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Premade 'vocals' MP3s for Double/Triple fab trophies


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As promised, I'm releasing a set of pre-made MP3s to help you get your Double and Triple fab trophies.


The requirements:

- 3 mics (2 for double fabs, 3 for triple fabs). You CANNOT just use 1 mic for (most) of the fabs

- An audio playback device (mp3 player, laptop, etc)

- Stereo speakers



- Download the following songs onto your audio device

- Plug in the stereo speakers into the audio device and place 2 mics in front of them. Make sure to space the speakers well apart.


NOTE: The best setup I found is to have the speakers far apart, facing away from each other, and surrounded by soft material (like pillows) to stop reverb. Put the volume/mic sensitivity just enough to get a solid arrow, but not too loud/sensitive


- Start the song in-game on Easy (with Harmonies)

- Hit play just as the first singing section hits the bar (NOTE: Some songs have 'talkies' in the beginning, skip those). Might take a few tries to get the song synced up just right.


- For double-fabs, just sit back.

- For triple-fabs, you'll need to sing with your 3rd mic. Unless otherwise stated, you'll need to sing the blue line; if you suck at singing (like me), just hum; should be easy to get on easy unless you're absolutely tone-deaf.


NOTE: For triple-fab songs, in order to get the sync up right, if a song doesn't start off right away with harmonies I added the first blue section to each song so you can sync the song correctly.


The songs:


She Still Sings It With The Band (Double Fab):


http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/8726/shesingsicon.png All songs (zip file)


A Hard Day's Night

Come Together

Dig A Pony

Eight Days a Week

Get Back

Hey Bulldog

I Am The Walrus

I Me Mine

I Saw Her Standing There

I Want To Hold Your Hand

I'm Looking Through You

I've Got A Feeling


Ticket To Ride



All The Children Sing (Triple Fab):


http://img387.imageshack.us/img387/3439/allchildrensingthumb.png All songs (zip file)


And Your Bird Can Sing - NOTE: SING BROWN LINE

Back In The U.S.S.R.




Dear Prudence

Do You Want To Know A Secret



Getting Better

Good Morning Good Morning

Hello Goodbye

Helter Skelter

Here Comes The Sun

I Feel Fine

I Wanna Be Your Man

I Want You (She's So Heavy)

If I Needed Someone

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - NOTE: SING BROWN LINE

Octopus's Garden

Paperback Writer

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/With A Little Help From My Friends


Twist And Shout

While My Guitar Gently Weeps - NOTE: SING BROWN LINE

Yellow Submarine

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you sir, are my hero. thank you so much for taking the time to do this.


this is pretty much the only thing keeping me from platinum.


well, that and 100% helter skelter, 100% drum solo on the end, hammer ons for pony, ringo drum beats... LLOL

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Thanks for all the kudos guys, I'm going to try to get 1-2 new songs out every day (more when I have a day off work).


In case you're wondering how I put these together:


First I try to find a premade midi for a song (removing all the tracks but the vocals). If there's no good ones out there, I'll make one myself from some sheet music I have.


Second I'll try to sync up the midi the best I can (changing tempos, etc) to the real song.


Third I convert the midi to an mp3 (I just use an online converter)


Fourth I edit the mp3 side-by-side with the real song to sync up the music (almost) perfectly


Lastly I test the song ingame.


For some songs I'm lucky and get it right on the first go, but for most it takes (sometimes alot of) tweaking to get it just right.


The average time it takes to put together 1 song is about 1-2 hours, depending on the original midi and tweaking.


The tools I use are all available for free: Anvil Studio to work on the midi, Audacity to work on the MP3s


Keep checking for updates!

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I've been having trouble with the X360A mp3s; even on the easiest difficulty, it often just misses for no reason. I would rather use Landail's, if he keeps on putting them out.

So I've been trying the X360A files... and they are TERRIBLE... The following songs are IMPOSSIBLE to do with those files; I dont think the guy who made the files even tested them. He misses phrases constantly. Hell; he doesn't even get the FIRST phrase in Good Morning Good Morning. So Landail, when you start doing the triple Fabs, do you mind doing these songs first?


Day Tripper

Good Morning Good Morning

I Feel Fine

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band


*EDIT* I've been removing songs from this list, as I have been able to do some of the songs by opening up the X360A files in Adobe Audition and copying passing phrases and replacing the failed phrases in the song. Some little editing trickery, but then its not impossible.

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I got 3 mics (1 RB2, 2 Singstar wireless), and it's strange, 99% of the time the 2 ones supposed to sing the harmonies just follow the main vocal track. All 3 are working perfectly, changing the pitch doesn't solve the problem (well sometimes screaming - literally - does) nor adjusting the sensitivity. In fact, if I up the sensitivity to maximum (even with mic volume in minimum) there's so much echo and our voices are so high we can't bear it. We are obliged to put the mic volume at minimum so that we can even hear the vocals of the music.


Is anybody having this kind of problem? Me and my wife are not exactly bad singers, we can sing Hard/Expert most of the songs in Rock Band 2, for example, but in this game we can't even do the tutorials. None of this happen in Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero 5, so I think it's a software problem.

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Hi Landail, first of all - a MAHOOOOOSSIVE thank-you for doing this for our benefit. I know it's a thankless task, and you deserve an honorary Platinum trophy for this!


This is just a just a suggestion for the triple fabs, as I'm assuming you haven't started on them. I was just thinking of the song Helter Skelter that I tried to sing, and one of the backing vocals was easier to sing than the lead vocal, so perhaps gear the triple fab mp3's towards dealing with the two hardest singing lines? I know beggars can't be choosers, and what you're doing is already exemplary!


I'm a musician, but I know nothing about music technology unfortunately (I'm an old fart, so I still play a real piano!).

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Yeah, the triple fabs will be fun to do (I'm almost done the double fabs; I should start working on the triples starting tommorow). I'm going to test a few ways of getting them without actually singing a word (using the standard 2 speaker setup) first... probably not gonna happen, but if it does it'll make the trophy much easier to get :D

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Almost done with Sgt Pepper... it's proving to be the hardest song of the bunch so far; a good 5-6 hours of work to get it perfect; doesn't help that it's 2 seperate songs put together, and I had to create the entire songs by hand since there was many changes compared to the sheet music. Lets hope the rest are easy!

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Almost done with Sgt Pepper... it's proving to be the hardest song of the bunch so far; a good 5-6 hours of work to get it perfect; doesn't help that it's 2 seperate songs put together, and I had to create the entire songs by hand since there was many changes compared to the sheet music. Lets hope the rest are easy!

What sheet music are you using? I have "Beatles: the Complete Scores", which notates the songs as they were actually recorded, including drum lines and everything. If it helped, I could scan the score for you (although each one comes to about 5-10 pages because they are COMPLETE scores, not just a melody line).

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lol, now if I can just get a drum-playing robot I'll be taking Easy Street straight into Platinum Town.

I think the drum trophies can be done with two people (locally)... one operating kick plus two pads, and the other hitting the other two pads. The bitch of a trophy for me will probably be getting 100% in "I Saw Her Standing There" on Expert Bass... I can get 98% grrr.

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