blood lust.

Spam the :square: :square: :circle: move on the left group, and make sure you'll kill at least 2 or three of them, then when the meter is at 50% dash to the right side and repeat.

Even if you do not kill them all, it's important to cut their health down as much as you can.

Grab the Pocket Rocket again and fire all the remaining rockets on them.

If you're lucky enough, most of them will die and there will be just one or two left; just grab he spinal zap attack him (just the two hits to create the thunderstorm, then run away! I was careless and died when there were two left, because I was too close) and complete this painful arena.

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I think I have a very good strategy for the area "Tropical Rumble"


Wave 1 - dash to the upper right corner and use the hold :circle: attack of the weapon available to you before entering the area (don't know the zombie weapon name, but it's the one you get from killing the big baby zombie). Repeat the attack few times and this should kill most of the zombies. Whatever is left you can finish off using the :square::square::circle: combo


Wave 2 - go to slightly above the middle bottom of screen and hold the block button. The electric zombies will teleport to you while the fire zombies will fire their fire projectiles at you. This will cause environmental storm damage and kill all the electric enemies. Now, the toxic enemies should be around you and will get crystallized by the fire projectiles. When you're clear from projectiles finish the crystallized enemies by :triangle: attacks. Lastly, counter the fire projectiles and use the time slow down after countering for damaging and killing the fire zombies


Wave 3 - use your Bloodlust with the :square::square::circle: combo to finish these elite zombies (try to target the toxic ladies as I find them the most annoying, but finish whatever you find most annoying first). Most likely you'll have few left to finish, so play it safe and bait the zombies into the :square::square::circle: combo


I hope this helps anyone who reads it and good luck :)

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I've cleared Ryu, Gonzo and Experimented with effort but planning my strategy, yet Tropical Rumble is among the worst aneurism inducing pieces of cheapness I've faced. On phase two you just have to rely on luck while hoping that some flying piece of crap hits the other enemies and not you. Glad I'm nearly close to retirement.

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