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Weirdest glitches ever...


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When I first installed this game, I got it on Plus and payed no attention to it. In an attempt to clear some games off my memory card and 100% them, I finally got around to playing it. But some weird things happened.


A) I got the trophy for 3 starring every puzzle and story level despite playing NONE OF THEM AT ALL YET. Good stuff.


B) Unfortunately the same weird installation glitch gave me some very strange effects on top of that. For example, at some points the game wouldn't let me shoot. Pressing X, tapping, nothing worked.


Also, It said that the stars on my puzzle and story were - (yes, negative) 5824832948329 or some astronomical figure. So I could never unlock pandemic mode, making some of the other trophies difficult.


Once I reinstalled the game, all the glitches were gone, and I had one of the lengthier trophies done! Win win!


One trophy to go. Gotta beat that douche Germinator on the 15th round of a duel. F*** me....

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