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Survival tips


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Survival waves I keep getting to level 13 and 14 but I can't get to level 15 anyone have any tips


I got to wave 15 on the stage Prof. Brains Retro Maze (the 2nd future map)

this specific level reminded me to that of the ever so infamous stage in the classic pac-man arcade game, with its twists and turns, zombies will get caughtup and stuck on, allowing you to keep a safe distance between you and them


1. use your starter pistol and grenades as long as you can

I didn't pick up any item drops until wave 3

(you get new drops at the start of each wave and since you didn't collect everything right away, you should have a few weapons at your disposal once they really start coming in)


2. form a train of zombies to chase after you and run backwards around the entire perimeter of the map killing everything behind you and whatever might spawn infront of you, just don't stop running the perimeter, keep moving (personally I ran counter-clockwise)


that's basically it..


weapons of choice : SMG, MiniGun, Sentry Gun, BuzzSaw, Grenades

oh and needless to say but get the Shield and Hoverboard aswell :)



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