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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


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This is the final trophy I need to get the platinum one, so if you have any room, add me, PSN: SPiTL3R. Thanks. :)


Sorry Spitler, I did all i could to get you in but everyone was getting restless. As you can see, Shelby had the same exact problem yesterday when he was trying to join. Msg via PSN if you need a silver skin participant.

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Hey I'm willing to help anyone, I have a lot of patience :p... I have all online ones to do (been focusing - err, killing myself you could say - on getting all elite gold medals)


But if someone wanna help me with like, I don't know, Warhawk (the only game I just couldn't get to learn how to play) I would appreciate very much :D


PSN: Dropeti

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I still need to grab this.

Anyone up for a game tonight at some stage?


PSN: Dafro1989


Add me if you wanna play.


I'm thinking 11pm GMT, but that's flexible for definite.


For those who don't know, the 'skin' you have to wear is the one you earn for completing all cells in Campaign mode with any medal - you are awarded a fourth skin called the Campaign Skin.

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