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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


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I'm gonna host one tonight at 10.30pm GMT.


PSN ID: Dafro1989


I know a couple of people are up for this, but here is a chance for other people to join in and grab this trophy.


Don't forget, METAL/CHROME skins only (complete Campaign mode).


Just finished watching Motorway Cops, so this should be an ideal time. When it hits 10:30, just send me a message and I'll hop on.

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10.30 tonight (less than 10mins) and I'll be hosting - I'll set it up after posting this.


Chrome skins everyone. And if you're after the AG Assassin, I think it's best if we all go for weapons and weak shields, just to help out there too? Either way, Bling Brigade is the top priority.


So I'll say it again, CHROME SKINS.


Add me if you want in.


PSN ID: Dafro1989

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Waiting for more people is lame...




Dafro, I could make it if you stretched the starting time to 11:15-11:30pm. :)


If not, that's ok. It's just that I'm at work right now, and that's about the earliest I could get on. Really need this though.


If we're still around then sure. I can see this being something I don't earn until the weekend, simply because we can never get enough people!

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I don't have my campaign skin yet, but I need the double kill, AG Assassin and I need 5 more race wins.


My PSN is RDHopkins, I am online right now and should be most of the day, I will help with any online trophies except bling brigade (once i get it, i will help).




EDIT: I have completed Double Kill, AG Assassin, Connected 1 and 2.

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