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    • Resistance 2 is time consuming, but not difficult.

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i voted a 1 because it is a very relaxing puzzle game. Without a walk-through the puzzle can be ridiculously difficult to solve. The humor and the story is great. I enjoyed the game but you will most certainly like myself find a walk-through useful for the game throws some really mind bending puzzle at you without clues on how to solve them at all. Other than that it's a very good adventure game.

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2 with a guide. Without it would be harder. While many of the puzzles are brain-dead easy if you can do math there are some that aren't well explained or obvious at all. For example the column puzzle in Ep 2. I mistakenly believed the goal was to get faith above all else (since that fits the biblical clue). Barring that, Faith and Treasure (since those are the two symbols at the door) up and all others down. Nope, you're supposed to get the Faith, Treasure, and one other symbol down and activate the Faith and Treasure symbols. Huh? After that I usually just followed the guide unless it was a math puzzle.

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2 with the guide.


Most of the puzzles weren't bad but I think that there was one that I was left wondering how they got the solution...even with the guide. I also looked at a video for the last puzzle just to get a visual of it...that helped a lot.


Game played a little smoother than I expected...especially considering how it looks.

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